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Monsters and the men who make them.

Eggman Empire

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OOC:This post is a bit...dark. Nothing too serious, but still. You have been warned.

IC: Kyle Brusker sat at his desk, busily typing up a paper for the Robotropolis Medical College. Though he'd retired from his practice, Brusker had MD/PhDs in gene-therapy, biochemistry, and pathology. He was one of the leading researchers in his fields of study in the Eggman Empire. Brusker finished his paper, and hit save. With his work for the night done, he leaned back and pulled a small bottle of brandy out of his desk drawer and poured himself a glass. He was just about to enjoy it when he heard a light thump outside his study.

"Michael, Brian, is that you? You should be asleep." He said. Brusker was about to get up when the door was smashed inward, and splinters peppered Brusker as he put his hands up to shield himself.

"Guess again!" The man who'd just burst through his door said, while leveling a Desert Eagle at the doctor. Brusker's jaw dropped.

"It can't be! They told me you were dead!" Brusker stammered.

Hank grinned insanely at the doctor. "Then I must be one damn good looking dead man!" He cackled. Hank sprinted over to Brusker and placed the muzzle of the barrel to the doctor's forehead. "And press the panic button all you like. I've already disposed of you little guard detail surrounding the house and the one down the road." Hank smiled maliciously at the man. Brusker's mind raced. How could that be possible? His house was surrounded by ten well hidden Gen-7 Smilers. And how did he even know about the APC down the road? And if what Hank said was true, that meant help was a long ways in coming. Perhaps 15 minutes or more.

"How did you find me?" Brusker asked. Hank chuckled.

"You ask a few questions here and there, and things start to add up." He said plainly. "Now, why don't we get down to brass tacks and discuss why I'm really here." Hank gave Brusker a grin, and the doctor suddenly knew he wouldn't be leaving this situation without losing something.

"I...I have money...I could-" Brusker was cut off as Hank smashed the butt of his gun across the man's temple. Brusker bit back the scream that threatened to pour from his mouth.

"You think I want your blood money?!?" Hank snarled. Brusker looked at the man and felt his gut turn to ice. He'd said the wrong thing. Gone was the happy sociopath. Hank's expression was a twisted mask of hate and fury. It could make even the most fearless man to pause. "You couldn't buy me off even if you could give me the world." He hissed. "Don't even think that you'll get away with what you did that easily." To emphasis the point, Hank shoved a gag in the man's mouth and slammed his gun down on one of Brusker's fingers. The bones shattered and the wood beneath it splintered. Brusker's scream was muffled by the gag. Even so, it sounded like a loud moan. Hank flashed the man a cold, heartless grin. "I'm going to make you pay. Case and Point..." The psycho grin returned. Another man entered, pushing two young boys in front of him.

Brusker felt his pulse race even faster then it already was. He spit the gag out. "Michael! Brian!" Brusker exclaimed. Then he noticed the bulky vests strapped to them. Suicide vests, each loaded with enough explosives to blow up a Guardian APC. "Leave them out of this! They're innocent!" He begged the two men.

Hank only grinned at him. "Ah, ah...sins of the father..." He tut-tutted. "You know, come to think of it, Chuck" Hank gestured to the other man "and myself were both kidnapped about the same age as you cute little spawn. Looking back on it, most of the Gen-0s were about their age. In fact, I believe the tradition is still carried on! Last I heard, the youngest successful Gen-7 augmentee was nought but 13 years of age!" Hank proclaimed. He twirled the gun on his finger. "So doc, does seeing your boys ever remind you of all the other their age you cut open and experimented on?!" He said, his tone becoming more and more angry.

"Please! You must understand! It was for the good of humanity! Because of the Happy Smiler program, dozens of cures and serums have been developed! Thousands, maybe tens of thousands have been helped! I was-" Brusker's plea was interrupted by Hank bashing the Eagle across his scalp again.

"Good of humanity argument, huh?" Hank's tone stated he didn't buy it. "So doctor, cutting open a thousand living babies meant discovering the cure for AIDS, would you do that too?" He asked. Brusker looked away, but Hank grabbed his chin and turned Brusker's head so they saw eye-to-eye. "Answer me dammit!" He pressed the gun to the man's head. Brusker said nothing and began to sob. Hank pulled away, looking disgusted. "Good to know babies are off limits but 12-year-old children are still on the menu." He said with contempt. Hank walked over to Brusker's sons and placed his gun barrel against Michael's head. The child was bound and gagged, totally defenseless.

"No, please, I'll do anything!" Brusker sobbed.

"Beg." Hank replied calmly.

"I'm begging you, please!" Brusker cried.

"Not good enough! Tell them why your begging." Hank said. Brusker gave him a confused look. "Don't give me that! Tell them you're a monster! Tell them that you are directly responsible for the deaths of dozens of children, and your 'treatments' killed hundreds more!" Hank snarled at him.

