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CD – WAPA Amusement, now with more ‘semen’


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"CD – WAPA Amusement, now with more ‘semen’"

Article I: Mutual Defense

CD and WAPA, are like, attached at the hip yo. So obviously, an attack on one is going to be painful to the other, because you can’t really attack just one of us, you have to attack both of us (see, attached at the hip, we share nerves and whatnot). Therefore, anyone who attacks one of us will get swiftly thrashed by both of us. Don’t think we can’t do it either, we can. Also, we won’t stop thrashing you until whichever one of us got hit gets a formal apology. We want all brawls to come to a peaceful resolution. Both of us will always be open to talking about our problems and differences too, as we have both been to anger management and are eager to use our new conflict resolution skills (but still, you won’t like us when we’re angry).

If one of us jumps into a fight for another friend, who is not necessarily a friend of the other twin, mutual backing-up is optional.

Article II: Optional Aggression

In the event that one of us decides to attack someone else, the other retains the right to do one of the following: 1.) Sit back and read a book. This is discouraged because reading is hard to do when the guy attached to your hip is pounding the crap out of someone. 2.) Hoot and cheer for the other while verbally assaulting the one being beat down by us. This includes all forms of political and financial support. 3.) The one we’re most encouraged and possibly most inclined to do, help with the thrashing. After all, Siamese twins stick together.

Article III: Espionage

Spying is bad. Both of us agree that we’ll respect each other’s privacy. So like, if one of us is getting laid, the other will try and mind their own business (hard though it may be). Invading the other’s privacy are grounds for a separation surgery within 24 hours of the event occurring.

If one of us invades the privacy of someone else, this may also be grounds for separation surgery, but at our own discretion.

Article IV: Termination

In any event where one of us feels that it is time to go our separate ways, separation surgery can and will be pursued. Except in the case where Article III is violated, any twin that wants to separate will have to tell the other twin at least 5 days in advance, for which the entirety of they will remain fully bonded and adhere to the provisions contained within this document.

The Undersigned do agree to respect and adhere to the Articles written above, and will sign it in blood.

Signed for We Are Perth Army

The Firm: Andymac64, Burnsey and Earl Dumarest

Ministry of Foriegn Affairs: hassman

Ministry of Defence: Luctian

Ministry of Economics: Shmeestar

Signed for Carpe Diem

Kirsten, Sovereign of Assholiness

Pyroman, Oracle of holiness.

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