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Oh no you didn't! - The Lounge V Wartime edition


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[before I begin, a friendly reminder that this is not meant for arguments sake. Completely Satirical, all serious business will be laughed at with extreme prejudice]

Jeez, there has been nothing to do recently, let me check my to do list.

- Nuke target

Been there, done that.....

- Get nuked

Done that too.....

- Nuke yourself

Don't know how I managed that, but I finished that too. What else is there?!

- Write the Fifth Lounge article

Darn it! I forgot! My precious Lounge! I can't stall anymore! Quickly! To the Writing machine!

[insert awesome banner here][i'll get one, eventually.....]

Fifth Edition Special

This Lounge edition will contain only five sections(Includes this one), contrary to other Lounge articles. However, this is for a good reason, and you shall find out soon enough. Without further ado, let's go forward with the Lounge!

Honorable Mention of the Week

Poison Clan, definitely, throwing yourself into a war to defend an ally. Good stuff, and I am enjoying the fight. You may be many things, but you aren't an easy alliance to bring down, I'll admit.

Denouncement for the Week

FOK, this one isn't all yours, it's only mostly, so I'll start with you. No, you aren't receiving this award because I don't like you. You guys are real tough fighters. I'm denouncing you because you are a greatly paranoid alliance. As seen in this part of your Dow:

FOK will do what they feel is right too. In this case, that means not watching our ally PC (one of the most loyal allies one can have) getting massacred at the hands of an alliance whom we feel has orchestrated this whole war from the start.

Please, next time instead of coming up with crazy conspiracies, make sense. Wondering how this makes no sense? It's simple, they started claiming that PC was getting massacred by us, however, when the Stickmen declared war, I saw this:

Welcome stickmen, <3

Show Polar how to fight

That's right, Polar is so awesome, we don't even have to fight properly to massacre PC and get FOK involved! Now, since you guys can't make up your minds about whether we suck at war, or we are causing massive damage to our opponents, I, in my Finite wisdom will make it for you. FOK, next time you go to war, remember, don't look at the NS chart upside down!

The countdown

Hey tarikmo here and -interrupted. Sorry guys, this was delayed because of the war. It is by no means off though, and will come around once the wars end. -

The Threatdown (Brought to you by KingWilliam of NPO)

You ready? You sure? That's right! I brought in the Threatdown! The top five threats to CN, one at a time. Here's we go!

Number Five! The NS chart! Like any good chart related humor, it can be flipped to make a great situation seem hopeless. Guys, we need to get rid of this dreaded chart! It's nothing but confusion! How I am I suppose to read this anyway?! Look at this!


Is this a loss of NS? Or an erection? I just can't tell!

Number Four! Charters! Guys, these things have plagued us since the dawn of Planet Bob, and I say it's high time to recognize this as a threat! Charters always get in the way of treaties, votes, and government. They have to be one of the worst inventions of all times! Let's allow follow \m/'s example, forget about the charters! Polaris' should be ashamed, putting down \m/ in the war everyone needs to band against! Down with this threat, before they become a real problem!

Number Three! FOK! These guys are huge trouble! Orange team, strongly allied...... and Dutch! It can't get any worse than this! For god's sake, they have a Lion[\i] on their flag! Grub, in his infinite knowledge, however, has deemed this to be no more than a large cat. FOK, as much as I hate to admit it, have a great time to attack, when we are all at the away attending to something else on another realm. What cunning!

Number two! AlmightyGrub! Oh my Admin, penguins can lead an alliance?! If you thought some Dutch Lions were bad, then wait till you see Grub! When people say, "Do something about it." Grub actually does! How could he?! Doesn't he care about his pixels like me? Well, at least he doesn't stand up to people supporting Tyranny right? Right?

I none the less respect your decision to support your ally.

Ok seriously Grub? Do you have something against me?

And Threat number one! This Threat, not so coincidentally, happens to be:

The Word

The biggest threat to CN! Now, this should be quiet obvious, the number one threat is,


Rules!!! Oh how I dislike you! Rules are the biggest threat to CN since Bob of the Mushroom Kingdom! Now, this is completely different from charters, when I say rules, I mean all rules, written law, like treaties and charters, and unwritten laws. Many unwritten laws stay the same, for example, did you know that if a nation being tech raided isn't allowed to defend itself from the aggressor? Yeah, these unwritten laws make complete sense. Just like the newest unwritten law! It states, and I quote:

If an alliance violates the charter it's upheld by, and says, "Do something about it." The alliance that does something about it is automatically wrong, and should be conspired against by at least one alliance.

What laws! These rules need to be destroyed! For great justice! No rules rule!!! And that's the word!

And so ends the Lounge!

Tarikmo does not speak for the alliance, that other one, or the one he is in currently, his nation's people, he can't even speak for himself!. If you happen to be foolish enough to read this, shame on you! I am not responsible for your loss of brain cells, or blood loss from massive facepalms. Thank you and have a nice day!

Edited by Tarikmo
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