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Imperial Decree of the New Pacific Order

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Edit: Also, the New Sakura Order recognises the NPO's neutrality and such. Even though it's not a real alliance.

... What? Something is very wrong with the fabric of the universe....

I just don't know what.

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Nope. We are declaring our neutrality for all time.

You think this is going to be good for your alliance in the long run? For real? You still have a great set up for your military and you are going to be neutral?

What's the catch?

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Oh my. NPO neutral?

How the mighty have fallen.

Planet Bob. Where hell freezes over almost everyday.

Does this mean we can attack you for not being neutral as we choose to define it at any givin time?

Just giving you a hard time. I have had more than my fair share of vengence on the NPO.

From this point on, I wish you guys the best of luck.

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At least tell us they're made of dead babies. I don't think the planet can take much more shock at this point.

Pacifica's finest buttocks require the finest of lawn chairs, made solely from willow. As such, anyone that owned lawn chairs made of willow, much like the cricket bat, were our prey.

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