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The Hunt


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Shell, Inri Province

Maximum Security Federal Prison #3


An explosion could be heard near the western part of the prison, specifically where the inside gym facility was. Five armed, masked persons with AK-47s and PK Machine guns walked into the hole that was created by the blast, left the gym facility and turned left to descend down a marble staircase. Once at the bottom, the suspects then went to five different cell doors and unlocked the doors of the prisoners Leo, Anna, Beth, Rupel and Nick. They all then went back to the gym facility and outside into the courtyard where an Apache helicopter was waiting. Everyone boarded and the helicopter ascended into the sky and headed northeast.

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Heem, Okau Province

Fourth Army HQ


4-star General Niva Steam calmly recieved the news of the level 5 suspects escape, the same level 5 suspects that had started up a radical Christian rebellion in Blue Heaven. She'd been told by the Minister of Defense, Colin Powell himself that if those 5 were to escape to "hunt them down, whatever it takes. Make sure that if they do escape, that it's kept secret and that they're all killed quietly." She decided to get the 5 best sniper teams in the entire military. She walked over to the phone and called Fort Cai, to get in touch with Gen. Nover Historia, commander of the 1st Infantry Division.

"Hi Nover, it's me Niva. I've got a situation."

"Just got the email Niva. Those punks escaped. They had must've had some serious help if they left in an Apache."

"Yeah, I know. We need to take care of this immediately."

"Anything I can do to help?"

"Yeah, I need your 5 best sniper teams at by HQ in the next 4 hours."

"Consider it done."


Niva hung up the phone, her whole body trembled. These were the 5 suspects that'd launched a rebellion that'd taken out 2 combat brigades, she'd better be prepared.

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20 miles from Wyne, Inri Province


The Apache helicopter landed on a small helipad located on the outskirts of the woods. The prisoners and their rescuers then exited and jumped into 2 a 4x4 UAZs which took them to a small base deep in the woods. Everyone then got off and walked into a small house. The prisoners were allowed to shower and change their clothes. After everyone had been situated, the former prisoners sat down and their rescuers removed their masks to reveal the faces of Mikhail, Bee, Heat, Robin, and Fyke.

Leo looked shocked, he then suppressed it and smirked.

"Thanks a lot you guys, I mean that." The others also expressed their thanks.

"Anything for old friends," said Mikhail.

"Why'd you rescue us now?" asked Beth. "Was there any specific reason?"

"Not really, though the UFC dropped and we changed the name to the Christian Coalition of America. The Infantry Divisons have spread all over Inri Province and are currently underground, keeping off the radar," spoke up Heat.

"That's good to know," Rupel piped up, his voice hoarse and tired.

"Yeah," replied Bee. "Everyone can talk and we can plan online on a secure server."

Nick looked suprised. "How'd you manage that?"

"We have friends in Zee Inc., very supportive ones at that. That's how we got the Apaches." Bee grinned. "And the M16s and the brand-new Stinger missiles. Bought right off the black market."

Leo smiled. "Good, do you have a computer nearby?"

"We have laptops for all of you," said Mikhail, smiling as he knew what Leo was going to say next.

"Then let's start talking to our old friends and get to planning."

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Heem, Okau Province

Fourth Army HQ

7:49 pm

Two Blackhawks landed and divulged a total of 5 4-person sniper teams. They were all dressed in Arctic Camo and quietly walked into a large meeting room with refreshments and 25 folding chairs. Already waiting was the Minister of Defense, the Prime Minister, and Fourth Army Commander, Gen. Niva Steam. The soldiers sat down and waited for what was going to happen next.

The Prime Minister went up to the podium and began to speak.

"Currently the 5 most wanted criminals in the nation are on the loose. We choose you because you are all the best of the best. We are sending each of you out there to hunt for Leo, Beth, Rupel, Anna and Nick." As he said each name, a picture of them flashed on the way behind him.

"When it comes to domestic security, this may be one of the most important missions of your entire life! You are to hunt down these scumbags and kill them, but be discreet about it, the last thing we need is this to blow into something out of proportion. Understood?"

"Yes, sir," the soldiers chorused.

Minister of Defense Colin Powell then stepped upon the podium and began to point out where the former UFC council may be. He then showed a list of teams that would be assembled and which team would hunt which person.

  • Assigned to Leo-Alpha Team
  • MSgt. Robert Nawls
  • Sgt. Sarah Lock
  • Cpl. Nayd Fui
  • Cpl. Nana Mish
    Assigned to Beth-Bravo Team
  • MSgt. Mike Ugs
  • Sgt. Shindo Niki
  • Cpl. Robert Passages
  • Cpl. Buhlaire Typ
    Assigned to Rupel-Charlie Team
  • MSgt. Ichiro Jays
  • Sgt. Skye Temeraire
  • Cpl. Alan Knowles
  • Cpl. Vina Marsh
    Assigned to Anna-Echo Team
  • MSgt. Hope Fin
  • Sgt. Rudo Elks
  • Cpl. Amy Lin
  • Cpl. Jane Aust
    Assigned to Nick-Swift Team
  • MSgt. Charles Oddes
  • Sgt. Jack Kish
  • Cpl. Rebecca Jingo
  • Cpl. Fynyte Dorkin

"You will rest up tonight and begin to hunt these punks tommorrow. Understood?" Powell bellowed.



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Syne, Inri Province

Gurang Air Force Base


The Predator UAV launched off the tarmac. It was headed toward the northern woods...


Northern Woods, Inri Province


4:41 pm

"Let's get a status report," said Leo, as he, the other council members, and the generals all that down at the table in the main tent for the daily SITREP.

"Well," Mikhail started "We've currently got a total of 10k members and-" The council looked shocked.

"W-what? Whadda ya mean we've only got t-t-ten thousand?" asked Rupel nervously.

"Unfortunately after the five of you were caught there was massive desertion. And we can't tell everyone that you've been busted out as someone might not keep their mouth shut."

