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Our friends asked us to help them out, and we always back up our friends so...

Alchemy declares war on the United Purple Nations in support of the Random Insanity Alliance.


Archmage, Minister of War

Becks For Dinner, Minister of Internal Affairs

Kae Lee, Minister of Finance

King John Philos VI, Minister of Foreign Affairs

James III, Aether

P.S. And no, I'm not counting the signatures or this line. :P

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Kinda expected. Hope you don't do to much damage. ;)

<3 Kae.

<3 Pres. You are unmatched on your sphere my friend.

I am horribly disappointed in you guys. I at once considered you friends.


If that's how you feel, you are also horribly unoriginal Kn1nJa.

*Kae looks for the sheep emoticon...

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