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The Legion's 4th Birthday Celebration!

Arcadian Empire

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[color="purple"][size="4"][b]The Legion is Four![/b][/size][/color]

The world again finds itself enveloped in tense times, however hopefully we can lighten the mood for you all ;)

The Legion finds itself a year after its Third Birthday Celebrations - we are four years old, an amazing achievement really. Considering all we've gone through, our highest heights (member-wise), to our deepest valleys (Purplegate) - somehow, someway we manage to get back up again. Who can we dedicate this to? Well, the Legionnaires.

An alliance is only as good as its members, and while we may not have the strongest, the brightest, the greatest, the most supreme or whatnot - but we certainly are up there in most resilient.

A year later, I've found myself out of Director of Communications - and as Minister of Internal Affairs, and am proud to present to you this consolidated version of the Legion Letter for 2010 organised by Vanik Hardil.

Arcadian Empire


[b][size="4"][color="purple"]Ave LegioIV[/color][/b][/size]
[size="1"]by Arcadian Empire, [b]Minister of Internal Affairs[/b][/size][/center]

Four years have elapsed since Great Britain decided to give life to the FCS Foreign Legion. Since that time, the name has changed, the flag has changed, the Charter has changed, the members have changed, the forums have changed, the game has changed - but one thing has not. What is this? The Legion's dedication, steadfast to Unity, Strength, Honour and Justice.

For almost fifteen-hundred days the Legion has shown its almost stubborn dedication to its underlying principles - and while not all of CyberNations may not follow those exact same tenets, some even vying for the opposite - it is a wonder, and truly it is, to know that the Legion has stood the test of time, and every day we log onto the forums is a day to be celebrated, as we are one of the oldest alliances, we have gone through so much and yet still live.

As we continue to grow score-wise (aided by the return of several high profile members, and even despite a formidable splinter alliance in Quantum), it amazes and puts me in awe how after the terrible things of the past, how we were knocked down, our knees cut off almost and left to crawl - how after that, we have recovered, grown again and are up there. I remember a time when we were frequently knocked in and out of the Sanction Race, and now we stand there in the 1st Tier close to Sanction again. What a joyous occasion that will be.

But this, alas, is a larger achievement. Sanction? We've done that. #1? We've done that. Lasted for four years? Well, today... we can say it, proudly.

The past year has been testing for us - the game has truly changed. Long gone, it seems, of the days of going onto the Amazing Sanction Race and seeing the familiar 1 and 2 spots taken by the New Pacific Order, and the Independent Republic of Orange Nations. A new Charter was drafted in April, by my help and hand (I got an awesome title "Arcadian Empire, Charter Chairman"). A new Government system, an Imperator? Something that evoked memories of the old PM system - even to the point former Legionnaires pointing fun and mocking (nevermind the fact that some of them are hypocrites in that they themselves are in dictator-like systems as of current).

War then, and we are now proud to say we are not paper tigers, and that is truly consigned as a 2007-attitude as we held our own, surpassed expectations in war, we did not crumble and rend like many thought we would. Victorious perhaps, beat down yes, but in surpassing expectations of us - we developed a new gained respect, and have had a new change in direction - for the best? We do not know. Our old friends ODN are now truly on the other side of the treaty web, and yet we still share jokes with each other on the embassies - but one war can change that, just as the Karma War did for the CN landscape.

The war changed us dramatically - it showed a new life in the Legion, I have never seen so much life and with me as I am, who loves to see every thread (that I deem worthy) read, and not to see new posts is always a nice sight. But during that war, I found it very hard to keep up with all the new posts, life in the Legion was all over! New people I haven't even seen before posting, asking questions, fighting for the Legion, their alliance, their nation.

A smile on my face, as you must surmise - as a member who has been through the horrors of Purplegate, the infighting of the past, the drama that some can cause - this sight of harmony, when we all band together and fight as one shows truly, truly, that Unity is Strength.

Ave Legio!

So come, celebrate with us on this momentous occasion - The Legion, alive and strong, kicking and energetic, young and full of aspiration, happy and rapturous, four years young!


[color="purple"][b][size="4"]An Imperial Word[/b][/color][/size]
[size="1"]by Imperial, [b]Imperator[/b][/size][/center]

Over the course of our third year, we have weathered both good times and bad. Like any organization, we have evolved to meet the changing needs or our members and the international community. Our third year of existence has been host to large changes in our governing structure, shifts in our diplomatic activities and a reassertion of basic principles governing our conduct in wartime. We accept that we are an alliance with a rich history and we will continue to build upon this history during our fourth year and beyond. We will remain an alliance that values its principles over its score, its decency and respect over public relations and its freedoms over fear. The past year has brought a great deal of change to our door, but we have accepted this change and made it our own.

The greatest change we have made is the change during our third year was a Charter Convention which rewrote large portions of the Legion’s charter, established new positions and completely amended the previous government structure. Quickly tested during the Karma War, the new Charter has shown that it can meet the challenges of hard decisions while maintaining a distinct outlet for dissent. The continuing ability of the Legion member to participate, suggest and influence Legion policy remains a hallmark of our alliance and something that was carefully preserved within our Charter. As a result, we can take the best ideas and use them in the ways that can best fit our needs. It remains paramount that the leadership of the alliance reflects the will of the members and always acts in their best interest.

We have also experienced great changes in terms of our international diplomacy, mostly for the better. We have signed some long sought after treaties and reasserted our commitment to treaty friendships, not friendships of convenience. While we have had our share difficulty within our own sphere, we have been able to utilize the greater purple community as a means of mediating wrongs committed on all sides. At no other time in our history has the Legion been so committed to the ongoing stability and safety of the purple sphere. We value that we have been able to secure numerous treaties that have aided this goal in addition to Pax Legio, establishing our best intentions with all alliances regardless of how they feel towards us. It is my firm belief that we will continue to extend this diplomacy of friendship over treaties of empty commitment.

In closing, our third year has been no easier than our first or second. The Legion remains a polarizing entity by extension of all our past actions. Collectively, they have served to shape and build the current Legion that exists today. We embrace this history, but by no means do we consider ourselves slaves to it. We will continue to expand upon our progress of the past year, accepting both success and failure, and continue to build an alliance that all Legionnaires can be proud to call their home. Ave Legio.


[b][size="4"][color="purple"]The Hall of Fame[/color][/size][/b]
[size="1"]by SiCkO[/size][/center]

The Legion Hall of Fame. Those enshrined within those sacred halls are Legionnaires who went beyond the call of duty, who served with distinction, and upheld The Legion’s glory. The path to becoming a legend is not easy. Of the roughly 2000 members who have born our flag, only 23 have risen to this level of high distinction. I would like to highlight a few of those today.

[b]VL Empire of Imperial Overlord:[/b]
My experience with VL is more of youngling looking up to a greyed leader of the past. However, many Legionnaires remember him well. VL is a true friend, loyal, brave, kind. The perfect leader. He lead The Legion through GW1 as the Minister of Defense and then trough the 2nd and 3rd Great Wars as our Prime Minister. When the New Pacific Order was calling for our destruction during the 3rd Great War, VL and Great Britain both voluntarily left, to preserve our alliance. We miss him greatly, and words cannot begin to express how much we appreciate his sacrifice and his leadership.

