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Nos Tre Republik - Northern Republic Agreement


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Eyvindsson Prerogative

Article 1. The Northern Republic and any other signatories are sovereign nations and will continue to remain so. This treaty is to ensure the smooth, peaceful transfer of former Northern Republic protectorate holdings.

Article 2.

a. The Northern Republic and other signatories agree to respect each other's sovereignty and not infringe upon said governmental rights. The nations agree not to attack each other by any means unless one signatory has disregarded standard acceptable, moral human rights or basic laws.

b. The Northern Republic and other signatories have the option to defend each other should they deem it necessary.

Article 3. The Northern Republic agrees to transfer the specified amount of land, in this case South Carolina, to the specified nation, in this case the Nos Tre Republik. Northern Republic troops are to retreat after the government has been set up to administer to the people.

Article 4. The Northern Republic and other signatories agree to encourage trade amongst each other, for greater prosperity of all parties involved.

Article 5. Should the signatory, in this case the Nos Tre Republik, fall into anarchy for any reason, the land will revert immediately to a Northern Republic protectorate.

Signed for the Northern Republic,

President Ísólfur Ármannsson

Official Approval from Congress

Signed for the Nos Tre Republik,

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