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Factbook of the Grand Duchy of Yuktobania

Razgriz 2K9

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Location: Russian Far East, west of Alaska

Climate: Multiple, Tundra climate in the center, Desert climate in the west-central area, mountaineous throughout.

National Resources:

Bauxite and Rubber


Pop: 2,290,000

Ethnic Groups:

Russian: 65%

Japanese: 15%

Chinese: 12%

Other: 8%


Russian, English, Japanese


Long Name: Grand Duchy of Yuktobania

Short Name: Yuktobania

Capital and Largest City: Okchabursk

National Day: January 22

Suffrage: 18 Years

Executice Branch:

Grand Duchess: Natalia I (House of Ivanova)

Prime Minister: Katalina Hirazumi

Elections: Every 6 Years, renewable Twice

Legislative Branch:

Yuktobanian Royal Parliament (120 members)

Judicial Branch:Royal Supreme Court



Royal Yuktobanian Army

Royal Yuktobanian Navy

Yuktobanian Air Force

Yuktobanian Special Forces Offices

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