[b]Grant Comeau of Reformentia: [/b]
Reformentia is considered by many the greatest Legionnaire in history, a man cherished by many who brought The Legion from the dark days following the 3rd Great War back onto the stage as a major power in the Unjust War. His ability to lead was astounding, serving as our Prime Minister a record 3 times. His restructuring of The Legion with the likes of MrAdmiralX, Sinatra, and Wain was considered one of his greatest triumphs. The onset of Purplegate saw a saddened Reformentia leave our ranks and settle down in The Order of the Black Rose, where he lived out the remainder of his days.

[b]Imperial of The Imperial Empire: [/b]
Imperial served over nine consecutive months as our Minister of Foreign Affairs. This in itself is an achievement worthy of entrance into the Hall of Fame, but Imperial has done much more in service to the Legion.

Imperial started his Foreign Affairs career as an ambassador, and got himself noticed through his outstanding work as a graphic artist, making new userbars for the Legion's use. In addition to this, much of Imperial's artwork can be seen around The Legion's forums in the form of signatures and avatars, as well as images around the site. Imperial was promoted to Dean of Diplomatic Corps after Purplegate, under SeasonsofLove, then Minister of Foreign Affairs. After SeasonsofLove's resignation, Imperial took up the mantle as Minister of Foreign Affairs, where he thrived and arguably became the best Minister of Foreign Affairs the Legion has ever seen.

During his tenure as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Imperial helped to pour the foundation of the Legion's future. He was instrumental in creating new friendships and treaties, of which the most noteworthy include, The Z'ha'dum's Legacy MDP with the NPO and The OMGWTFBBQURKIDDING Mutual Defense Pact with Valhalla.

Apart from his many accomplishments, Imperial is the embodiment of what a Legionnaire should be. He is a man more likely than not to be in the background, working to make life better for us regular members. Whether it be through the constant upkeep of our forums, or just by answering the many questions of our new recruits, Imperial can always be counted on to be the best Legionnaire he can be. For many months, Imperial as part of the glue that held the Legion together during our time of need and darkness, and he helped to usher the Legion into a new age of prosperity and growth. – Credit: Konkrage

And now, it is my privilege to introduce to you the two newest members of The Legion’s Hall of Fame:

[b]Iron Wolf of Lokata [/b]
A model Legionnaire, Iron Wolf served as The Legion’s Minister of Internal Affairs for a time, before stepping down. However, he is a rare breed of Legionnaire, one who does not have a number of titles following his name. His humility is something that is inspiring and , He refuses to wear his gold Hall of Famer mask to this day. His outstanding work in Admiralty and Internal Affairs as well as his dedication to The Legion make him worthy of this high honor.

[b]Lincongrad of Lincongrad[/b]
Lincongrad is one of the oldest Legionnaires, and a veteran. His service in every war since the Third Great War is one of the longest running service records in our history. He, along with MrAdmiralX, organized the desperate defense of The Legion in the Third Great War. He also served on the cabinet during Purplegate, our darkest hour. In Addition, he has served as the Speaker of the House and the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. We honor his achievements with this high honor.


[b][color="purple"][size="4"]Econ Report[/size][/color][/b]
[size="1"]by Watcher, [b]Minister of Economics[/b][/size][/center]

The Legion's growth over the past few months has had many ups and downs. Overall, things have improved. A few days ago the Legion broke 26.5 score. That is only a few points of score shy of becoming sanctioned once again.

The Ministry of Economics has been working night and day keeping our tech efficiency levels up (how many aid slots are used for tech deals). This has resulted in our technology growth nearing the department goal of 1,000 tech growth a day.





Finally, I want to thank all the Economic staff and the Banks for their hard work. Without the economic staff and banks, we wouldn't have had the amazing growth and efficiency we have seen over the last few months.


[b][size="4"][color="purple"]Massive Awards Ceremony[/color][/size][/b]
[size="1"]by Arcadian Empire, [b]Minister of Internal Affairs[/b][/size][/center]

Last year for the Legion's 3rd Year Celebrations, we had a seekrit Awards Ceremony. However you guys, the whole world, didn't know about it - and would only see what it was if you travelled to our forums and found some specialist ribbons like...

[img]http://www.avelegio.net/images/awards/spam.png[/img], [img]http://www.avelegio.net/images/awards/mostactive.png[/img] or [img]http://www.avelegio.net/images/awards/funniest.png[/img]

But we have revived the concept for this year - and I am proud to announce the full list of winners. But first, how does this work? Well, the first thing we do is not talk to corporate (like a boss), but have a giant list of possible awards. Then, we allow the Legion to choose and nominate as many people as they like for an award, we tally it up - and then I with the help of a few people, choose!

Now, last year it was a bit ambiguous on how the awards were determined, but I will say right now it is 50% nominations, and 50% my expert opinion on everything - why? Because I can :awesome:

This year there were thirty-three awards, down from thirty-five last year (of which I believe five were actually made, because really, we can't have awards for just everything - but I will now say there are two levels of awards: Upper and Lower. Upper awards get the medals you saw above, lower award recipients just get their name for all to see).

Now, in true award show fashion, we'll start from the lower to the uppers. However, at this point I stress, thre are no tangible medals to be given out as of yet, I still have to get them done - and if you've seen my work, you want them done by Imperial, not me!

[b]Best Avatar[/b]
[i]This award crowns the person who has the best avatar. No allusion intended to the movie.[/i]
The nominees were: Zyvexal, Gunnar Griffin, Iron Wolf, Arcadian Empire, bjalbert, totem, Woosels, the god of lightning and Pimptastic
The winner is...


(Most of you saying, 'Wait, who's that?) It's [color="purple"]Zyvexal![/color]

Zyvexal has served as the Inspector General, being popularly elected to the position - as the bridge between Consulate and the Membership, carrying out audits and helping moderate the place. However, we don't care about that - we just like his avatar.

[b]Least Likely to Result in the Legion's Doom Award[/b]
[i]This award crowns the person or persons who are the most peaceful, who, in the face of danger will always keep calm and in turn, not break the Legion[/i]
The nominees were: Imperial, Megamind and the Legion's Women.
The winner is... [color="purple"]Imperial[/color]

Imperial has served as the Imperator since April 2009, and before that, has had a tenure at the MoFA-ship for as long as I can remember. Therefore, for not blowing up the Legion when you could have multiple times, we congratulate you.