"I took the liberty, along with the other generals, to change how the organization works," Bee piped up. "Yesterday, early in the afternoon, I had several teams send messages to 9,500 members and currently everyone has followed orders. As of 10 am today, we have 1,000 members in each province with 100 of our best in Paradigm City."

"Will they be able to reach any government buildings? Perhaps the National Palace or the Ministry of Defense?" Anna asked excitedly.

"I don't know. We've changed the startegy so instead of attacking pro-government forces head on and having them bring in their superior firepower down to bear on us, we've decided to go insurgent style, like car bombs and stuff. Our soldiers will easily blend in with the population and if we get good enoough attacks, we can take advantage of people's fears that the government can't protect and hopefully lead a revolution that will create a government that obeys God."

"Good," commented Beth. "Now let's talk about other plans..."


Maji, Inri Province


Alpha Team was on the move. They had been given additional intel on the past whereabouts of Leo, post-CCA. He was born in raised in Maji in an extremely religious home. When his mother died of cancer when he was 17, it only drew him closer to God. He went to Viri University, a private theologian college, and majored in theology and became a pastor at age 25. His first church had been going well and then, all of a sudden, his father was murdered and all he had left was his sister. After that he began to speak extensively on the evils of the world and became a major critic of the government on his website, citing that the 50 soldiers that died in the Damacious conflict died because "God wanted to punish them. The government was wrong for sending in soldiers in nations such as Viniland could've taken care of it. God wanted to punish the government so he allowed those soldiers to be cut down."

Amid his increasing radical views, he drew criticism from those in other Christian sects. He began to be accused of being more political and less spiritual, in a fit of rage, he withdrew of pastoring and became an op-ed columnist for an underground radical Christan paper. There he came in contact with other anri-government Christans who were tired of the constant evil they saw around them, Leo joined up with them to form the United Christan Front, a radical, violent anti-government organization of Christan revolutionaries.

All of this was very relevant information. Even though HQ already knew that Leo wouldn't go back to his old hometown, it was known that his sister, Daisy, lived here as a successful hotel chain manager and maybe she'd have some information about his whereabouts.

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Maji, Inri Province


Alpha Team shacked up in the Seton Hotel, with all-paid expenses from the Ministry of Defense. Everyone settled in and then MSgt. Robert Nawls and Cpl. Nana Mish went outside and went to the Vack Hotel to meet Daisy, both were carrying their sniper gear in shoulder bags. Robert was the spotter while Nana was the sniper. The two walked into the Vack, went up to the table and asked to see Daisy.

"Why?" asked the attendant.

"I have some complaints about the room I was in last time I was here," said Nana. She gave the attendant a look of 'You'd better do what we say'.

"So bad that you need to see the manager?"


The attendant got on the phone and made a few calls, she then led Nawls and Mish up to Daisy's office where they went in and sat on a couch and the attendant left. Daisy was on the phone and, after five minutes, hung up and paid attention to them.

"Yes?" asked Daisy. "I hear you have a complaint about this hotel, I'm very sorry to hear that, what exactly happened?"

Nawls got up and stood in front of the door, blocking it so that no one could get in. Meanwhile Nana got up and confronted Daisy.

"W-what're you doing?" asked Daisy. "What do you want from me?"

"Well, it'd be good to know where the **** your freakin' brother is!" said Nana angrily.

"I-i don't know where he is! He dropped off the map a couple years ago, we've never met since."

"LIAR! Tell me where he is!"

"I told you I don't know!" said Daisy, getting more and more nervous.

"Nana," interjected Nawls "calm it down now." The Sargeant's voice assumed Sargeant status.

"Yes, sir," Nana said quietly. She then turned back to Daisy. "You must've heard that Leo was arrested and put into prison, didn't you? Hasn't he tried to communicate with you at all?"

"No. He hasn't. After he quit being a pastor and joined some crazy Christan group he stopped all contact with me."

Suddenly, her phone rung, she had a text message. Daisy picked up the phone and opened the message, Nana quickly snatched the phone from her and Nawls walked over to also read the text. It read:

Hey sis! It's me Leo. How're you doing? Sorry I haven't contacted you in a couple months, I've been busy. I'm coming over. Let's meet at the Union Restaurant, like we did last time. See you there on Thursday between 8 and 8:30 pm.

"YOU LIAR!" yelled Nana

MSgt.Nawls walked over and grabbed Daisy by the collar of her shirt.

"Now I'm usually nice to women, but you're starting to piss me off," he said angrily. "Now you are going to lead us to this prick or I'll kill you right now," he said as he walked over to his shoulder bag and took out a Desert Eagle equipped with a supressor and put it to her head. "You think that I'm !@#$@#$ kidding with you?"

Daisy began to cry. "OK, OK. We've met a lot over the past years. But we've only talked about regular stuff, none of what he's been doing in his group, I swear!"

"Good! Nana! Get your stuff and let's go."

Nawls and Nana gathered their things and opened the door. Nawls then turned back to Daisy, his eyes flaming with anger. "If either you or your brother fail to be there, you're dead, got it?"


The soldiers left. Daisy threw herself on the couch and wept bitterly.

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Maji, Inri Province


Nawls and Mish set up shop at a small hotel about 150-200 meters from the restaurant Daisy and Leo were supposed to meet, meanwhile Sgt. Sarah Lock and Cpl. Nayd Fui had made arrangements at an in about 100 meters east of the restaurant as that was the main route of traffic flow out of the city. In the restaurant itself, Daisy was dressed in a green dress while she waited nervously for her brother, knowing what would happen if either she told him what was up or he failed to show up. At around 8:15, she saw Leo get out of a taxi.

"Get ready," Nawls said to Mish as Leo exited the taxi. He then radioed to Sarah that Leo had gotten out of the taxi and was headed into the restaurant. Nana readied herself and kept her sight on Leo the entire time, she had adjusted her M40 sniper rifle to the 300th of a meter.

"Hey Daisy, how are you?" Leo said happily as he greeted his sister with a hug. They then were seated next to a window.

"I'i'm good Leo. How about you?" she said nervously, trying to supress her fear.

