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Different Vehicles


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I'm not seeing enough. Tanks. Whee. Bombers. Whee. Fighters. Whee.


Jeeps: Light armored, transport and heavy armored. Vunreable to Bazooka Team and Tanks.

Attack Helis: Durable and fast Helo Transport and Attack chopper. Just a regular ol' choppy, too. vunreable to Fighters and AA

Artillery: Anti Tank, Offensive and Defensive AA guns and Artillery. Vunreable To Spys and Troops

Troop Tranports: can be shot down if Nation has AA guns, but can deploy a maximum of 50-100 troops twice a day. Vunreable to fighters and AA.

Bazooka Team: A team of specially built bazooka men, groups are a minimum of 3 and Maximum of 10. Vunreable to Infrantry and Snipers.

DRAFT OPTION: Sends 20% of Citizen count into war.

Sniper Squads: Can support Infrantry. Vunreable to Choppers and Infrantry. Very much like spies, as they can do assasination missions.

Search Chopper: Improves spy capturing chances.

Spec Ops: Much like spies, but can free captured spies and are like ten spies at once. Cost at least 300,000.

Any more ideas will be appreciated.

EDIT: Name is supposed to be new military options, srry.

I have a feeling i spelled Vunreable wrong, lol.

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I had an idea about having one-time use "boosters" that this could work for.  Perhaps they're something that could become available for purchase at different tech levels, or with a prerequsite improvement.  The idea is that you purchase a booster - say, "Special Forces", and when you launch an attack using the relevant screen, you can choose to use via checkboxes or something.  You go to use a GA, select your Special Forces booster, and for that specific attack you get a specific effect.  The idea would be that, similar to nukes, you would have a limit as to how many of these you can purchase each day, and how many you can have of each type at a time.  A restriction of one booster per action also makes sense.


These are kinda off the top of my head:

GA Boosters


Special Forces - Increases tech looted or destroyed by 1-10%

Napalm - Increases land captured or destroyed by 1-10%

Demolitions Squads - Increases infrastructure destroyed by 1-5%

Supply Trucks - Increases money captured or destroyed by 1-5%


Air Force Boosters

Drones - Allows fighters to destroy enemy bombers in an air attack

Precision Ordnance - Increases tank and enemy fighter losses in an air attack

Anti-Personnel Ordnance - Causes minor soldier casualties with a successful bombing run


Naval Boosters

Depth Charges - All attacking ships gain +1 effectiveness against Submarines (possibly other ships as well)

Sea Mines - Increases successful Blockade penalties

Marines - Landing Ships, for this attack, can create blockades.


Cruise Missile Boosters

Advanced Targeting - Cruise Missiles have a 50% chance to destroy one Navy vessel and up to two aircraft.

Drone Launch - Cruise Missiles have a 25% chance to kill a random enemy General.


Nuclear Boosters

Bunker-Buster Warhead - Increases nuclear weapon damage against targets with an FSS wonder.

Stealthy Rocket - Improves odds of success against targets with an SDI wonder.

EMP Warhead - Reduces odds of success regardless of SDI by -15%, reduces infra/land/tank/plane/ship damage, doubles tech damage and causes an additional day of nuclear anarchy.


Spy Boosters

Assassins - Successful spy operations randomly kill up to 10 enemy spies.

Heist Artists - Destroy Land, CM, Tank, Tech, Infra, and Money operations result in 20% of the destroyed property being looted.  (so if you destroy 20 tanks, you would get 1-4 tanks added to your own stockpile)


It obviously needs a lot of fine tuning, but it could be implemented without drastically altering the game's mechanics and would allow for more strategy in war.  You could even make boosters loot-able goods via a spy operation or a natural result of GA's.

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I love it and had a similar idea. But CMs randomly killing a random general, even at 25% seems it would be unbalancing, as spies could previously shield generals. An average of 40,000 plus the bonus cost to kill a general with no way to counteract?


Perhaps the effect is reduced by 4% per missile defense?

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