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Imperial Decree of the New Pacific Order


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We at the New Pacific Order are proud to present our own Declaration of Neutrality. We wish to thank the GPA for providing a template. Those wishing to become assenters should contact us.

The duty and interest of the member states of the New Pacific Order (henceforth known as the Neutral Pacific Order or NPO) require that the NPO in sincerity and good faith pursue friendly and impartial conduct toward all other nations, maintaining a strict stance of political neutrality.

Therefore we hereby declare that the NPO is legally bound to its neutrality, and must exhort and warn member states to avoid any and all acts or proceedings which may in any manner contravene this agreement and thereby violate the neutrality of the NPO.

Furthermore, we do agree that any member nation of the NPO committing, aiding, or abetting hostilities against any other nation or otherwise breaking the terms of this treaty does render itself liable for punishment; and further, that this punishment will be delivered without delay, restraint, or reserve by the officers of the NPO in formal prosecution against the accused member nation.

NPO Recognition of Neutrality Agreement

We, the undersigned alliances of nations (henceforth Assenters) do hereby duly recognize the neutrality of the NPO, and do agree to the following convention:

Article 0: Definitions

• Assenters - Any undersigned alliance.

• Belligerent - Any nation that undertakes hostile action against a member of the NPO.

• Hostile Action - An actual, attempted, or threatened attack, invasion, or endeavour to inflict harm upon the targeted nation, or its citizens, territories, or properties.

Article 1: Prevention of Aggression

The citizens, territories, and properties of the NPO member states are inviolable. NPO member shall not violate the citizens, territories, and properties of any Assenters

Article 2: Neutrality

NPO member states shall be considered neutral in any conflict, save for those in which a Belligerent has taken hostile action against a NPO member state.

Article 3: NPO Defense

The fact of a NPO member state resisting, even by force, hostile acts against, or attempts to violate the neutrality of, a NPO member state by a Belligerent shall not be regarded as a hostile act.

Article 4: Non-Agression Pact

(A) NPO member states are forbidden to initiate, or cause another nation to initiate, hostile action against another nation.

(B) Assenters are forbidden to initiate, or cause another nation to initiate, hostile action against any NPO member state.

Article 5: Illicit Aid

(A) NPO member states are forbidden to knowingly provide financial, military, or technological aid to non-NPO member states that, are involved in a conflict with another nation.

B) Assenters are forbidden to knowingly provide financial, military, or technological aid to Belligerents.

Article 6: Freedom of Trade

NPO member states and Assenters are not called upon to forbid or restrict the import or export of any resource. All members have the right to determine their own trading patterns within their own alliance's rules and regulations.

Article 7: Violators

Any nation found in violation of this convention shall be subject to punishment in the form of restitution to the nation or nations harmed by said violation. The amount of the restitution shall be commensurate with the degree of harm caused. If the offending nation cannot or will not reimburse the victims, then the burden of providing restitution shall fall to the alliance to which the offending nation belongs (i.e. the NPO or the appropriate Assenter). Any assenting alliance (including the NPO) reserves the right to discipline violating nations beyond this treaty inaccordance with their own laws and regulations.

Article 8: Enactment

Every measure of restriction or prohibition taken in regard to the matters referred to in the preceding articles must be impartially applied to all applicable nations.


Dilber the Pantless Thunderbolt, Imperator Emeritus of the Order, now neutral.

VektorZero - Imperial Officer of now Neutral Affairs

Triyun, Absent, also Pretender to the Neutral Throne

Jesse End - Imperial Officer of No Military Affairs

bakamitai - Imperial Officer of the First Pacifican Bank of Neutrality

TrotskysRevenge, Divine Bovine Overland of Green Pastures, Imperator Emeritus of the New Pacific Order, now neutral

noob5 - Retired Imperial Officer of Neutral Affairs

Vladimir’s office of smooth sexy legs

Brehon, Absent

Loucifer, Satan

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