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Lower the length/strength of some features


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Nuclear Weapons - lower the damage cap to 1/3 of their current level

on CN:S during the karma war, i was taking out 150 infra on 6k infra nations

during the current TE wars i was taking out 150 infra on 600 infra nations

drop that cap so its at 50 infra instead of 150

increase the purchase barrier to include top 10%

drop the GRL Cap, bring down to 5 like it is in SE, or at least down to 7

Nuclear anarchy - drop that to 3 days instead of 5, or at lease lower the economic penalty, ive had alliance-mates who depleted their warchest just collect taxes for over a week after Nuke anarcy wore off to get their cash above their bills to pay it off.

Wars - Drop the war length down to 4 days 7 is too long, especially against an inactive tech raid

Gov/religion changes - Make that 2 days instead of 3

and a slight change to the sanctions

alot of discussion has been made about changes to sanctions, and how its needed for rogues.

one thing people neglect to mention, or even remember, is the effect it has on people trading with the sanctioned nation.

lower the damage it does to these nations, cut the modifiers by 50% per resource of the sanctioned nation and allow them to keep that for another 3 days, basically as a stockpile they have of the resources

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So change just about everything. Just kidding. :P

I do like the reduction of the nuke damage cap and the length of nuclear anarchy and shortening the length of a war.

The rest is changing too much in my opinion.

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Wars should be at least 5 days IMO. Don't like the idea of shortening them too much, but a day or two shorter isn't bad. If you're going to shorten the wars, though, don't lessen the damage of nukes. Cutting nuclear anarchy by a day or two isn't a bad thought, though.

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