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Weak? Able? Strong? True? Or Chosen?

Azrael Alexander

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Kyraylia Zindabad!

Azrael Alexander jerked awake as he heard the loud voice of his neighbour emanate through the wall of his flat. Mulling the words over in his head, may Kyraylia live forever Azrael slapped his bedroom wall shouting. "The revolution was over 60 years ago Steve, you'll break a hip shouting like that." There was a momentary silence before an older sounding man retorted. "Well then you'll fix it for me boyo! I'm not a lazy zealot like yourself." Failing to absorb this information in the monetary silence his 80 year old neighbour allowed him. Azrael heard the the counter attacking sound of a broom hitting a wall. "Your got work in an hour and their announcing the election results." Groaning again and tempting to tell the old man that he was not his father Azrael dragged himself into his kitchen and turned on the television. And saw the flag that caused his neighbours alarm clock outburst.


The Kyraylian flag was pretty simple and it's vexillology was taught to everyone young Kyraylian in secondary school. It was if anything an embodiment of laziness, a flag from an different older nation used by the revolutionaries for reasons they put. "The government was corrupt the flag was not." So the flag of the Islamic Republic of Kyraylia was adopted for the Republic of Kyraylia solely due to it being a nice flag. When the revolution had occurred those who opposed the government dyed the white parts of the flag red with the blood of revolutionaries. His neighbour steve still kept a flag stained with his own blood as a memento of Kyraylia's move to a from a religious state to today's republic. He like many veterans were given the honour of becoming a Templar. After the revolution Kyraylian society had changed dramaticly, the previous oligarchical regime controlled by the rich was removed with a meritocratic system. When a Kyraylian become of age which is 18, and was no longer required to remain in the education system they were automatically registered as Initiates. Initiates had the right to vote and as everyone was required to vote turnout was generally good as there was small fine to pay for not voting. But becoming an initiate was only the first step on the Kyraylian social ladder the democratic system was weighted favouring those higher up the ladder than those below. Votes from those in the higher orders were worth more than those below. Azrael having successfully become a Junior doctor after graduating from University College Caspia was invited to become a Zealot due to his local campaigning efforts to help economically stricken family's in the poorer areas of Caspia. His vote was worth ten times that of an Initiate, just as Steves was worth 10 times his.

1 Initiate vote was worth 1 point in an election or referendum

1 Zealot vote was worth 10

1 Templar vote was worth 100

1 Prelate vote was worth 1,000

1 Archon vote was worth 10,000

It was a system that had served Kyraylia well, especially as purges were often conducted to ensure all 5 orders total votes were equal to the other. Usually speaking it was the Templar vote which decided the countries fate in extream times. But the conclave election steve had told him to watch was never decided by the Initiates or zealots. I was always confirmed by the templars which must have been why Steve was watching.

Kyraylia top official body was the Conclave. Made up of a Judicator in charge of internal affairs of the nation, an Executor in charge of the Armed Forces and protection of the state and a Praetor in charge of Foreign Affairs. Once elected Archons served in their positions for life or at least till they were mentally unable. Azrael always thought it was for this reason the election process was so convoluted. Thinking back to Secondary school he tried to remember the process, luckily he did not have to as the television began to go through them.

As you know Ben the election process has not changed for the past 60 years and with the death of two the conclave members in such a short time many are wondering if the archons will vote solely on age to ensure this does not happen again.

So true Kate, our thoughts and prayers of our viewers go out to the family's of the conclave members who fell ill with flu when golfing in Kyral. This is indeed the first time in history that 2 conclave positions are to be filled at once. Let's hope our elected leader will last as long as their predecessors who were both the most long lived at 98 and 103 respectively.

Indeed Ben we can only hope so. As our viewers may know we are entering the final stage of the election process, for our younger viewers here's a little recap on how one might oneday become a leader of this great nation.

The shots of the sexy female presenter outside the Archon building disappeared and we replaced with slides of information which the woman read out.

The first stage of a Conclave Election is known as the Weak

In this stage archon unable or unwilling to make the lifelong commitment to the open conclave office state so. These Archons form the Electoral Magistrate Committee (EMC)

The second stage then occurs, known as the Able

All the running Archons are then locked in the Senate of the Assembly. One by one an Archon is removed and a secreat ballot is undertaken to acertain the man or womans ability to undertake one of the 3 conclave positions.

A tally is made of approvals and non-approvals by the Head of the EMC and checked by ALL members of the EMC

Those with <60% approval are eliminated

The third stage then occurs, known as the Strong

As there are two open positions this (Praetor and Judicator) Archons who have approval for both postions must openly choose one before all Archons

All archons will note in order of preference who they believe other than themselves will be best for the role.

In this election there were 47 possible Judicators and 21 possible Praetors

The three of highest preference are selected

The next stage then occurs, known as the True

The 3 praetors and 3 judicators are voted on by the rest of the Arcons

Those with the highest favour become the Pre-praetor and Pre-judicator

The final stage then occurs, known as the Chosen

This is when the Pre-Conclave nominate Archon for the position

This vote is then confirmed by the archons by a vote

The names of the two will be revealed today and be sent for national confirmation[/i]

Snorting into his cornflakes Azrael laughed aloud. National confirmation meant it would be need to confirmed by the Prelates then the Templars. It was never confirmed by anyone below. Dressing quickly so he would get a head start on the traffic and not be late to the hospital, Azrael knew he waited for a bit he would get to know the names of the elected men but decided he'd find out in the car and was soon out the door.

*** 2 weeks later ***

Standing in front of the man he elected Mark eyed the Archon, he was young and smart but was he too inexperianced? he shot these wavering thoughts aside as he got ready to walk out onto the Kyral Plaza and deliver the historic words that came with the occasion. mark had been so close to getting the top job but being Pre-judicator had it's perks. There was a voice in his hear and then it was gone. Nodding to the selected Judicator who's eyes were burning with excitment he lead him out onto an open platform in front of a crowd numbering the hundreds of thousands. Turning to the crowd he felt the throngs quieten. Then as loud as he could shout he spoke to them. "O Kyraylia I present you your Judicator if it please you." The crowd roared and fell silent as another two men came onto the platform. The other stopped ahead and shouted. "O Kyraylia I present you your Praetor if it please you.". The Consul of the Conclave who had been sitting to one side walked towards the newly elected members of the Conclave. "O Kyraylia I present to you your Conclave." Walking back to the side he was glad it was over at the stage given to newly elected. Thank god he was no in their shoes.


O Kyraylia, O Kyraylians we have seen what wonders our nation can do. From the miracles at our nations universities to the harvests we make in harshest of places. But for you I want more and for our children more than that. Kyraylia is on the verge of an explosion of growth of intellectual and spiritual development and with your my brothers and sister at my back we shall continue ever forward. As your Judicator I henceforth serve only you, the people.

O Kyraylia, O Kyraylians we have watched as the world changed around us electing to remain shut out from it's endeavours. But the world is a community from which we can benefit, and one which can benefit from us. I promise to ensure that Kyraylia is seen a beacon for the world to follow. As your Praetor I henceforth serve only you, the people.

The consul smirked. "Easier said than done eh mark?

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