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Joint Announcement from a heap of alliances


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A Joint Nemesis, SLCB, UINE, ARES, Genesis, TCU, ICAN, GATO, IAA, LoSS, CoJ, BTA, SMF, HoG Announcement

The above alliances hereby declare a state of white peace with each other. Well.. sort of. GATO are on ceasefire awaiting official confirmation. But basically all are white peaced.

UINE and TCU are still in a state of war with TheBrain but that should be resolved shortly.


magicninja, Assembly Chairman

For Genesis

empirica, Templar, flygirl - Trinity of Genesis


porksaber - official floater of SLCB

NCC - hir most handsome levelheadedness

For Nemesis

draov, nemesis triumvir, gay pineapple extraordinare

daggarz, nemesis triumvir, aussie underlord


Commander Cato, Governor of TCU


Master-Debater Oracle of the BTA

For LoSS

LoSS Triumvirate:

Co God Ben, Legion-X, Phoebus


Emporor, ICAN President

For CoJ

Schattenmann, Presbyster of the Cult of Justitia


His Majesty, Chimaera, Sith Lord and Emperor of the Imperial Assault Alliance

Stagger Lee, Vizier

The Flying Scotsman, Grand Admiral of the Fleet

Voodoo Nova, Imperial Regent

Timeline, Imperial Exchequer

Kahlan Rahl, Gran Moff

Signed for ARES and SMF

Barix9 - Triumvirate

Caossal - Triumvirate

Jtkode - Triumvirate

Signed for UINE

Emperor: Keve69

Triumvir: HRH King Raymond II

Triumvir: King Ryan IV

Triumvir: MajorLu

For HoG

coolgreen44, epic person

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