"I've been busy, but well," he said. A waiter then came over and asked the two what they'd like to drink.

"I'd like water with a twist of lemon," Daisy said quietly.

"And I'll have some scotch."

Daisy looked at her brother, suprised, after the waiter had left. Leo usually never drank, and when he did it was never that heavy. Leo noticed the expression on her face and smiled.

"Relax sis. Everything's alright. OK?" he said and then smiled at her as he reached over and mussed Daisy's long brown hair.

Daisy smiled. "Ok." Her fear temporarily forgotten. Leo then turned to the window to look out at the falling snow.

"I got a line!" Nana said excitedly.

"Good job," Robert said, grinning. "Fire. Fire. Fire."

On the third "fire," Nana fired her M40 directly at Leo's chest. It hit Leo and he went down. Everyone in the restaurant began screaming and evacuating the restaurant. As soon as Leo went down, Daisy immediately went over to her brother and tried to wake him up, she was immediately pulled down to the floor.

"Don't move," Leo said, his voice rough and serious. He then peeked around over the table, to see if anyone was there.

"What?!" Nana said in outrage, as she saw Daisy go down, "What happened?" She then saw Leo peek over the table and fired off another round, it just missed Leo as he ducked down in time.

"Dammit!" said Robert, "What just happened?"

"I shot him, but he was still alive and now I just missed."

"$%&@!" Nawls then radioed Lock and Fui and told them to ready up.

Leo and Daisy meanwhile, had stood up and merged in with the crowd that was leaving through the back door. They then turned around to the front and walked away. Lock and Fui weren't even able to discern them.

Daisy was nervous. "W-w-what just happened?"

"Someone tried to kill me and failed, probably the government."

"H-how'd you survive, I thought that you were..." her voice trailed off.

"I'm not stupid, I don't go anywhere outside my friends without a bullet-proof vest."

As he said this he hailed a strange looking blue taxi and both of them got inside.

"Psalm 91:3-7, New Living Translation

For he will rescue you from every trap and protect you from deadly disease.

He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection.

Do not be afraid of the terrors of the night, nor the arrow that flies in the day.

Do not dread the disease that stalks in darkness, nor the disaster that strikes at midday.

Though a thousand fall at your side, though ten thousand are dying around you, these evils will not touch you," Leo recited to the taxi driver. The taxi then drove off.

"Where are we going?" asked Daisy.

"You aren't safe here, we're going to meet my friends OK?"


Leo grabbed Daisy's arm tightly and said through gritted teeth "No buts! If someone is trying to kill me they might try to kill you. Got it?"


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Calgary-Edmonton Corridor, Inri Province


Charlie Team was on the hunt, they'd recieved information from the Gurang Air Force Base from the Predator right before it was hit with some type of EMP or what not that made it short circut. It'd been overheard that Rupel was coming to the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor to get in touch with a representative from...Zee Inc? Charlie Team had been sent to the Nirye Hotel and another Air Force base nearby, Incirlik, had launched another Predator and was keeping a watch on what happened in the Corridor.

Rupel got out of the taxi with a bodyguard armed with an AK-47 that was hidden in a shoulder bag. The two walked across the street and down a dark alleyway.

"Charlie Team, we've acquired the target and its on the move, repeat we've acquired the target and it is on the move. Out," radioed the Air Force base.

"Don't fire. I wanna find out what Zee Inc. has to do with this. Over," said MSgt.Ichiro Jays.

"Understood. Over."

"After you find out what's happening between Zee Inc. and the CCA, then take them out. Over."

"Got it. Over."

Rupel and his bodyguard had turned down the dark alleyway and met a masked man dressed in a suit.

"Hello," the man said in a heavily synthesized voice. "Are you from the CCA?"

"Yes, we are," replied Rupel. "I'm assuming that you're the Zee Inc. representative."


Unbeknownst to any of them, the Predator was a mere 500 meters above them, though hidden by cloud cover, and even though the cameras couldn't see anything, it could hear very clearly everything that was being said.

"Good, now let's talk about our agreement," said Rupel.

"OK. I've agreed to sneak your organization $15 million annually and to provide your friends with top-notch weaponry off the black market. In return you need to take Inri Province and when you've secured it, put my boss in charge. Am I correct?"

"Yes, but it seems that one major thing has been forgotten."


"Your new government must obey God's word. Once our new government is established, we should model ourselves after Tahoe and have everything from the capital down to the smallest town revolve around God and the church."

"Hmmm... I'll talk to my boss about it and we'll see what he thinks."

"Alright. But I have something else to talk about as well."

Meanwhile the Predator had sneakily broke through the cloud cover, and, while remaining unseen, had gotten a lock in the general vicinity of all three men. The Predator then tried to fire a Hellfire missile, only to discover that not only one, but both of the missiles were jammed!

"GOT DAMMIT!" yelled the operators of the Predator at Incirlik Air Force Base. They then radioed Charlie Team.

"We can't take out the targets, our missiles are jammed. The targets are in an alleyway near the corner of Sap and Cafe streets. Get there now. Over."

"Understood moving out now. Over," said Jays.

Charlie Team then gathered their gear and the snipers switched over from their M40s to the M4 Carbine. They quickly ran, weapons hidden, to the location. Jays teamed up with Cpl. Vina Marsh and Sgt. Skye Temeraire teamed up with Cpl. Alan Knowles. The four of them went into the alley with their M4s up.

As soon as the soldiers arrived, Rupel's bodyguard took out his AK-47 that was modded with a hundred round drum with armor piercing rounds and began firing. He had a total of six more hundred round drums in his bag. The bullets hit Temeraire and he quickly took cover, as did the rest of Charlie Team, behind a building at the front of the alleyway. Quickly thinking, Marsh threw a total of three fragmentation grenades. Rupel and the others tried to run, but before they could the frags blew up, killing all of them.

"One down, four to go," said Marsh smiling.

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CAA Base


Daisy sat in the cabin, near the fire, getting warm. Leo had taken her to the CAA base in the Northern Woods and had put her in a cabin, with guards, for her own safekeeping. She would be annoyed if the journey hadn't taken so long. She was tired and quickly fell asleep.

