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Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

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Imperial Decree

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing


I stand in our brave new world, and as I look around, and I do not like what I see.

I see many who claim freedom, whilst ignoring the freedom of others. When anyone objects to their exploitation of others, they cry ''bully, we are free to do as we like, who appointed you our judge''.

I see many who claim freedom, whilst openly mocking the systems that gave them the freedom in the first place. The same people who claimed to be oppressed under the boot of the Hegemony, now abuse their freedom to help themselves as they wish. When someone objects they cry ''moralist scum, hypocrite, who are you to say what is fair?"

I do however see many others, many who realize that our community has some standards, some agreed codes of conduct and some boundaries that keep our community functioning. We are forced to self-regulate, there is no CN Police, no Courts, except of public opinion and therefore as a community we are compelled to prevent anarchy by enforcing our own standards. This forum provides the platform for all and sundry to present their views and to be heard. Discussion and debate are an important part of our process, yet today I stand concerned that too few actually care at all about our community and what it needs to survive and with it, us.

For several months, behaviors that have long been considered against the greater good of the community have been on the rise. It is clear that many wish to test the community, find new boundaries, push existing ones and establish a lower standard of conduct for their benefit. These same people mock and ridicule those who question what they do, backing down when forced to do so, only to re-appear elsewhere with antics more befitting a zoo than a political community.

To date, diplomacy has prevailed, most people being reasonable and satisfied to test the boundaries without transgressing so far over the line they lose sight of the line itself. Yesterday diplomacy failed. Diplomacy can not be conducted when one party offers to expose his genitals repeatedly, diplomacy can not be conducted when one side resorts to the use of racist, offensive and degrading language to describe the other and diplomacy can not be attempted when neither side is prepared to concede anything at all.

Comrades, we are a community, all of us have an obligation to our community. Maybe some of you consider your job done just by showing up, but I firmly believe that there is more to be done. I believe in boundaries of common decency, I believe in a spirit of fair play and consideration, all whilst engaging in a lively and spirited debate. The call is often raised, ''do something about it'' and all that is required for our community to slide further into obscurity is for good men to do nothing.

Today, the New Polar Order, believing strongly in the protection of our standards, stands on the boundary. Our resolve has been tested but be assured even if we stand alone, we will not tolerate the behavior exhibited in recent times, we will not accept your freedoms without reminding you of the responsibility to the community that comes with it. You may decry us as moralists, hypocrites, opportunists, oppressors or anything else you like, but we believe in the preservation of our community at all costs. Tonight our tanks will roll, our battle standard will wave and whether we win or lose, we will be heard.

To preserve the standards of our community, we hereby declare war on \m/.

Alliance leadership has been informed previously, this comes as no surprise to \m/ and nor should it come as a surprise to anyone. We make no demands, nor will we, of anything relating to reparations, no alliances will be disbanded as a result of our war and peace is extremely simple to obtain.

To those of you laughing, think hard about your next actions, your intervention here will escalate this matter, Polaris will not be backing away from our position. I would urge you strongly, convince yourselves that our community has values, base values that we need to preserve and convince your allies in \m/ of the same.

To those of you who are too scared to speak up, find your voice and do so quickly. Alliances that bully other smaller alliances but object to the intervention by someone larger than them are the ones who hold the double standards. Polaris does not revel in its current role, but we will not allow evil to prevail, we believe we are good men.

o/ Polaris

** For those concerned, we will require NO assistance from our allies in dealing with this matter. If this matter is to escalate that will be by your choosing alone. I understand that a treaty partner of \m/ will choose to defend, we will await your deployment, also alone.

\m/ Good Luck and seriously do have fun, this ends when you are ready to end it.

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Imperial Decree The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing Comrades, I stand in our brave new world, and as I look around, and I do not like what I see.

Wow, Grub. Even I expected better from you. This is one of the saddest things I've seen in a long time.

[14:55] <&Legendoftheskies[Corp]> Vilien made a post I agree with [14:55] <&Legendoftheskies[Corp]> I must not be well [14:55] <&Legendoftheskies[Corp]> http://forums.c

Congrats \m/ on the upgrade in protection.

Edit: For the record, NV does not condone the repeated use of the non-descriptive "Imperial Decree - New Polar Order" as a label for every single NpO announcement. We feel there are important standards of creativity in this community, and will continue to taunt our Polar allies to the full legal extent of our treaty... in private.

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Grub, I realize your ego is immense, but I have to point out that the only we or the almighty admin can disband us.

Anyway, have fun with your moral crusade. I look forward to what other exciting policies you try to force on CN. All hail the Brave New World indeed!

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