"Kids...Before you were born...Daddy did things...things he's not proud of-" Brusker started to say, but Hank interrupted him.

"Bullcrap! I had to deal with the hell you put me through at their age, so you can damn well tell them what you did!NOW!" Hank screamed and pressed the gun harder to Michael's head for emphasis.

"I killed children!" Brusker blurted out. "I killed them! 12, 13, 14 year olds, boys and girls, I killed them! I cut them open! I poisoned them! I treated them like they were lab rats! I killed them and they're dead and it's my fault!" He broke down sobbing and Hank grinned. He pulled the gun off Michael, walked over to Brusker, and placed the gun to his forehead again. Brusker looked up, tears rolling down his cheeks.

"You know doc, I'm just curious...You say you did what you did for 'The betterment of mankind.' What part did my role in all that do?" Hank asked. Brusker looked at him confused again, and Hank sighed. "You know what I'm talking about. Dousing my leg with gas and setting me on fire, shooting me, cutting me open...come to think of it, you almost killed me five times and pronounced me clinically dead three! You poisoned me, drown me, suffocated me, gave me a heart attack, and almost killed me with a disease! I don't think anyone else went through what I did! Why?!" At this point, Hank was just as curious as he was angry.

"You...you could handle it..." Brusker muttered. "Your body had some abnormality...it healed much faster then the others...I...we did those things to you because...we wanted to see how much you could handle; see if we could isolate what made you heal...and, each test had a purpose. We poisoned you and successfully tested an anti-venom for the Sydney Funnel-web spider. We suffocated and drown you and found a technique to revive a person after their air supply had been cut off. We gave you a heart attack and developed a new procedure to counter it. You were infected with a weaponized flu virus and we found a winning vaccine. Don't you see?" Brusker said pleadingly. "It all had a purpose! We didn't hurt you because we were sadistic! We did it because we had to! We-" Hank placed the gun in Brusker's mouth, silencing him again.

"I thought I told you not to pull that 'Good-o-humanity' crap again." Hank said calmly. "Tell me, which is worse? The monster, or the men who made it?" Before Brusker could reply, Hank pulled the gun out of the man's mouth and promptly shot both the doctor's shoulders. Brusker fell back screaming and his children huddled against each other. A grin reappeared on Hank's face, as he walked over to Brusker's computer, and put a portable USB device in the appropriate plug-in. A quick search revealed Brusker kept no logs or entries on his time at the augmentation facility when Hank was there. No logs pertaining to the Facility at all. Hank shrugged and then spent as much time as he could downloading all the information he could find on Brusker's computer. When the job was done, he put the device in his pocket, kicked Brusker as he moaned on the floor, and shot him again in both kneecaps.

"Ah, well, I guess that concludes our chat. Chuck, ditch the vests and bring the kids. We're out of here." Brusker tried to protest, but Hank kicked him across the face. Then he shot both of Brusker's hands too. With that, Hank, Chuck, and the kids left Dr. Kyle Brusker essentially crippled in a puddle of his own blood.


Hank watched the house from a fair distance through binoculars. Two Guardian APCs and a Hammerhead gunship had pulled up to Dr. Brusker's house and were in the middle of pumping it full of CS grenades as they rushed in with gas-masks and guns. Hank chuckled. Ah, the foolishness of the EEA. Hank doubted they would ever learn. He reached into another pocket, pulled out a remote, flipped off the safety, and pressed the button. The two vests exploded, vaporizing Brusker and blowing apart half the house. Most of the soldiers that were inside were instantly killed or severely wounded, and the Hammerhead was struck with a piece of debris and promptly crashed. "Hmmm...ten points for the chopper..." He muttered. With that, he turned back to face Chuck. "Now, what to do with the kids?" He asked, looking at the two bound figures.


*Message to all nations*

Last night, A prominent doctor who had been working closely with Genshabi Research Inc. developing many new, more efficient vaccines and anti-bacterial medicines, was brutally murdered, along with over a dozen security and EEA personnel who'd been guarding him. The group taking credit for the attack is the newly emerged "Demented Smilers." The Demented Smilers are responsible for attempted assassinations on Emperor Kintober, Senate Chancellor Iblis Kray, and dozens of terror bombings in zone ten, formally the Osea province. In response to this recent attack, The Eggman Empire has undergone an immediate lock-down. No military or civilian personnel are allowed to leave or enter the country by any means unless strictly approved by the office of Emperor Kintober. That is all.

Phil Ryst; Head Minister of Defense

Hank Voi; Head Minister of Internal Affairs



OOC:Hey, Going to the field tomorrow to do cold weather training. I'll be gone for ten days or so. Should be back by Jan 31st. Wish me luck.

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