[b]Best Thread[/b]
[i]This award bestows the honour (?) of having the 'best' thread, now of course 'best' is subjective so as you will see the nominations nominate 'best' as either for LOL-factor, pictures, RL experiments, and even pornographic material.[/i]
The nominees were: Mega's Goals for the Alliance, So I insulted this girl..., School of Trolling, ANSWER MY QUESTION OR I GO ROGUE, ITT!, Twilight Fans get pwnt, So I got asked out today... (seriously), CN spawns true love yet again ... And this time no pezstar, 'various adult threads', Chinese Culture, Clockwise's Econ Application and The Quote Thread.
The winner is... [color="purple"]Mega's Goals for the Alliance[/color]

Mega's Goals for the Alliance has spanned two threads, and amounted to over a thousand replies and over ten thousand views - just in the second thread alone. Oh yes, for interested parties - the winner is in the seekrit Legion forums. However the others, except Clock's Econ App is available for your eyes to scan and enjoy.

[b]Best Suggestion[/b]
[i]This award you may not see the effects of - it's more an internal award - but perhaps it'll spark fire with your alliance![/i]
The nominees were: avelegio.net emails, Revenge on those who robbed Imperial's House!, Golden Hall-of-Famer masks, an Elected Imperator
The winner is... [color="purple"]avelegio.net emails![/color]

Unfortunately, since the person who suggested this (RyanM) is not in the Legion anymore, I shall claim this award for him. YOU TOLERATE ME! YOU REALLY, REALLY TOLERATE ME! [i]* Arcadian cries[/i]

[b]Legion Warmonger Award[/b]
[i]It may be an oxymoron for those who still live in 2007, but this crowns the person who we know as the person who would jump first into a big fight.[/i]
The nominees were: totem, Feibelman, Hubb, Lincongrad and killer04
The winner is... [color="purple"]totem[/color]

You don't get Minister of Defence if you don't have an unsatiable thirst for blood, or in this case, pixels. Therefore for holding the MoD-ship for every long proves your... thirst. So congratulations!

[b]Most likely to get thwapped upside the head by ParkerBaby[/b]
[i]ParkerBaby is one of the mainstayers of the Legion, she (yes, she) has been within our ranks for very long - and working in the MoD-ship, has developed some masculine traits while keeping the all important femininity. This award crowns the person who would probably annoy her the most[/i]
The nominees were: Arcadian Empire, hockeyD13, Vanik Hardil, FUstarKU, nonamemark and Sinatra
The winner is... [color="purple"]hockeyD13[/color]

Who could ever forget the time when Justin the Terrible recruited his girlfriend to the Legion? I can't, but what is more memorable is when hockey started hitting on her. Therefore the inscription on this award is "OI, YOO STOP TALKIN TO MAH GIRLFRIEND, A'IGHT?"

[b]The Master Swearer Award[/b]
[i]Yes, we have an award for this.[/i]
The nominees were: Onichan, Feibelman and Pimptastic
The winner is... [color="purple"]Onichan[/color]

From his rants about how he'd like to $%$@%@ a stripper or how he #@$#@$# his wife, he never ceases to find ways to use #@$#@, @$^$@& and *%$^#@ at least sixteen times every sentence. So we congratulate him?

[b]Longest Rant[/b]
[i]Rants can be on anything, in this category it might have been on noble things like the State of Economics, why people have to read instructions more, or the State of Foreign Affairs. However it can be for other things too...[/i]
The nominees were: Sinatra, Arcadian Empire, the god of lightning, Megamind and Pimptastic
The winner is... [color="purple"]Arcadian Empire[/color]

Ah yes, from his numerous rants about how teenage girls should keep their virginity until marriage or some other pre-determined barrier (as long as it's not anywhere near 18 or below) or how stupid 'bogans' are, and educating the American audience in the process - we award thee!

[b]Most likely to be the first person expelled by the Imperator[/b]
[i]'Nuff said.[/i]
The nominees were: Pimptastic, everyone except Pimptastic and the Arbiter
The winner is... [color="purple"]Pimptastic[/color]

To the bourgeois and majority perhaps (?) of the Legion, he's the person that never ceases to find fault in any Econ program you give him, and usually getting himself into unfavourable situations - however to himself, and others, he has shown himself a remarkable worker in the game and that's why he's not expelled... yet. :awesome:

[b]The Obese Award[/b]
[i]The person who has eaten the most caek[/i]
The nominees were: Megamind, bigdaddychacha, Assarax, Feibelman and Melidan
The winner is... [color="purple"]Megamind[/color]

Not happy, Mega. Steal and eat all our caek, do ya?

[b]The Old Timer Award[/b]
[i]For the person with the oldest nation, still active on our forums[/i]
The nominees were: Xineoph, Sinatra and the god of lightning
The winner is... [color="purple"]Xineoph[/color]

Confirmed via the seekrit list I can't say anything about, 'tis true. Xineoph has been serving as the Legion's Historian for the past few months, possibly even years - it is quite a behind-the-scenes job... but now he's been rewarded!

[b]'PostPerson Award' (PPA)[/b]
[i]Described as "The person most likely to crack and go to the top of a church steeple and start firing nukes at their fellow Legion members". Yeah...[/i]
The nominees were: Pimptastic, Arcadian Empire, Zyvexal, Iron Wolf, Onichan, Arbiter and the god of lightning
The winner is... [color="purple"]Pimptastic[/color]

Pimptastic has had his fair share of controversy, from war AA movements to Econ-bashing as it is termed by some, I suppose this paints what could be an end to a person who is just misunderstood. Therefore, three hugs and a pixel award to you!

[b]IRC Master Award[/b]
[i]IRC is a dangerous place, and a confusing one to many people. The person who obviously knows the most about IRC is rewarded with this.[/i]
The nominees were: Xineoph, Megamind, 'everyone except Legionnaires', SiCkO
The winner is... [color="purple"]Xineoph[/color]

Holding founder rights and knows (probably) the most about IRC in the Legion, he is a stark contrast to Arcadian Empire - who, famously one time asked for the command to op someone, and kick-banned himself in the process. So for not doing that, Xin, you win!

[b]Secret Despot[/b]
[i]There is always someone behind the scenes who pulls the strings, NPO if you still live in 2007 - but we shall see who has done their job the worst (as obviously to win they must have been found out).[/i]
The nominees were: Assarax, Watcher, totem, Hubb and Sinatra
The winner is... [color="purple"]Assarax[/color]

Assarax, currently Deputy Foreign Minister and previously Minister of Internal Affairs - has a lot of pulling power, but obviously his finding out means he has failed in being secret. So therefore the real winner is... [color="purple"]everyone in the Legion except Assarax, Watcher, totem, Hubb and Sinatra[/color] :awesome:

[b]Most likely to be Imperator[/b]
[i]You can take this literally, or how it should be - however the smart ones just used the table of contingency... which is like cheating.[/i]
The nominees were: Hubb, Imperial and Xineoph
The winner is... [color="purple"]Hubb[/color]

Literally, it would've been Imperial - but Hubb, the Proconsul, the #2 of the Legion holds this award. So yeah, yay and all of that. Not sure what else to say...

[b]Most Loyal[/b]
[i]Loyalty means many things, but basically it is for someone who has never left the Legion, or has shown fierce dedication to their cause.[/i]
The nominees were: Arcadian Empire, Vanik Hardil, totem, Xineoph, Assarax and Lady_Aberdeen
The winner is... [color="purple"]Arcadian Empire[/color]

A survivor of Purplegate, among with many others, perhaps here the thing that has pushed him over the line is his numerous rants (oh look, he got that award too) on leavers and the like. Loyal, but probably too violently loyal.

