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Join The Hanseatic League

der Rote Baron

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Join a rapidly growing alliance that will take a personal interest in your nation's growth by equipping you with the tools you need to succeed in Cybernations and rewarding you up to $15M in graduation aid to get you started. It's more than an alliance, it's a brotherhood, and THL is dedicated to developing the economies & military forces of its entire family - unity is power.

Come Register on Our Forums for Citizenship: http://hanseaticleague.net/

And join us on IRC: #thl



The Hanseatic League founded on the principles of friendship free trade and unity.

This Document is meant to set out our structure, rights and regulations.


The Grand Master is the Sovereign of the alliance. He is responsible for overseeing and directing The Hanseatic League .The Guild Masters work directly for him. He has the sole power over all the affairs of the alliance, although such powers can be delegated to others. The Grand master is the final authority on all internal and external matters. He can create any office and appoint any member to that office at his discretion. He has the power to expel members from the alliance.


Any player wishing to join the Hanseatic League must fulfill certain requirements, including (but not limited to) a series of examinations.

Rights and Duties

1.First and foremost, all members of the alliance are entitled to protection and respect .

2.All members are entitled to free speech and discussion about issues in Cybernations in a secure setting. All members have the right to voice their opinions on the alliance forum, IRC and Cybernation Forums.

3.Inappropriate or excessive spamming, abusive or insulting language, or general misconduct may result in a warning, expulsion, or other disciplinary actions.

4.The Hanseatic League shall expect civilized behavior from every individual who seeks to obtain or retain affiliation.

5.All members will be expected not only to advance their own nations, but to assist in the advancement of all Hanseatic players.

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The answer to that question is simple...


The Hanseatic League also offers a special aid package to anybody ready to go 'nucular' called the 3-I Fish Program. At the time of this post we have been in existence for just over a month and yet have already helped two of our nations achieve nuclear capabilities.


The answer to 'what does blinky the fish have to do with The Hanseatic League?' is also pie.

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