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The FAILure of Peace of Poo

M6 Redneck

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The Federated Allied Independence League and Peace of Poo both have a long and prestigious history. Ties between the two proud enterprises are strong and run deep. Hence I a feel honoured to announce this treaty today.

1 - The signatories will tell each other stuff if they want to, if they dont they wont.

2 - The signatories will help each other if they want to, if they dont they wont.

3 - An attack on one signatory will be considered an attack on the other if they consider it so.

4 - This treatry lasts forever but can be cancelled by either signatory at any time.


Rebel Virginia, God Emperor of FAIL

M6 Redneck, Peace of Poo

The smart out there will realise that this is a redundant treaty as both alliances have the ability and right to do all the above already, the even smarter ones will understand that they too actually have all these rights and abilities.

You may notice that the treaty is worded very carefully to actually bestow no obligations whatsoever. This neatly sidesteps any posible situation were action has to be taken that could put our alliances at risk. We believe that the best treaties have partners that do things not out of blinkered obligation, but because they are right. Unlike most we trust in one and other and do not need a security blanket of binding clauses to help us sleep at night.

Some may critises this as a worthless enterprise, but we take soverignty seriously and will work together for the good of all and as such this is the only treaty to sign. Others may actually see that this is the only treaty any alliance needs - it is just a shame that these things have to be written down before they can be accepted. Intangible things can exist, broaden your mind.

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