[b]Most Active[/b]
[i]An Upper Award last year, not sure if it'll be one this year - but we can see![/i]
The nominees were: Arcadian Empire, Megamind, 'The Arbitard', SiCkO and Feibelman
The winner is... [color="purple"]Arcadian Empire[/color]

34 762 posts as of this writing, ladies and gentlemen, is what he has. To state himself, "What I lack in women interaction, I make up for in post count and medals."

[b]Spammiest Legionnaire[/b]
[i]An Upper Award too last year, will it be one this year?[/i]
The nominees were: Arcadian Empire, Megamind and Nedved I
The winner is... [color="purple"]Arcadian Empire[/color]


[b]Funniest Legionnaire[/b]
[i]An Upper Award again last year, will it be retained?[/i]
The nominees were: Megamind, Arcadian Empire, Pimptastic, Feibelman and SiCkO
The winner is... [color="purple"]Arcadian Empire[/color]

I win! I win! Despite losing some of his touch in the past year, AE still reigns supreme as the Legion's Komedy King. From humourous poetry, somewhat lame to others, to rants on people which turn out funny sometimes - we just gave him this award so he wouldn't call us specie-ist...

[b]Most Embarrassing Moment of the Year[/b]
The nominees were: 'Wait? If we are in peace mode for more than 5 days we lose 50% income?' and 'Uhh Imperial, you didn't spell Ragnarok right'.
The winner is... [color="purple"]Uhh Imperial, you didn't spell Ragnarok right[/color]

Who could forget that DoW when Imperial, probably drunk and whatnot, didn't spell 'Ragnarok' right. Fortunately, I've spelt it right three times, but alas, my correctness cannot fix that gaff... won't it, Imp? :awesome:

[b]"lolwtfpwn" Moment of the Year[/b]
[i]Some things just make you say three things at once. 'Lol', 'wtf' and 'pwn' - a funny and weird event, funny due to its ownage of something in general.[/i]
The nominees were: VL joining ODN and then Leaving, The Realisation that 50% of your income is bye-bye if you stay at peace mode for more than 5 days, 2 rogue nations attacking Ladyniek for ghostbusting them, When Feibelman attacks the noobs, Karma War, IRC Poetry
The winner is... [color="purple"]The Realisation that 50% of your income is bye-bye if you stay at peace mode for more than 5 days[/color]

The Blue Balls War, or the fail-Christmas War shifted everyone in the Legion to peace mode. After we got out, there were numerous threads going "My income is halved, why?" causing a quite funny change in direction from a certain Game Mech announcement that told everyone, "DO NOT COLLECT TAXES", basically telling them to back-collect, then "COLLECT TAXES!" and an ensuing spam message. Wow, that was funny! Rest assured, we are prepared - it won't happen again.

[b]OMGWTF Moment of the Year[/b]
[i]Because some things just make you 'OMG WTF?!' And to make it shorter, we cut off the punctuation and the space.[/i]
The nominees were: Blue Balls War, Megamind Leaving, 50% income bye-bye, Arcadian: Adult Film Reviewer
The winner is... [color="purple"]Blue Balls War[/color]

Which resulted in the above. I suppose they go hand in hand then.

[b]Couple of the Year[/b]
[i]One person can often be boosted if they join with another - therefore we reward the best partnerships of the last year.[/i]
The nominees were: Sinatra and ParkerBaby, AE and his hand, Siaon and Zyvexal, Arcadian Empire and the god of lightning, mojo882 and Wensteria, Imperial and Hubb and Feibelman and Pimptastic
The winner is... [color="purple"]Sinatra and ParkerBaby[/color]

From his famous three-week late marriage anniversary celebration thread... wow, that was a nice way to humour a day.

[b]Most Serious Legionnaire[/b]
[i]Sometimes you have a person who does not joke around, always gets work done - and we reward them for their lack of a life now.[/i]
The nominees were: Hubb, totem, Feibelman, Gibsonia, the god of lightning and Sinatra
The winner is... [color="purple"]Hubb[/color]

From his avatar of Samuel L Jackson, you know he means business and despite him deviating sometimes to unserious bsns, for the majority of the time... he's pretty serious. Especially when he needs to be. So two free boat ride tickets and the award for you!

[b]Most Improved Legionnaire[/b]
[i]Sometimes you screw up, or sometimes you are just mediocre - then shoot up. This award rewards those spurting types.[/i]
The nominees were: The Arbiter, Alexander Kerensky, MrAdmiralX, the god of lightning, SiCkO and Vanik Hardil
The winner is... [color="purple"]The Arbiter[/color]

From his post-MoE... whatever it was, sexual frustration was it? Nah, I won't be slack - from his post-MoE fall from grace, he has worked himself diligently from then, trying to better his reputation, profusely apologising for his troll-likeness after his MoE tenure, and now he has been rewarded - as he currently holds Chief of Financial Staff. He just needs to shoot Watcher to be MoE again, amirite?

[b]Legion Recruit of the Year[/b]
[i]Every year one recruit or so just leaves you in awe - as they work hard, they are active, and they really show you can start to better your alliance from Day 1. This award crowns the best.[/i]
The nominees were: Watcher, Megamind, NemaK, Simonian Emperor, SiCkO and Tamerin
The winner is... [color="purple"]Watcher[/color]

From Day 1 Watcher showed his love of graphs, enabling a quick rise to Head of Analysis - a brand new Department under Economics at that time. Since then, he has continued to rise, and after a quick stint as Chief of Financial Staff or similar position, he now holds the Minister of Economics position all within what... three months? Pretty good if you ask me.

[b]Breakout Legionnaire of the Year[/b]
[i]Much like Most Improved, but here we find out who is the breakout Legionnaire, that is, the one that has just left you in awe from how they have traversed higher and higher on the scale of goodness and the like. Unlike Recruit of the Year, this is open to all Legionnaires.[/i]
The nominees were: Watcher, SiCkO, Justin the Terrible, killer04 and Alexander Kerensky
The winner is... [color="purple"]Watcher[/color]

What can I say? The Legion loves graphs!

[b]Legionnaire Most Likely to be the Star of 2010[/b]
[i]Pretty self-telling if you ask me.[/i]
The nominees were: Watcher, Megamind, Simonian Emperor, the god of lightning, totem, Sandrock149 and MrAdmiralX.
The winner is... [color="purple"]Watcher[/color]

Yeah, just read the above award. Basically because he's in a position to make changes - huge changes, and he's so young CN-wise.

[b]Legionnaire Most Likely to be put into the Hall of Fame[/b]
The nominees were: MrAdmiralX, Megamind, wain, the god of lightning, Xineoph, Pimptastic, Hubb, Vanik Hardil and Arcadian Empire
The winner is... [color="purple"]MrAdmiralX[/color]

His return to the Legion was accompanied to a quick rise to MoE which he held famously for a month only, developing sweeping reform in the way tech was handled and a new emphasis on analysis. Shows you that one months good work is better than nine or so months of passable work. But the real question is will he get in? Will he even be nominated? We'll have to see in the months to come.

