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Ignorance is not Bliss


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Lieutenant Stone sighed as he read the paper, listening to the news. At least the government had the wit to increase sucurity on all incoming traffic--quarantining ships and planes. But it wouldn't be enough. He knew from his experiences in Diberia that more aggressive action was needed. The borders needed closing--checkpoints established.

A government that had never dealt with such a serious threat didn't understand the severity of the situation. And still didn't, despite all the briefings he and his surviving men had gone through.

Someone needed to show the government how to do this properly...

OOC: Not long, but I'll do more later, promise. :)

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Frank was not feeling well. He'd just landed in Alice Springs from a rather disturbing trip to America. Absently he scrathed at the bit he'd gotten, now itching like mad. He was in a hurry to get hom and lay down, so his relief was immeasurable when the the plane landed.

In his hurry, he pushed past the other passengers, some yelling and cursing after him, others simply throwing glares or trying to pick up what he'd knocked out of their hands.

But he stopped short at the terminal exit. His way was blocked by a man, clearly a soldier from his uniform, staring at him almost in pity, which he would have wondered about if he'd had the time before the shot to his heart ended his current life and sent him to the next.


The passengers, both for this plane and those still in the airport, screamed when they heard the shot, and there was a general panic as no one knew where to run. Stone sighed sadly as he put the gun back inside its holster and donned a coat to hide his uniform.

He was still watching when security arrived on the scene, to being interviewing wintesses. No one had seen him clearly only the 'vicitim,' which was just as he'd planned it, and he was surprisingly amused as he answered the questions they put to him as a 'witness.'

When the stretcher arrived on the scene an hour later, he kept a sharp eye out, and he was the only one who saw the hand twitch. He was not, however, the only one who saw 'Frank' turn and grab the leg of the paramedic to bite down hard.

Good. There were too many witnesses to say that the man had been dead--the security had checked, as well as the paremedics. They couldn't all be wrong. 'Though I wish it hadn't had to come to this,' he thought sadly, as the screaming began anew...

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