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Announcement from the Foreign Office


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Following many meetings between the leaders of the United Mechodamian States and the Sicilian League I am pleased to announce the signing of The Ajaccio Accords. We are very excited about the creation of a pact with a nation that has so often helped us in the past and who we look forward to working with more in the future

-Hossein Al-Hussein

League Director of Foreign Affairs

The Ajaccio Accords

ARTICLE I. Basic Agreements

The signatories (The United Mechodamian States, The Sicilian League) agree to refrain from engaging, condoning, contributing to, or in any other way supporting, acts which violate the sovereignty of the other party. This agreement is signed in the interest of improving cooperation and interaction between the undersigned states.

ARTICLE II. Customs and Travel

The signatories agree to remove visa restrictions for travelers who are citizens of a signatory nation, are originating in a signatory nation, and are able to provide evidence of citizenship in the form of passport (or a nationally issued and accepted substitute) identification.

Both signatories agree to maintain sufficiently strong citizenship and travel laws so as to prevent abuse of this system.


The signatories agree to eliminate any tariff, quota or other form of economic restriction on the trade of goods originating in either nation.

ARTICLE IV. Defense Considerations

The signatories agree to support each other by whatever means are necessary during any form of armed conflict, either offensive or defensive, should the signatory initiating or receiving attacks request the activation of this article.

In the event a signatory deems it necessary to initiate offensive actions they must discuss taking such actions with the other signatory before hostilities are declared. The signatories must then decide if initiating hostilities is the best option present. Both signatories will then be bound to support each other militarily under this agreement.

ARTICLE V. Coordination

Both signatories agree to coordinate military and intelligence activities during wartime and peacetime to increase the effectiveness of this alliance. Sharing of intelligence is encouraged and mandated.

ARTICLE VI. Cancellation

Should either signatory deem it necessary to withdraw from this agreement, they must provide the other signatory with a written letter of intent to withdraw. One week following the receipt of this letter of intent the withdrawing signatory will be free from all stipulations and conditions of this agreement.

Signed for the United Mechodamian States

Zemunda St. George

Lord Prefect of the Sovereign United Mechodamian States

Signed for the Sicilian League

Jean d’Aosta

Steward of the Sicilian League

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The treaty was noted and recorded. The general consensus among the analysts was that at least it was between two relatively more honorable nations.

A mindless hail was sent from Caucasia to the League and UMS.
The Sicilian League has received this mindless hail, and responded with a another mindless hail
Over nine thousand were sent to The Sicilian League and the United Mechodamian States.
A completely mindless yet thoughtful hail was sent from the GDR.

OOC: Guys, enough already. Do you want to start another stupid trend? :mad:

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