[b]Best GACC Member[/b]
[i]The GACC, or Government Advisory (and) Co-ordination Council, is made up of past Consuls and Ministry Heads. But who was the best? After all, that is pretty subjective.[/i]
The nominees were: the god of lightning, Feibelman, The Arbiter, Sinatra and SiCkO
The winner is... [color="purple"]the god of lightning[/color]

His dedication to getting the Legion's IV done for the Top 100 nations map has been good, but over the past year, he has been an active participant in affairs - always online, probably even more so than Arcadian - however he makes up half the IA Super Team as he holds the position of Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs.

[b]Best Consul[/b]
[i]The Consulate is the four Ministry heads: MoE, MoFA, MoD and MoIA. 'Best' again is very subjective.[/i]
The nominees were: totem, Lord Fingolfin, Megamind and MrAdmiralX
The winner is... [color="purple"]totem[/color]

The #3 for the Legion, and took the reins for a week or two while Imperial and Hubb were reportedly honeymooning or something - he has shown great dedication to reforming the Defence Ministry, and too shown great leadership when needed as well. So yeah.

[b]Legioness of the Year[/b]
[i]Women are in short supply in the Legion, and Arcadian Empire's FFP tried to rectify that. It failed, because of non-cooperation, however he still holds hope that maybe this category will open up next year.[/i]
The nominees were: Lady_Aberdeen, Wensteria, HiddenShadow, wain, Ladyniek and ParkerBaby
The winner is... [color="purple"]Lady_Aberdeen[/color]

A spammer for as long as one can remember, she has always been a constant presence in the Communications Department. Now, finally, her efforts have been rewarded with a promotion to Head of Spam Corps, or HOSC. Unfortunately, we won't be changing her avatar to one of Bob Hoskins - but we shall give her this award for being an inspiration to women worldwide and especially in the Legion, to show that even though you don't have male parts, you're still awesome!

[b]Legionnaire of the Year[/b]
[i]Men however are in the unsilent majority, and this category rewards the person who has epitimised and reflected the Legion's core values of Unity, Honour, Strength and Justice the most in the past year.[/i]
The nominees were: Imperial, Lord Fingolfin, Megamind, the god of lightning, bjalbert, Lincongrad and Iron Wolf
The winner is... [color="purple"]Imperial[/color]

A new government system is always very hard to organise, and when Imperial was shifted into a position where there was no previous precedent to follow - he was certainly starting in the deep end. However, where others have drowned, he managed somehow to stay afloat, and made his way, swimming and swimming through perilous times, places, waves and sea creatures to be in the shallow end of the pool now. The Legion's Imperator, he has guided the Legion through the past year, and especially since April's election victory (a 51-49 win).

o/ Imperial

Now to get those medals done...

And thus concludes the Legion's 4th Birthday Celebration Massive Awards Ceremony! We'll see you again in 365 days!


[b][size="4"][color="purple"]My First Anniversary[/color][/size][/b]
[size="1"]by Nedved I[/size][/center]

February 6 2009. Probably not an auspicious day for most people. Bob running along. The BB full of players young and old trolling alliance announcements. But for me, it was a great day; the day I created my nation.

After the Zerg rush by alliance recruiters, the only ones I remember are Ragnarok, IRON, Valhalla, and The Legion (though I know there were others). IRON and The Legion were my top two choices. IRON at the time was number 2 in the sanction race. Therefore, the obvious choice for a n00b, nut something kept pulling at me something that told me to look closer at The Legion.

I took my chance and joined The Legion. What an experience. The first thing I noticed was the kindness and generosity that all the members seemed to have. They had the patience to handle that awkward phase every new player has when they try hard to impress their superiors with a vigor reiminiscent of 1930's Germany. They answered all of my questions of Foreign Affairs...

Some of my most vivid memories come rushing at me like a tidal wave while I write this: running for Imperator with only two months seniority, my first war with a ghoster, fighting five nations at once during Karma, laughing with RoKers and ARES members while we tried to knock each other out of the war.

I had left The Legion in November to become The Councilor of Foreign Affairs of Troy, but came rushing back when I thought war was near. I hope that if a member of Troy reads this they know I have undying respect for them. When the TPF war became the 'Worst War Ever'. I sat down and thought, "Should I go back?" I decided that while my Time at Troy was enjoyable, The Legion was my true home.

Here I am, while Bob is once again engulfed in war. I know that if I do get ZI'd or wiped out and have to re-roll, my one home in the Cyberverse, at least, will always remain at Avelegio.net.

For four years, my first anniversary, and hopefully many more. Ave Legio.


[color="purple"][b][size="4"]The Eagle[/size][/b][/color]
[size="1"]by Arcadian Empire, [b]Minister of Internal Affairs[/b][/size][/center]

Unity is Strength!
Ave Legio!
Calls often heard
By an eagle, up in the sky

Roaming around, it glides in the sun
The feathers ruffling as it swims
But not in water, not land
But through the medium of air

Crisp, cool and contented
Wings spread, it watches over
Something we have waited to build

Sometimes it's silent,
A thief in the night
But does not steal
But does not harm
It just watches

Sometimes it's there
Out of place
A gem on a coal face
For all to see

For many days it has done what I've described
Whether you've known it or not

It has continued to fly
Over the mountains, over the sea
Over the valleys and over the trees

Silent or not so,
It continues to breathe,
Continues to live
And yet even though it may not mean much to you
It means so much to us.

The Eagle has Landed
It parades itself

But not in pride.
But not to cause jealousy.
But just to show it is still there,
Alive and Well.

Damaged, yes.
Changed, yes.
Hurt, perhaps.

Like a phoenix again and again
Somehow, someway it manages to rise
Despite the wounds inflicted

The Legion Endures
Forever and ever
Somehow, someway we'll manage to rise
Onwards and onwards we'll fly.


[b][color="purple"]The Legion Endures
Forever and ever
Somehow, someway we'll manage to rise
Onwards and onwards we'll fly.

"Who are we?" you may say.
We are the immortals, forever from that day!
The sons of history's forge, King of the Purple Region!
Yes, you guessed it, we are the Legion![/b][/color][/center][/quote]

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And a special separate added-on fold-out page thing!

[quote][b][size="4"][color="purple"]My Memoirs[/color][/size][/b]
[size="1"]by Konkrage[/size]

[i](note from the editor: I shortened it... if that was possible, mmkay Konk! I stress that this is his memoirs, and his opinion and yada yada yada, his opinion is not representative of the Legion Government and blah blah blah.)[/i]

This is just a pre-warning to let you know that this is a very long article, and that if you wish to attempt to read it you should grab a drink, some munchies, and get your favorite chair...