Meanwhile, her brother and the rest of the council held an emergency meeting.

"So," started Leo "It's out that Rupel and the agent from Zee Inc. have been killed."

"Yes," said Beth, looking sad. "May God bless his soul. I think that this calls for another member to be elected into the council."

As soon as this was heard, everyone's mind started racing and thinking of who they wanted to be in the council. Beth and Anna wanted Bee or Heat to join the council as he secretly had a small band of CAA soldiers loyal only to him, Anna, and Beth. They could then use the small force to kill Leo and Nick, and then they'd have all of CAA as their private army. Nick wanted Mikhail on as then he'd have a staunch ally on the council and then, if he could get Leo into the fold, he'd be able to undo the new policy that Bee and Heat had enacted and would instead take the government head on, but redo the strategy. Leo didn't want anything to change and supported the insurgency. He knew that he'd probably end up abstaining.

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CAA Base


The voting for the new council member to replace Rupel began. Leo abstained, Anna and Beth voted for Bee, and Nick voted for Mikhail. Since there was no majority, Leo had to vote. He went and spent about 15 minutes alone and then came back and voted for Bee. Anna and Beth celebrated on the inside, Nick went into his room and wondered in anger what was there he could do about it. He then decided to call up Mikhail so that they could talk about Bee.



Jaryra, Starwind Province, Kyth, Black Rose Province, Schom, Inri Province


*Click* Multiple cell phones hung up and a total of 60 car bombs exploded simultaneously killing a total of 250 people. In the small town of Kyth in Black Rose Province, 20 CAA forces came out of hiding, went to the local government office and the local police station and quickly fired AK-47s and PK MGs, killing the town governor, the police chief and about half of the police force. They then went back to their hide outs. For about three hours anarchy ensued with another 50 people killied in looting and rioting, but soon Bravo Company, 2nd Batt., 1st Combat Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division came and restored order.

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CAA Base


Nick sat in a chair, in front of a roaring fire. Across from him was a small table with two wine glasses and a large bottle of wine. Across from that was a medium-sized chair. Mikhail opened the door and was greeted warmly by Nick, Mikhail then sat down in the right-most chair while Nick poured the wine and then himself sat.

"So..." Nick said "apparently Bee is going to be on the council."

"Yes," replied Mikhail with a grimaced face.

"We need to do something about it [i]now[/i]."

"Yes, I suggest we kill Bee [i]and[/i] Heat, that way we can get rid of our competition 100% and then we could enact our own policies."

"I'm fine with killing Bee, but I don't know about Heat, word is from one of my spies is that he's got a private army of 100 soldiers loyal to him and Bee only. Instead I'd rather have [i]Leo[/i] pay."


"Yes, he voted for Bee so he might be in on the ploy with Beth and Anna."

"Possibly, though I see him as a neutral. I think that he just voted for Bee because if he'd voted for me it'd still mean a tie...though, now that I think about it, if he [i]had[/i] voted for me, it then would've been down to the soldiers to make a decision and it's well known that I'm more popular among them than Bee or Heat as I don't train them so hard and am willing to give them breaks."

"I vote for killing her. It'll seriously hurt Leo." Nick smiled

Mikhail sighed. "Really? She hasn't done anything though."

"Fine... I'll reconsider it."

"Ok. But what about Bee?"

"We'll kill him soon,"

"OK. Good."



Grand Office


"Mr. Prime Minister, there was a major disturbance by violent Christian extremists in Jaryra, Starwind Province, Kyth, Black Rose Province, and Schom, Inri Province. A total of 60 car bombs exploded simultaneously killing a total of 250 people. In Kyth, the extremists came and killed the governor, police chief, and half of the police force. The place was in anarchy until Bravo Company, 2nd Batt., 1st Combat Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division came and restored order," said Defense Minister Colin Powell.

"CRAP!" yelled Roger as he punched his desk. "I'm getting sick and tired of these goddamn terrorists."

"Sir, we've killed Rupel, but four remain at large, also before Rupel died he was meeting with a representative from Zee Inc. It seems that [i]someone[/i] in Zee Inc. is currently giving money to those crazies. I've sent someone to talk to them."

"Good. I want the security around all government buildings in the capital increased."


Colin Powell left and then, about 10 minutes later, Roger's wife who was also the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dorothy came in. She gave Roger a hug, he buried his face in Dorothy's short, red hair and sighed.

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CAA Base


Nick quietly walked into the cabin, his Glock 9mm with an attached supressor well hidden. Daisy was quietly sitting on a couch, reading a book, wearing a butterfly necklace that Leo had given her when she was younger.

"Hey sweetheart," he said to Daisy.

She jumped up in suprise, then turned to see that it was Nick.

"Oh," she said in a relieved voice. "It's just you. How're you doing today Nick?"

Nick grinned, he knew what his intentions were. "Oh nothing much," he said as he smoothly, yet respectfully walked over to Daisy and sat down next to her.

Daisy became somewhat alarmed and moved over on the couch slightly. Nick kept his distance.

"So, what've you been up to?"

"Nothing much Nick, um, just reading."

"Oh! Getting bored?"

"Kind of. Why do you ask?"

Nick just smiled and moved over to Daisy and tightly grabbed her left arm.

"W-what're you doing?"

"Stay quiet!" Nick said as he grabbed Daisy's arm tighter and pulled her over to him.

"Hey! Get off me!" She began to yell but Nick put a hand over her mouth and then took some duct tape out and taped Daisy's mouth shut.

"You were always so pretty."

Nick then went and had his way with Daisy, finally killing her. He then, after cleaning himself up, he took the body about 100 meters outside the base and buried her in a hole that was 2 feet deep and 6 feet long and also covered the hole with moss and whatnot. After finishing his work he went back to his room and slept peacefully.

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Zee Inc. HQ, Vianna, Starwind Province


The government representative went into the CEO's office and quietly sat down in the chair to dicuss the matter of someone in the corporation giving funding to the CAA. The CEO had been notified before hand and it was determined that she'd most likely comply.

