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North Vinland liberated!!!

Sven Virgelsson

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"The People's Technocratic Republic of North Vinland"
For over 300 years the peoples of North Vinland have been suppressed by their corrupted rulers. Their history eradicated, their culture trampled under the boot of capitalism and imperialism.Many were driven westward and put in “reserves”.Others were made to abandon their old practices and forcefully integrate into the society of their oppressors.Futhermore they were violently forced to convert to other religons, abandoning their beliefes in the Aesirs,and forced to believe a monotheistic lie.But the North Vinland blood strain,pale skinned,black haired people are spread throughout the lands of the North.They live unnoticed among us and have waited for the day they can live in peace in the country which they love so much.on 1-30-10 Under the leadership of Sven Virgilsson.the UNITED NORTH VINLAND PEOPLES FRONT (U.N.V.P.F)is now liberated and spreads its message of paganism, love for nature and socialist political ideals to the indigenous population of North Vinland.Campaigns have been underway since 1999 to inform, educate and convert many young people across both North Vinland and Europa for the ideals of the North Vinish people and the liberation.the U.N.V.P.F is now bolstering support from the Europeans to help them in their struggle. Soon the United Territories of Europa will combine their forces and cross the cold Atlantic ocean to help their brothers in need. It will be a long and hard effort,but the North Vinlanders are proud and tough,and will prevail in protecting,and building their country,NORTH VINLAND.The N.Vinish people want to call attention to the inhuman oppression,And the conditions under which the N.Vinish people have had to live were unacceptable.Now With a positive presentation of ourselves and a wretched presentation of the inhuman conditions under which we have had to suffer N.Vinlanders will survive!.North Vinlanders now have the right to hold organized protest in wich the goverment will hold the traditional 12 member jury in wich the matters of intrest to the people are solved.lawbreakers are arrested by police.law breakers are not tolerated and will be held accountable by the 12 member jury as well.North vinland is a very close,nit society, we will concede trade and commerce with other nations,and will not tolerate unjustified activities by other nations who wish to oppress North vinlanders as have been done for 300 years past.North vinland is a developing country with no intrest in war, but with our newly invoked rights,we will defend ourselves with every once of strength our people have.North vinlanders are a very compassionate people,and will help others in need.and with future allies we will stand,with loyalty,respect and honor. Sven Virjelsson/U.N.V.P.F

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