Only one thing has remained consistent in my nearly four years of cybernations, The Legion has been my home. Though my nation has visited various wonderful and accepting alliances, the friendships and camaraderie I have experienced in The Legion is absolutely unmatched by any alliance. This place always has and always will be a home to me. The countless hours I have spent, the blood I have spilled (I once got a paper cut), the tear I shed at Purplegate, and the priceless friendships I have formed here are something I will never be able to relinquish. These are the memoirs of Konkrage, and in turn, his reflections on the various events in The Legion's past.

My career started as many early migrant players started, I transitioned from the more simplistic !@#$%*.net into what appeared to be a more brutal version of a war game, cybernations.net. The new game offered something I had not experienced before in a game. I started with the highest ambitions, I wished to be the fastest player to the number one spot, and like so many new players do, I spammed the top tier nations asking for their endorsement. I sent countless messages yet received very few responses. My frustration grew until I needed a release; one luckily unfortunate nation messaged me during my fury. Xineoph replied stating roughly “My aid slots are reserved for my alliance and my alliance only.” Thus our flame war started. Little did I know that Xineoph was communicating with The Legion's upper government this whole time. SocCarolina advised Xineoph to spin my aggression and try to recruit me; it worked.

Though I had started as a troll, lost, confused, angry, I still had my dream of rising to the top. The Legion's forums were vast, confusing, and what appeared to be infinitely deep. I immediately acquainted myself with the aid department and the discussion forum. I decided not to do tech deals, I believed that would be far to slow for the growth route I was planning. Without knowing exactly what I was doing I began to gather aid pledges and inadvertently formed a very crude, inefficient, form of my own sled.

Though I was growing, I felt like I was missing out on the experience of being a serving Legionnaire. I knew not where to apply, so in the bustling IRC channel I asked around. I was promptly referred toward the Defense department. Because of this referral I would become the longest serving Centurion server in Legion history, the 2nd longest server overall as of December 2009, and would work my way up to 2nd in command Commodore.

Actual events during this time were fuzzy. I remember elections clearly. I ran many times, mostly for fun and experience, but towards the end in an effort to win. I ran countless times for MoD. I ran against many greats such as Gunner, Lincongrad, Shadow, and MAX. It was an honor just to have my name rest beside theirs in the polls. The most memorable of these elections was my campaign against Reformentia for Prime Minister. Seeing that he had no contenders I placed my bid. My entire campaign centered on the theme “I’m voting for Ref” I didn’t come close, but it was very interesting none the less.

The first spawn of actual memory I have, aside from my trolling entrance, is in December of 2006. December would prove to be a stressful month for me. War was looming with VL at the helm and Legionnaires could not have stood prouder or straighter than we did that December. I remember the invincible feeling of being number one, but if we only knew the curse that that number would bring. Mid-December I received a call from an RL friend of mine telling me he was trying to aid my nation, but that he couldn’t find it anywhere. In a panic I went to cybernations to find that my nation was indeed deleted in a system glitch. The Admin of old was far more forgiving than now.

I was told to create a second nation, hence Konkrage1, and to total up the value of my nation. I ran my nation value at about 36 million, which at the time was a ridiculous sum. Within twenty four hours I logged in to find that beautiful sum sitting in my bank. Sleds and back collecting were not heard of yet, or at least not to me, so I essentially sledded myself without the backlogging. Because of the efficiency of my spending I essentially doubled my nation strength and jetted myself to a mid tier nation.

Around December things began to heat up. I remember discussions vaguely, but one detail sticks out clearly. For the holidays we were to enter peace mode in order to avoid any form of war that would leave the majority of Legionnaires unprepared. The war we avoided eventually broke into GWII, from which we abstained. It was said, and is my belief, that if The Legion had entered that war the entire course of Cybernations would be different. Surely, the critics say, The League could have toppled The Initiative. However, staying true to our defensive stance and since none of our allies was in a defensive war, our government elected to sit the war out.

I would soon have my chance to fight with The Legion, however, as many alliances held grudges from The Bar Fight and now GWII. Slowly but surely our enemies were piling up, the largest of which being NPO. NPO was intending to hit our MDP partner, GATO, and essentially prod us into war.

[size="3"]“No-one expected what was to happen next. An NPO mass email saying that GATO would be blitzed at update was sent to a Legionnaire and The Cabinet kicked in to overdrive working out if it was authentic. It was confirmed as authentic and GATO was alerted and The Legion war machine was started up.” - Sinatra[/size]

I can clearly remember the stress level of our government at the time. They were tirelessly trying to avoid an unavoidable war. NPO wanted blood and they would settle for nothing else. When negotiations failed all efforts were turned into the starting the war machine that was projected as needed.

[size="3"]“The war engulfed almost every major alliance and dozens of smaller alliances. Over 30,000,000 Nation Strength was marshaled by both sides with between 2,000 and 3,000 combatant nations. While there were few nuclear launches, there was carnage and devastation unparalleled in previous alliance wars.” - The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of The Legion.[/size]

Our defense system failed us during this war. We were centered around handling the random rogues that would hit us, not for handling the hundreds upon hundreds of war threads asking for advice, posting battle reports, screaming for aid or assistance. Admiralty was utter chaos. When it became obvious that the war was essentially over, surrender talks began with a large degree of animosity. Some, like me, would have gladly fought until there was nothing left to fight with. However, more sensible players wished for surrender terms.

What we got was beyond ridiculous. Everything was fine, the $800,000,000, and the military disarmament, the destruction of all military wonders, except for the exile of both VL and Great Britain. This I found repulsive and vehemently voted against the terms despite the begging of a very proud and hopeful VL. The terms, however, were eventually set into place and The Legion entered our prisoner state. While we may have been prisoners, there was not a single alliance that was prouder, more determined, and more hopeful than The Legion. Masked with our current state of depression, this light would eventually shine through. We had given up everything for our friends.

During these terms I decommed and began regrowth. However, NPO could not get enough out of destroying The Legion piece by piece. NPO began producing lists of nations that “failed” to decom various items in time. These nations were to be ZI’ed for their crimes against the Order. My name some how found its name on this list. Being in The Legions top ten my only guess was that I was randomly selected, because there were no infractions within my alliance. I talked to various officials in NPO on my own, had Legion government plead my case and assure them that I was clean, but to no avail. I refused to get ZI’ed and I resigned from The Legion, with the intention of coming back, and joined a pre approved alliance from the Order; \m/. I took advantage of my stay there and enjoyed the fruits of tech raiding.

As a young man with overflowing testosterone I enjoyed the aggression, as a Legionnaire I despised hurting the innocent. I completed one tech raid during my stay. I worked my way through the ranks of \m/, becoming lead recruiter and the equivalent to a senior centurion in The Legion. I never took my eyes off my home, however, and was simply counting down the days until I could drift back. My theory was that I would be removed from NPO’s list and would be forgotten about shortly after, at which point I could return. After a while, I began to grow impatient, I needed a reason to return.