"Well, Ms. Navick," said the representative "My name's Darling Lubeck and I'm from the Ministry of Interior. I think you know what I'm here for yes?"

"Yes Ms. Lubeck, how're you. My name's Julia Navick and yes, I do know what you're here to dicuss, the leak of funds to the CAA. What can I do to help?"

"Well, you can do a self-investigation as well as allow the provincial police to do an investigation as to what exactly is going on when it comes to the accounting for the flow of money in Zee Inc."

"Ok. We'll have our investigation teams on it ASAP."

"Ok, we'll call you when the police are going to come in OK?


The representative then got up and left.

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  • 2 weeks later...


CAA Base


Leo had been looking all over for Daisy during the past week. He even went so far as to send agents to Maji and look for her, but to no avail. He decided to look in what had been Daisy's cabin. He walked in slowly looking for any anf everything that might leave a clue to where she'd gone. Her bed looked as if it hadn't been slept in at all, which was normal, seeing as how she'd always kept everything around her in neat order. Yet what was odd was that her couch was in a disarry. Leo walked quickly over to it and felt something on the bottom of his boot. He lifted his foot up and bent down to pick it up and saw that it was Daisy's necklace.

[i]Her necklace![/i] Leo thought. [i]She'd never go anywhere without this. Better check in with the guards.[/i]


Zee Inc. HQ, Vianna, Starwind Province


Lia Niavack was worried and stressed out beyond her limit. Her company was on the brink of collapsing and she [i]still[/i] hadn't been able to contact her brother, Cecil, the treasury secretary for Zee Inc. Lia felt as if she were about to lose everything, both mentally and financially. The pressure was just building up on her and she didn't think she could take much more.

Cecil, dressed in a blue suit and red tie, walked in calmly and sat down. He had heard from his sister that it was urgent that they needed to talk and he was a little nervous on the inside.

"So what's up?" asked Cecil, smiling weakly.

"I'll tell you what's up!" Lia said in a sharp, evil tone. "What's up is that this company is about to drop like a ton of bricks and [i]you[/i] might be put into jail from treason!"


"The government somehow found out that the company's been leaking money to the CAA."

"H-how? That's impossible! I set up everything so that it'd be prefect!"

"Well it wasn't perfect enough genius!"

"W-what should I do?"

"Leave the country? That'd be your best bet."

"OK, but where will I go?"


Cecil flinched, his sister rarely yelled at him. "O-ok."

"Do you still have access to that emergency bank account?"


"Good. When you get there, give me a call on my cell. OK?"

"OK sis."

Lia sighed. "Sorry for yelling at you Cecil. It's just that you and with the company possibly going under... I've just been under a lot of stress lately."

Cecil walked over to his sister and hugged her, he then went to the door."

"Love you sis."

"I love you to Cecil."


CAA Base


Leo walked over to the Guardian tent to talk with Commander Fynt Urick.

"Hey Commander, I've got some questions to ask you."

"Yes Councilman?"

"I've been looking for my sister for about a week now. Do you know if your guards know anything about her disappearance?"

"The most I know is that Councilman Nick went to talk to your sister."


"Councilman Nick went to talk to your sister. Is there a problem Councilman Leo? You know I'll help you anyway I can."

"Um, no, but does the offer for help still stand?"

"Anytime Councilman."

"Thank you."

Leo left the tent and began walking to Nick's quarters. [i]Now what could Nick want with Daisy?[/i]


CAA Base


Mikhail waited patiently for the ten soldiers to come into his quarters. They arrived shortly, dressed in all black, armed with MP5s. A woman who was obviously the leader walked over to Mikhail.

"What are the objectives sir?"

"Find and kill Councilmen Bee and Heat, they're getting in my way of a seat on the Council. Understood?"

"Yes sir."

The soldiers left and moved quickly over to Bee's quarters. The group included Bee's and Heat's guards. One soldier kicked open the door and then stood aside while the rest moved in. He stood guard. Inside, meanwhile, the soldiers searched the house to find Bee sleeping. He then heard the footsteps and woke up, but before he could even react, was killed with a burst from one of the soldiers' MP5s. They then left and moved to Heat's house, whose death played out the same as Bee's. The soldiers then went back to their respective rescidencies, hid their weapons and clothing, and went to sleep, though before the leader went to in for the night, she scheduled a message to be sent to Mikhail during breakfast. The message would read "Hope you have a beautiful day!"

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CAA Base


There was an immediate Council meeting and the entire camp was on lockdown, nothing and no one got in or out. Every soldier stood guard somewhere in the camp. Inside the building where the Councilmen met, the situation was tense. Anna and Beth were in tears over Bee and Heat's deaths. The soldiers that used to be under the command of Bee and Heat were angry as well and had itchy trigger-fingers. Leo was shocked at their deaths and also wanted to talk to Nick about Daisy.

"So, we need to immediately launch a full-scale investigation in light of these murders of Bee and Heat and also the disapperance of Daisy," Anna said through tears.

"Nick, do you have any information on these deaths and/or the disappeance of my sister?" asked Leo, glaring at Nick.

"What?!?! Not at all! I didn't like the policies of Bee or Heat that much, but I'd never [i]do[/i] anything to them, if that's what you're implying! Also I did absolutely [i]nothing[/i] to your sister!"

"Then why'd you go see her last week?"

"To talk! She seemed kind of sad when I saw her at mealtime."

"True, he [i]was[/i] looking at Daisy a lot during lunch and dinner," chimed in Beth.

"You were [i]extremely[/i] hostile to Bee and Heat's eligibility for the council and hated that they changed the way the group from challenging the government head on to an insurgency," said Anna angrily.

"So? Doesn't mean I did a damn thing!"

"Still, you have a motive!"

"These accusations have an [i]extremely[/i] flimsy base! These accusations are an assualt on my Christian morality!"

"There [i]is[/i] a strong base for these accusations as you seem to be the most disgruntled person in the council!" said Leo, his eyes glowing with rage.

