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Celestial Being Log: Mark 1

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Hello Planet Bob, and welcome to the first edition of Celestial Being Logs. This is going to be a weekly release from now on (thanks for the idea tyga) giving an update to the cyberverse as to the updates on and within Celestial Being.

In domestic news since our creation we have grown from 1 member all the way up to 10 official members. We have stopped messaging nations for now while we try to set up a more organized system for nations that join. To that extent we now have some good guides up that will allow us to help our members. Special thanks to VE and our very own Lemon for contributing some wonderful guides. We've also witnessed now the first new government member of Celestial Being, kulomascovia. He has obtained the rank of Meister of Celestial Being.

In foreign news we still maintain close ties with our protector the Viridian Entente and are glad that we are getting to know their fellow allies in that family. As well we have signed a treaty with Enclave, one of the first alliances to come to and request an embassy. We've gotten very close with them already and are proud to call them friends as our ideals have shown to be very similar. We've also gotten to know several other alliances well and we look forward to working on those relationships as we all are putting in lots of effort on something new that will hopefully soon be completed and released.

Regarding our efforts to help the victims of tech raiding I am proud to announce that we have messaged many that we have found to be being raided. Unfortunately most of them end up being inactive so we don't get the response that we would hope, or they've already decided to quit because of the raid but we are still proud of our work in helping. The total of number nations that have been messaged is 183 by WarriorConcept and 103 by kulomascovia.

Thank you for your time, and feel free to stop by our forums anytime at http://z10.invisionfree.com/Celestial_Being/index.php?act=idx or at our IRC channel: #celestial on irc.coldfront.net

End Log.

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[quote name='Jerichoholic' date='31 January 2010 - 07:44 PM' timestamp='1264931085' post='2147246']
What has been your interaction with the tech raided? Are you recruiting or aiding them?[/quote]
A little bit of both. We provide assistance to the tech raided and provide a temporary or permanent sanctuary for those who wish to call CB home.

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