Somewhere around August 2007 I heard rumors of \m/ and friends getting ready to attack The Legion. I quickly returned home, but my speculations were mostly ignored until I received a very detailed message on August 5, 2007. Though I formally resigned, \m/ left me on their mass message list. Because I was in charge of the list at the time a suitable replacement must not have been found. I was told the exact time I would attack, the alliances that would be joining me, and who we would be hitting; The Legion. I quickly got on IRC and relayed what I had learned to Jazzi, our MoFA at the time. Soon after The Legion was thrown into peace mode to avoid an un-winnable war. We were going to our allies, in particular ODN, and begged for no assistance. We knew what the war would mean and we were willing to go down if it meant they could still stand. However, the scare was closed as Lord Swampy was ordered to pay 40 Million and produce a public apology.

The next major event to spawn from the cyberverse was the standoff started by NpO against The Unjust Path alliances. Just as they had done with The Legion in the past, the UJP began to throw their weight around in ways that angered those around them. They instigated until NpO could take no more and the Unjust war, or GWIV, started. We remained neutral at the beginning of the war, but a very cocky and arrogant \m/ had not only declared on ODN, but formed an attempt to extort 1000 tech from our ranks. In September 2007, The Legion entered GWIV against \m/.

Sporting our newly formatted Admiralty, we were easily able to handle all scenarios. Our brand new warchest requirements ensured that our nations would be heavily fortified when war would come. We were ready, and our performance showed it. During the war two ex-Cabinet members posted an attempt at damning evidence against The Legion and encouraged members to leave. Their attempts were foiled by the pride-filled Legionnaires as we labeled the two traitors for the release of classified information without the consent of The Government at the time. Luckily, at least in my eyes, their actions outweighed the actions of our government and assisted the news release in passing.

As the war came to a close \m/ became increasingly desperate. They began launching first strike nukes. Those who did were placed on our ZI list, as well as the ZI list of many other alliances. \m/ would eventually disband and, after 3 grueling weeks, The Legion peaced out of \m/’s wars.

After two days Valhalla was ready to admit surrender to The Legion and “unofficially” agreed to terms where there would be an admit of defeat as well as a few secret clauses that not many knew. However, noWedge craftily maneuvered his way out of this scenario by contacting NPO and gaining their support for white peace. Stuck in a corner, we were forced to comply. The small victory of an apologetic noWedge, who is one of the most hated enemies of The Legion, was ruined. In late September 2007 we declared white peace with Valhalla. On paper it may have been white peace, but in the hearts of every Legionnaire it was a dominant victory. We had set out feet on the ground again. With a proven military structure the future looked bright and it was certainly something we looked forward to.

Cybernations remained relatively quiet for a while. Life resumed as it does during peace. I was ever prepping towards the next war and continued to work my way up the military structure. That is, however, until the critical error in the actions of Thom Solo and Lord Swampy. The two had sponsored a coup against noWedge that eventually leaked out. As Thom left, and various officials moved up to fill rank, Pezstar produced a fake announcement with two unwilling signatures on the document. All this happened while I was offline. When I logged on I was horror stricken, I could not believe what had happened. My home for the entirety of my nation was just gone. I had no choice but to believe that the post was true, after all, if had the signatures of those I trusted on it. Panic stricken, I shed but a single tear of grief and then proceeded to gather as many of my friends as I could and joined MCXA. The core of my migrant group being myself, wain, and Mr.AdmiralX.

I was in a bit of confusion and had decided that, while the disbandment was a fake, The Legion was too horribly depleted to regain its former glory and that my home would be no more. I stayed in MCXA and behaved as if I would never return to The Legion. I kept contacts, the primary ones being Xineoph and Lincongrad, in order to keep pace on what was going on. I worked my way up very easily in the MCXA military structure. The ideas I brought from the Legion were much appreciated and I quickly was promoted to the Senior Centurion equivalent. I also managed to become the top recruiter. wain, during that time, moved up to what I believe to be the Minister of Internal Affairs.

I was approached by Xineoph one day and was prodded into a conversation we had had many times before. He assured me that, even though it appeared The Legion was suffering, it was only from an external perspective. He told me how not only was I wanted, but I was needed to return. Purplegate caused many previously high ranking officials to leave and the alliance was lacking in leadership. I agreed to return and willingly placed my nation under the imprisonment terms of NPO in order to pay reps beside my brothers and sisters.

The situation was exactly as Xineoph had described it. The only issue I had at the time was that The Legion was governed by a Viceroy who exercised absolute power, yet even that was acceptable at times. While initially opposed, I believe that during that time we began to see the wisdom provided and the guidance that was forced upon us as a good thing. As we realized that the faster our government was reconstructed we came together and began to accomplish what seemed like impossible tasks. Charter debates were grueling and oftentimes completely stagnant. It seemed that a majority vote would never be reached. Late December a decision was finally reached and a variation of the current government structure was produced.

Here is where I first received my big break. Xineoph was appointed as the first MoD under the new system and finally gave me the chance that I had wanted for so long. Being the longest serving Centurion in Legion history I was promoted to Praetorian. It is because of this kick start that my government service has become what it is today. His appointment was one of the most pivotal points in my cybernations career. While I applied to Z’ha’dum in a bid to receive the spot, I whole heartedly believe that Zha’s choice was not only the best for The Legion, but the best for me as well.

Then came the hacking and purging of our invisionfree home. Everything had been deleted by an unknown source. The only things remaining were those saved by legionnaires for various reasons. It was during this tumultuous time that a previously unknown legionnaire, at least to me, stepped forward and bought our new home avelegio.net. With our beautiful new home in place we were greeted a week later to what I remember as some of the most amazing announcement I can remember; noWedge had been removed from power and was replaced by Chefjoe.

Around this time we escaped from our seemingly endless terms. Having paid over 1.6 Billion, accepted a Viceroy for an extended period of time, and lost our old forums, no Cybernations alliance had ever come close to matching reparations paid. In addition to this a brand new MDP was forged between NPO and The Legion, seemingly absolving any prior bad blood between the two alliances.

Without a documented history to run off of, my memory fades and details become fuzzy. I have participated in every single Legion war since my nation was created, and will continue that running record until my nation is deleted. If you need my reflections on these wars, you can find them in any written report on them.

While my memory of war and different alliances may be faded, by service to The Legion has not been forgotten. After Xineoph retired from his Minister of Defense position Lincongrad was appointed as his replacement, and I was appointed Commodore. I served in this position for 6 months and would live to regret my last action as Commodore. But, before I spoil the ending, I must reflect on the entirety. I served as Commodore diligently, finetuning our war machine and prepping The Legion for anything that could come our way. Lincongrad was scheduled to leave for an extended vacation around three quarters into my service, and I was to fill in as Interim Minister of Defense until he returned.

During this short span war was bustling. Assarax and I found ourselves online as rumors began filling our query boxes that Vanguard and Universalis were plotting to attack the New Pacific Order, who was currently already engaged. Sporting our brand new MDP, we wanted to help, but had our hands tied. Somehow a few lower level nations learned of this and declared one Universalis without any Consulate orders. At the time of the attacks myself and Assarax were running through every scenario we possibly could, and were leaning towards a preemptive strike in order to keep the pressure off of our new allies. While discussing the issue I received an extremely hostile query from a Universalis nation, Tiznoast, which said next to nothing, but was riddled with flames. I dismissed him until he could approach me calmly. This would prove to be the best move for us.