"You know, I don't have to put up with this!" Nick said as he left the building. He then went back to his quarters to find Mikhail there.

"GET BACK HERE," yelled Anna as she burst into tears again.

Beth went and put a comforting arm around Anna. "Don't worry, it'll be alright, I promise Anna."

"Is everything ready Mikhail?"

"Yes Nick, it is. In the eastern corridor we've got all of our guys patrolling that area so we can easily slip through and leave."

"Is Leo and Anna's suprise ready?"


"Fine, let's go now."


Mikhail and Nick gathered up clothing, money, weapons, and ammo and left through the eastern part of the blockade. Ten of their best soldiers went along with them, these were the same soldiers that'd murdered Bee and Heat.

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CAA Base


Leo, Anna, and Beth ordered a nation wide manhunt for Nick and Mikhail. All CAA soldiers all over Blue Heaven were told via email and text messages that Nick and Mikhail had betrayed the CAA and should be killed on sight.

"We'll get that !@#$%^&, I swear," Leo said, his voice filled with rage and anger.

"Hopefully," mumbled Beth.

"I'm going back to my room," said Anna.

"Wait! Don't go! I've got a bad feeling," said Leo as he quickly turned toward Anna.

"OK. I'll send someone to each of our quarters."


Anna sent one person to each of their quarters. There were two loud booms, both Anna's and Leo's living quaters had exploded in a massive ball of flames, that was quickly put out by the soldiers. A total of 10 people were killed in the explosions.

"DAMMIT!" yelled Leo, hearing the explosions. "That punk is trying all he can to kill us and destroy the group! He's no Christian brother of mine! He's betrayed the faith and is going around killing other Christians!"

"I can agree with that 100%," replied Anna, her eyes now cold and angry.


Kyth, Black Rose Province


Mikhail and Nick went to Kyth specifically because the 1,000 soldiers there were specifically loyal to Nick. Bravo Company had long gone as they had reestablished the local police and had been recalled back to their base. They too wanted to take the fight to the government. The duo walked into a small house and met with the provincial leader, Gen. Mizu

"Hello Gen. Mizu. How are you?" asked Nick.

"Good Nick. How about you?" "And you?" she said, turning to Mikhail.

"We're good," the two said.

"OK. Let me guess why your here, you've done what needs to be done and are finally proclaiming the New Christian Federation?" she asked excitedly.

Nick smiled. "Yes. Let Operation Overboard commence."

Mizu smiled, she then took out her cell phone and sent a text message.

After about 20 minutes, the sounds of mortars and gunfire could be heard outside. Near the police station and governor's newly rebuilt office, the sound of massive explosions came. Then, about 30 minutes passed when ten soldiers came into Mizu's house. One of them stepped up to her and said "It is done, we've taken the town. There are a load of parents in the town that refuse to accept the Christian religion. What should we do with them?"

"Go into their houses and kill everyone there, but leave a remnant" said Nick with a smile.


The soldiers then left and gunfire could be heard in the streets as stragglers of the police force still fought on. Soldiers were dispatched to 55% of the houses of unbelievers and entire families were slaughtered.

Nick, Mikhail, and Mizu left the house and found a soldier who had hooked up his video camera to the social networking site, Alibi, so that the video would be streaming live. The soldier went around and videotaped all the destruction and then went to the governor's office with Nick, Mikhail, and Mizu. The governor's family (including the governor himself) were all on their knees with hands tied behind their backs. Nick decided to speak up first.

"Please allow me to welcome you to what is the first of many rebellions againist the government and the CAA. We are the New Christian Federation. Unlike the CAA, we have and will take the fight to the government. Anyone who gets in our way will regret it and pay for it [i]dearly[/i]," he said as he motioned to the governor and his family in the background. "Now to make our message clear."

Four soldiers came and two shot the children, one a nine year old boy and the other a 13 year old girl in the back of the head. The soldiers then gunned down the governor's wife and beheaded the governor himself. The head was then zoomed in on for a couple of seconds before zooming in on Mizu.

"As you can see we don't play games. Also if anyone tries to be a hero, civilian, soldier, or otherwise, we'll just have to kill a total of 600 people and I don't think anyone wants [i]that[/i]. Now do we?"

The transmission feed ended.

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Grand Office


Colin Powell walked into the Grand Office to speak to Prime Minister Roger Smith.

"Sir, in the town of Hyte in Black Rose province, a new radical Christian group has come into play. They call themselves the New Christian Federation. Currently, they're holding the town hostage and are threatening to kill 600 people if we try to eliminate them from the area."

"What! How the hell was this allowed to happen?"

"Well sir," said Powell, getting a little nervous. "After the CAA launched their guerilla attack on the town, we sent in a company and after that ended and we installed a new governor, we decided that there was no more need to keep an occupying force in that town. We also [i]did not[/i] see this economic downturn coming and are in a seriously weakened state."

"Well, what about those sniper teams dammit? Can't we send them in?"

"It's doubtful sir, right now they have the upper hand. These guys are not stupid, they've most likely got look outs in a good radius and will see our forces coming and attack us or develop a counter attack, or just disappear downright."

"Well, I [i]order[/i] you to research a good plan of attack and get back to me with in the next week. Is that understood?"

"Yes sir."


Kynas, Black Rose Province


"I'm honestly sick of this radical Christian !@#$ man, it's pissing me off."

"I know what you mean Sarge, it [i]is[/i] getting annoying."

"I that we need to get the Golf Company back in action."

"Well, yeah Jack, definitely. I'll make some calls tonight."

"OK Sarge. Good talking to you."

"I told you not to call me Sarge anymore dammit! The 9th Infantry was decommed, even though this economic downturn is bull !@#$ man! I've still got my A3."

"OK, Luke. I'll also make some calls.'

"OK. Peace."


The two men went back to their homes.


CAA Base


The funerals for the fallen soldiers were carried out. What remained of Council and forces loyal to the Council was focused on only one thing: the complete and total destruction of the New Christian Federation. A meeting was taking place in the Council's building.

