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Hopeless Hope- Christian Rap


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Verse 1:

It took me a while, but I’ve learned to let go / There are things

in this life that I’ve no control over / So many moments that slip away /

That pass the day, wasted on the thoughts that stray / With no hope of change,

I’m so close to sane / Like a picture perfect in a broken frame / And a passion

that burns with an open flame / But every time I take a step, I’m soaked in

rain / So I remain in a world of problems / I tried denial but that never

solved them / It just prolonged that I was left with all them / Like gambling

my life in a roulette revolver / In the same place in my same ways / I would

lie to myself and hold a straight face / But deep down inside I could feel it

rise / The pain of the weight of the day rains demise


When the lights

go dim and the walls closing in / And what you held so close seems like a

hopeless hope / What you know turns around while you watch it spiral down / To

the ground in the grays of the shade it seems so far away

Verse 2:

When am

I gonna let it go, surrender control / The broken soul of a momentary hope that

opens a hole / Waiting, praying on the day that it will all be over / Standing

in the rain of adversity walking slower / Just trying to weather the storm /

Getting by with vague recollection of how I try / To turn it around and make my

life seem alright / Like a hangnail ripping back truth in the lies / But they

continue to bleed insinuated belief / You forget what they mean but they don’t

ever recede / Regenerating the process, seeming like nonsense / Just when you

think you’re done it all relapses / So with a broken heart that shows and it

rips me apart slow / And I try to move on and get along but all my thoughts /

Revolve around the love that I lost

Verse 3:

Lost in a void, feeling so

alone. A cyclone of emotions with no control. And no distinction of the highs

and lows. My heart is now a kaleidoscope. Tidal waves against the side of my

boat. Any port in this storm is a sign of hope. What I’m supposed to do? I

don’t know! I’m officially now in the Twilight Zone. While the sun sets the

night, Ironically bright, the sky comes alive in a spectrum of light. Only to

die in a moment of time, But the glimpse was worth every second of mine. So I

press on when the dark ensues. In a shroud the dusk becomes a blessing through

the sun’s, Reflected light proves I fight for the truth. But my mind hides

lies like the dark side of the moon


When the lights go dim and the

walls closing in. And what you held so close seems like a hopeless hope / But

then a spark in the night shines bright up in the sky / And for the first time

in your life, you feel it deep down inside

Feedback: What do u think people.

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