Instead of having to declare preemptively and risk the bad PR or risk acting on a false rumor, our enemies came to us. The war was brutal. Though small in number they were decked with the maximum number of nukes possible, and they were not afraid to use them. The two alliances refused to speak with any members but myself stating “you understand that this is a game, and not an e-layering session. We can respect that.” However, though they would talk with me, they refused to listen and refused to accept terms. With much diligence we pounded them into nothingness until their nations quit the game. Tiznoast, ironically, sent my nation a gift of 3 Million and 50 Tech as a sign of respect for the way I comported myself during the entire show.

The war was extremely controversial, and I took most of the flak for it. But, it could not have happened any more perfectly. We inadvertently came to the defense of our allies without the bad PR of an aggressive attack. We were successful in destroying the enemy, and proved that The Legion could handle any scenario given to us, even the most extreme.

After this war, however, my CN career takes a large turn. Blissy, the current Minister of Economics was stepping down from power. His Senators had all resigned and he was left with no one else (you had to appoint from the Senate at the time). Myself and a new legionnaire, The Arbiter, placed our bids for the position. The Arbiter would triumph, solidifying the quickest rise to power in Legion history, and I remained as Commodore. Arbiter saw quickly that he was alone in his department and came to me with an offer to become his second in command.

I was hopeful, but hesitant. It was at this time that I was informed, falsely, that even though I was second to Lincongrad, I was far from his next choice as MoD. I was deeply hurt by these words because, not only had I worked hard in the position I was in, but Lincongrad was a close friend of mine. Blindly accepting the rumors as fact, I followed Arb, resigned from Commodore, and took my place as Chief of Financial Staff. I regret this decision more than any I have made in my Cybernations career. In a state of anger and deep hurt I did not think to confront Lincongrad and made a very foolish mistake in leaving the department I loved.

Economics was second nature to me, however, and I quickly began picking up the details. As CoFS I was not required to know every detail about every program, but rather manage those who did. I was to make sure everyone did their job and that the results at the end of said job were acceptable. Relations between me and Arbiter started off extremely well, but quickly began to decline. I found my voice drown out by commands, something that I do not take kindly to. As I sat in the staff channel I began to pick up on many other workers stating the same thing. It was obvious that I was not the only one unhappy with the way things were running, but I let the staff be and continued to oversee their work.

However, towards the end of The Arbiter's service he formed a rebuilding plan that I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, would not work. I approached the Consulate at the time and had the plan voted down by majority and a message sent to The Arbiter telling him to abandon the plan. The order was ignored and I refused to work until it was revoked. The heated discussion following between myself, KingWilliamIV, Totem, and The Arbiter resulted in my firing, my hiring, my quitting, my rehiring, and finally, Arbiter's resignation.

The stress level I felt during this time was unmatched and I was in need of a break from everything around me. It was after the appointment of Arbiter's replacement, SIWELCELA, which I left to take this break. I returned shortly after and resumed service as the CoFS until my eventual appointment into the Minister of Economics position.

As the new MoE I had much work to do. The department was in shambles and the staff was simply nonexistent. However, I found myself in a particularly rough situation in real life and was forced to promote The Arbiter to Interim Minister of Economics where he served for roughly a month. Towards the end of this service I was contacted by various government officials regarding foreign incidents spawning from my departments’ leadership. It was at this point that I forced myself to take control of the department, after making the necessary cuts to my RL. I was constantly pressed for time and needed to find the best way to ensure work would be done. As a result I completely revamped the ranking system and began the reconstruction of tech deals, sleds, banking, and the format of the forums. I condensed everything into an efficient machine, but still lacked staff, until the end of my term that is.

Towards the end of my term things really began to pick up. With the combination of SiCkO and Watcher, the department was really flying. It was no longer the staff that was at fault, but the programs that were in place. We desperately needed a new format for tech deals that would allow us to not only run more tech deals, but run them easier. During my last month as MoE SiCkO produced our current system which has helped The Legion run in the most efficient state it has ever been in. Significant names in the project are SiCkO, the creator and initial staff, Watcher, co creator and initial staff, and MAX, who fine tuned the machine in the most efficient way possible.

My staff was quickly becoming so good at their jobs that I noticed I was no longer needed. Following my self made motto to “serve where needed” I resigned from Minister of Economics after about 6 months of service. Though it pained me to do so, I recognized that I was no longer the best at the position and that I could be of better use elsewhere. In an extremely tight race between MAX, SiCkO, and Watcher, MAX became my replacement and worked towards making a perfect department for his eventual successor, Watcher, to run.

After my resignation from MoE I again wished for a break, for something interesting, something I had never experienced before. So, with a pledge to return to fight in any war or at The Legion's request, I took my vacation. I journeyed from The Order of Justice, to The Resistance, to OMFG, with various stops back home in between. My stays at each was short, however, while in The Order of Justice I rose to Triumvir and had the government structure reformed into something more efficient and more successful. During my stay in The Resistance I was promoted to an assistant overseer of their governing body, and while in OMFG I limited my service to that of a brother.

My stay at OMFG ended only a week ago, as of the writing of this memoir, due to the escalated tension in the cyber verse. Maintaining my pledge to return home in the instance of war, I again returned home to fly The Legion's flag. Only this time, I do not plan on leaving.

My career is far from illustrious, my achievements pale in comparison to those I have served alongside. But I am honored to say that every fond memory I have of this game has been produced while under that majestic eagle. I love this place. For nearly four years it has been my home. I have always been accepted here, I have always had friends to return to, and I have always appreciated the kindness the alliance has given me.

I would be a fool to say that I do not owe The Legion everything, for she has given me everything that I currently have. I have served as best as I can, I have served where I have been needed, I have served where I have been asked, and I have served during the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I have seen it all and through it all I will endure alongside my brothers and sisters in The Legion, the most resilient, proud, and honorable group of nations in this game we call Cybernations.

Ich Dien.

/s/ Konkrage - Forever a proud Legionnaire.[/quote]

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I joined the Legion on November 26th, 2006 when my nation was 1 day old. I was still there 2 months later when my 10K nation broke into the top 5% and [i]I got permission[/i] from Atlashill to buy 5 nukes. I left soon after because I kept on buying nukes and didn't stop until I hit 20. [i]Oh my God, think of the children![/i]

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Epic wall of text. Too bad nobody (including myself) is going to read (most of) it.

So, happy birthday, and four more years. Let's hope that Imperial deserves his "Least Likely to Result in the Legion's Doom Award" and you guys don't do anything stupid like declaring on C&G or [b]something[/b].

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[quote name='Cataduanes' date='31 January 2010 - 07:34 AM' timestamp='1264944884' post='2147465']
While i suspect ODN members are not that welcomeat this celebration please accept my sincere congratz on reaching 4 years, for an old sentimental fool such as myself its great to see ;)

Just because alliance friendships fall apart doesn't mean personal ones do. You are always welcome cataduanes. Well...that is until you piss me off personally!

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