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HeroesofGaming Announcement

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Official Notice

HeroesofGaming hereby activates the cancellation clause between HeroesofGaming and The Mafia, located here,

Article V ~ Cancellation

1. If either HoG or The Mafia feels as this agreement is no longer beneficial they must give the other party a 48 hour warning period before cancellation

2. The treaty will remain in effect for the 48 hour period before cancellation

HeroesofGaming considers this notice as the beginning of the 48 hour period, and after the 48 hour period this treaty shall be null and void.

The Mafia and HeroesofGaming have had no contact at all since the signing of this treaty, and we at HeroesofGaming feel that this treaty no longer reflects the relations between The Mafia and HeroesofGaming.




Commander Cody

HeroesofGaming Triumvirate

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None of them are worth loving... and yes, that stench can only be matched by Coolgreen when I found him on the roads. He told me he was a prince and to give him a million dollars so he could access his funds or something like that

Reminds me of a TV show in the great nation of P.R.o.t.D.N.o.P.f.t.A.S. of Zikawe

Pam Beesly:

Well I just wanna take a minute to talk to you all about something very serious. Once every hour, someone is involved in an internet scam. That man is Michael Scott. He's supporting about twenty Nigerian princesses.

Michael Scott:

Hey, you know what? Forgive me for caring.

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