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The Empire of the Fox has released its short-term development plan!


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Fellow citizens of Planet Bob,

Emperor foxtwo has today announced his short-term improvement plans for the Empire.

The Emperor has amassed sufficient land to begin improvements to the Empire's infrastructure. The Emperor has signed a contract with Bob to purchase 1000 levels of infrastructure, this advancement will be rolled out soon. Along with this move, the Emperor will be forced to expand his military - which is currently comprised of 15,000 soldiers, 1,500 tanks, and 60 aircraft - so citizens of the Empire will be granted job opportunities and be provided with amble protection. The Emperor has also announced plans to expand the economy of the Empire by allowing businesses to list themselves onto the stock market. He believes that this will allow the Empire to develop and grow quicker.

The Emperor was glad to announce that he was able to pay the Empire's bills again today, after a 12-day freezing of the Empire's funds. The Empire had been forced to give up trade agreements with two other states due to those states no longer serving in the interests of the Empire. However, despite this 12-day issue, the Emperor is proud to announce he has secured the resource uranium - a very valuable resource on Planet Bob.

The Emperor regrets to announce that taxes will soon be due in order to fund future development. There are rumours that a certain proportion of land will be allocated to fund a special, highly advanced, and expensive project, which will greatly enhance the security of the Empire. No official confirmation has been made by the Emperor on this matter as he is still consulting his advisors.

On a lighter note, the Emperor has decided to display the custom made graphic of the North Atlantic Defense Coalition. This graphic will display the statistics of the Coalition, and the Emperor has determined that displaying it will greatly enhance the propaganda efforts of the Coalition. He has, however, ruled out that he will remove his current graphics from display.

The Emperor wishes to finally state that he is also glad to announce his successful election into the Senate of the Coalition. After a 10-day campaign, he was elected on January 5, 2010 and has pledged to serve the Coalition with pride. Due to his election, the citizens of the Empire have enjoyed an increase in diplomatic visitors, and the Empire has promised to hold an Imperial Dinner when the Secretary General of the Coalition is making his visit to the Empire with his delegation. There are rumours that monkfish will be on the menu, but there is no official confirmation yet.

Original Signed


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The people of Geeks Paradox approve of your short-term development plan.. and offer assistance if needed.

I would also like to congratulate the developer of the new graphic for the development of your alliance, that person must be attractive, and intelligent.


Stamped Authentic


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