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FOK Announcement

Tonight we are here, with pain in our heart, to announce one of the toughest decisions we have made in the history of FOK. A decision that can tear up alliances from the inside: to break up with one of your oldest and most formidable allies. The global tensions that reached boiling point around New Years have made it clear that we at FOK have too many different interests for us to be able to fulfill all of our obligations without offending other allies. Unfortunately, our respective alliances have seperated FA paths some time ago to such an extent, that we now had to make the tough choice of cancelling the “We like to FOK on TOP” treaty.

We like to FOK on TOP

Article VII: Duration.

VII.1 If this treaty is to be broken, both signatory alliances must agree to, but are not limited to, the following. First, the offended alliance must notify the offending alliance of their intentions to break the pact at least 72 hours in advance in order for said alliance time to prepare for the change. Second, both alliances agree to a 7 day period of mandatory non-aggression, in which neither side may declare war upon each other.

At this moment the 7 day period has started. We have been through a lot with TOP. We want to thank them for the good times, and we will not forget those times. Let it be known that we hold absolutely no ill feeling against TOP and that while the treaty is gone our friendship hopefully will last. FOK wishes TOP the best in their future endeavours.

Signed by FOK

Uncle Harry, President

Tarenzi, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Oinkoink12, Minister of Defense

DiviFilius, Minister of Internal Affairs

Outlander, Minister of Economical Affairs


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