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DoW: Fashionably Late


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We, the alliances of United Purple Nations and Invicta, do hereby cite

the following clause in our Purple Haze agreement:

White collar conservative flashin' down the street, pointing that

plastic finger at me, they all assume my kind will drop and die, but I'm

gonna wave my freak flag high.

Inasmuch as the the bloc known as "Rest & Recreation" consists of white

collar conservatives, possibly even jive white collar

conservatives, and that their behavior on the World of Bob constitutes

flashin' down the street, and behalf of our multi-headed brother in

PEACE, Hydra, we do hereby declare that our freak flag is hereby waved.

A state of war now exists between the United Purple Nations & Invicta

with the alliances of Rest & Recreation. May their castle of sand fall

into the sea.

Two riders are approaching, R&R, and the wind begins to howl...

Signed for Invicta

Jorost, President

Learz, Vice President

Buddyboyrollin, MoW

Dan2680, MoFA

President Gunn, MoIA

Father Christmas, MoF

Thrash, DMoFA

Rotty65, DMoW

Signed for the United Purple Nations

Altheus, Founder

Hansarius, Chancellor

Peggy_Sue, MoFA

Teacup, MoIA

KyJelly, MoW

DonVox, MoF

DeadflyProductions, MoC

Abdur, MoR

Moondog, MoJ

SirDelirium, MoA

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Top Posters In This Topic

Finally, a proper DoW thread for this.

It's a pleasure to assist Polar in its efforts and, I must say, it's a pleasure to get to square off against RnR once again. A fine, upstanding lot who happens to opposite the treaty web from us.

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