"OK, what's the plan?" asked Leo.

"Well, we know were those guys are, so all we need to do is get them to lower their guard and then attack them," said Beth.

"Well, we've got to keep in mind that Nick and Mikhail are not that stupid. Also Mizu is one of our best commanders," said Anna.

"Definitely. What I think we should do it try to use the insurgent tactics againist them," said Beth nervously.

"What we need to do is to contact anyone who supports us and is on the inside. We need to get them to plant IEDs or kill Nick, Mikhail and Mizu," recommended Anna.

"I agree, but how're we gonna get in contact with anyone. If we text them, the guys will probably find out and that'll be the end of it. Also we don't know how dedicated the NCF forces are to their cause. And if we tried to mount an assualt, they'd probably find out before we even got a chance."

"Well, there is always one thing we can do," said Beth quietly. "We can always get in contact with the government and get a deal of some sort going."

"That'd never work," snapped Leo. "There's no way in hell."

"Well whadda you wanna do then?"

"How about we try contacting people then. In other areas that're still loyal to the CAA and try to mount and offensive?"

"Ok. How do you feel about that Anna?"

"Let's do it!"

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Grand Office


Colin Powell walked into the Grand Office, once again, to talk to Prime Minister Roger Smith.

"I have a plan, it depends on a lot of luck, but I [i]do[/i] have a plan."

"What is it?"

"We have to get Swift Team to somehow infilitrate the town, via government sympathizers, and have them kill all three leaders of the NCF."

"How do you propose we get them in?"

"We'll have them drive within five miles of the town and then they'll walk the rest of the way."

"What if they get caught on their way in?"

"They won't as they'll be dressed in civvies and then they'll have their weaponry in luggage bags with false bottoms. They'll proclaim to be supporters of the NCF and would like to join."

"Sounds good enough."


Powell walked out, worried that the plan might [i]not[/i] be good enough.



Jurgu, Black Rose Province (10 miles west of Kyth)


Even though the NCF held the town of Kyth, the surrounding areas had small pockets of soldiers loyal to the CAA. Alpha Company, a total of 200 men, had been ordered to begin a small guerilla like attack on the town. Lt. Vyner gathered Alpha and started to move toward Kyth, in a convoy of civilian cars. When they were about 5 miles away, gunfire came off from the west and the carvan stopped and people began pouring out. Just as 1st Platoon had exited and were looking for cover, RPG and mortar fire could be heard. Then it the cars carrying 2nd Platoon exploded and shrapnel went flying everywhere, though, miraculousy killing no one. The rest of Alpha Company quickly got out of their vehicles and slid down a small depression at the edge of the road, which gave the soldiers some cover from gun and RPG fire, but didn't protect them from mortars.

Alpha Company began to set up mortars and also machine guns. Riflemen wielded their AK-47s and began shooting in the direction that the gunfire had come from. Soldiers began to see movement on the ground, it seemed as if the snow itself was moving towards them. Elements of 3rd Platoon began firing at the mounds of snow, killing a total of 5 NCF soldiers. A small convoy could be seen moving towards NCF forces. It stopped around 50 meters from NCF forces and soldiers began pouring out. An entire company of soldiers came from the convoy and began to take up positions near NCF forces. They bought out heavy MGs and began firing at Alpha. Others went back in their vehicles and began firing .50 caliber MGs that'd been bolted onto their cars in front on the sunroof. All of Alpha hit the dirt and stayed there. Things were [i]not[/i] going well. It began to get [i]very[/i] dark around 11 pm and the NCF forces fell back, waiting to harass them the next day. CAA forces moved back a little and rested up for some serious fighting the next day.

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Jurgu, Black Rose Province



MSgt. Charles Oddes, Sgt. Jack Kish, Cpl. Rebecca Jingo, and Cpl. Fynyte Dorkin were dressed warmly in arctic camo and were driving a Tahoen SUV on Highway 5 to Kyth, when they heard gun and mortar fire coming from both sides.

"Get out of the car [i]now[/i]!" ordered MSgt. Oddes. "And stay low."

Everyone exited the car and hit the ground. They then grouped into their teams, Oddes with Jingo and Kish with Dorkin. Oddes and Jingo moved forward and to the left while Kish and Dorkin moved forward and to the right. After about traveling 50 meters, Oddes stopped and took out his binoculars to see more closely what was going on. He saw that on the left CAA forces were firing at NCF forces and were heavily entrenched. His attention was quickly averted to the NCF forces as they went from firing their AKs to falling back to their cars and firing .50 caliber MGs that were mounted on their cars and also launching RPGs.

"Everyone, start firing at NCF forces now" he radioed to everyone.

Jingo crawled up and took out her M24, while Oddes went and took out his M16A2 and sight. He then measured the wind and spotted an NCF soldier firing his .50 caliber from a car.

"Enemy contact, 150 meters. Wind is north by west going at 10 mph."

"Ok," replied Jingo. She then put her sight on the soldier. "Achieved."

"Fire. Fire. Fire."

On the third "fire," Rebecca put two shots down range, aimed at the man's chest. Both of them hit and he went down.

"Enemy contact, 200 meters. Wind is the same."

"To the left or right?"

"Right. You'll see the target with a PK MG."


"Fire. Fire. Fire."

Rebecca fired two more shots down range and only one of them hit. The other was blown away and hit the car.

Charles then spotted something that worried him. A total of ten NCF soldiers were crawling towards them.

"Enemy contact, 170 meters and closing."


Rebecca then took out her A2 and both of them began firing at the soldiers, killing two. Suddenly five CAA soldiers came up from behind the NCF and killed them all. They then ran over to Oddes and Jingo, waving a white flag. One of the soldiers walked over to Charles. Charles stood up and saluted. The CAA soldier did the same.

"I'm Sgt. Robert Nivek," said the CAA soldier. "Who're you?"

"I'm MSgt. Charles Oddes."

"Government forces I assume?"


"What is your mission?"

"To kill the leadership of the NCF."

