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Regarding the current situation


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I am about to log out but I need to say a few things quickly before doing so.

First, the NSO came into this war in defense of the New Polar Order. We have stated from the beginning that that was our reason for being here and that we had no moralist agenda nor did we seek to join any crusade.

Second, aside from any bravado about how well we did against the odds lined up in opposition to us, I wish to commend our opponents for a good fight.

Third, we are currently seeking a general peace with all combatants. Not because we are seeking to betray anyone or run into peace mode, but simply because I don't have a clue what happened tonight except that the alliance I was fighting to defend accepted peace and therefore I am doing everything I can to get my own allies, who came to our defense in good faith, out of what seems to be a really, really big cluster$%&@.

To our allies in GATO, we never expressly asked you to enter because we knew you were in conflicting positions. I personally hold nothing against you.

To our allies in IRON, we are not abandoning you, the front you now fight on would never have been one for us to contend with anyway, but know that nothing that happened tonight was in any way, shape or form designed, at least on my part, to cause harm to you.

The NSO is going to continue to work on getting out of the dozen or so fronts it has had and re-assess the overall situation. We have not determined that our part in the war is over.

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This night has truly been one of the wildest and weirdest nights in my CN career which now spans over 3 years. NSO you stood the challenge and faced incredible odds. I tip my hat in respect to you. Godspeed in obtaining peace.


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Fair enough, good luck getting peace NSO, it was a very movimented night and I believe that Grub/Polaris will help you in that.

Also thank you for helping us, your support wont be forgotten.

NSO o/

Edit: Thx mhawk, typo fixed ;)

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