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Jaduka Seeks Control of Patrol Ships


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The Kingdom of Jaduka

Королевство Жадюка

In an attempt to further Jadukan status as the Crimean successor state King Domo De Dovo, with backing from the Prime Minister, has laid a claim to the 9 ships that were formerly part of the Crimean Navy but assumed to have gone into Vauleo-Buryatian control.

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==Official Response from the Vauleyo-Buryatian Ministry of Interior==

"The ships in question that were part of the Crimean Navy prior to the dissolution of the S.U.A.S. were immediately decommissioned and disassembled several years ago as part of a consolidation of military equipment across all states of the Socialist Union. It would therefore not be possible to return control of these vessels to the Jadukan government."

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