"Good. We're going to do that as well. Mind giving us a hand?"

"No problem."

The two men shook hands and then were about to go down the road when about 100 cars pulled up and Bravo and Golf Companies of the CAA showed up and quickly took out the opposing NCF forces. Another CAA solider walked over to Oddes and Nivek.

"I'm Lt. Cl. Nayd Kifer. I'm in command of the battalion in Black Rose Province. More forces will be arriving shortly. We're going to capture and kill these NCF punks. Got it?"

"Understood," Oddes and Nivek chimed.

"Good. Be ready to move out soon."

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Jurgu, Black Rose Province


All of 2nd Batt. was armed and ready to go into the town of Kyth. Swift Team, however, was going to be used as a recon/first-strike team.

The sun was beginning to set and Swift Team along with 1st Platoon had on all their gear and were ready to go into their trucks and start heading towards Kyth. The trucks would be lightly armored and each one would have a .50 caliber MG mounted onto it.

"Let's go everyone!" MSgt. Oddes told his soldiers.

Everyone boarded the trucks and started out on Highway 5, moving quickly. The machine-gunners were almost constantly turning in all directions, keeping a sharp lookout for any enemy soldiers. The cars spread out and were about 15-20 meters apart, so that if one got hit, the others would still be able to survive. They drove in silence for most of the way, only speaking on their radios occasionally to tell one another to look out for this or that. When they were at the 4 mile mark, everyone disembarked and took out their weaponry. They then spread out in an arrowhead formation and began walking quickly, yet cautiously toward Kyth.

"What's the battle plan again Sarge?" asked Cpl. Jingo.

"We're gonna go in and start eliminating NCF forces, then we'll get out of the way for the other forces to start coming through."

"Ugh. Sir, permission to speak freely?"


"Why the hell do [i]we[/i] have to be bait?"

"Because they probably hoping we'll get killed," Oddes whispered.

"I've been thinking about that sir. What are we going to do when all this is over and Kyth has been taken?"

"We'll deal with it when the time comes. Understood?"

"Yes sir."

The group had been walking for about 10 minutes when a crackle of gunfire came from the west, just barely missing three CAA soldiers. Everyone hit the ground and activated their night vision googles. Two CAA soldiers found the source of the gunfire and eliminated it. They then continued and were soon confronted with heavy machine gun fire from all directions.

"Get up and get moving [i]now![/i]" Oddes growled to his team.

Jingo followed him as he got up and, after getting in a crouched position, began running towards the fire to get a better view of the target, his M16A2 out and ready to fire. After running for about 30 meters, the two hit the ground. Jingo aimed for the shooter.

"Ready?" she asked.

"Target is about 100 meters away, wind is 20 miles north by west. Adjust."

Rebecca turned her dial to the nearest hundredth and aimed upward and to the left. "Ready."

"Fire. Fire. Fire."

On the third "fire," Rebecca fired once. The shot went into the enemy, yet he still moved and began firing in their general direction.

"Try again. Fire. Fire. Fire."

Rebecca let off another round and hit her target dead on. The soldier went down.

"Enemy target, about 150 meters away. Wind is the same."

Rebecca aimed for the target and fired, she missed. [i]Intense[/i] fire came in their direction from at least two machine guns. Off in the distance someone screamed in pain.

"Damn it! Fall back now!"

"Got it," replied Rebecca.

Rebecca slowly crawled back while Charles gave her covering fire and then he too retreated back to the streets where the convoy was.

They came back to see the two frontmost cars in ruins. NCF forces were running around with PK machine guns and AK-47s. They had surrounded five CAA soldiers and were about to kill them until Rebecca, after taking out her own M16A2, and Charles came up quietly from behind and killed them.

[i]What just happened? I thought this was well prepared and that they had intel on NCF forces. I'm starting to regret this.[/i] thought Charles.

"What's going on?" Charles asked a CAA sgt.

"The plan's been changed. They've got a lot more soldiers than we expected."


"So we've been ordered to dig in and stay put until Black Company gets here."

"How long will that take?"

"I dunno, last time I heard they were still getting ready."

[i]!@#$[/i] thought Charles. He then radioed the rest of Swift Team and all of 1st Platoon. They then dug in and had the .50 MGs being manned on a rotationary basis.

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Jurgu, Black Rose Province

8:30 pm

There hadn't been fighting at all since everyone had been rounded up and took their postions. All had been quiet and peaceful. Around 8:30 pm, all of Black Company, 200 soldiers, came marching up to the 1st Platoon. A large man with sea-blue eyes and sand-colored hair and beard walked towards Robert Nivek. Nivek got off the ground and walked up to the man and saluted him.

"Hello Lt. Neighbors. How're you today sir?"

"Good. Now get everyone in your platoon moving Sgt. We're going to move out [i]now![/i]. I can't have those NCF punks planning a counter attack. You'll join up with our other 1st Platoon, led by Sgt. Davidson and we're going to move northward in a wedge formation. Got it?"


1st Platoon and Swift Team got all their things together and joined up with Sgt. Davidson. He seemed that type of man to take everything seriously and when he was told to do something, he did it. 1st Platoon and Swift Team then began to move with the other soldiers in Black Company's 1st Platoon. Oddes signaled to Nivek that he wanted to speak to him in private, so the two slowed up their pace and began to somewhat lag behind their comrades.

"What's up?" asked Nivek.

"Yeah, I'd like to know about Black Company. Why'd they get sent in when there were other platoons that were already prepared to go?"

"Black Company got sent in because they are the best. They've had their problems before, like when they massacred-" Nivek suddenly turned red. "Oh, uh, yeah... Black Company got sent in because they're damn good."

Charles' ears prickened when he heard the word "massacre." "Now what about this massacre?" he said, getting slightly nervous.

"What? Uh... don't worry about it at all. It's all good now. Just um, you know, stress and bad leadership, yadda, yadda ya."

"I see..."

Nivek and Charles walked on in silence. Neither one looking at the other.

"GET READY!" yelled Lt. Neighbors.

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