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The Disease in Alvonia [ZRP]

Markus Wilding

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"You okay there?" A man from the HAE was on a plane headed for Alvonia, and he did not look well. "I...I'm fine, my head just hurts..." The flight attendant gave him some painkillers and ater and walked away. The man took the pills and washed it down with water. By the time the plane had landed, he was running a fever and collapsed in the terminal. Medical teams rushed him to the hospital.

"We need an IV line stat!"

"Take a blood sample!"

"Contact the HAE government, we need his medical history."

"He's slipping into a coma! Do everything you can!"

"No contact from the HAE, our government hasn't set up the phone lines yet."


"Stop! His heart's stopped...get him to autopsy."

In autopsy, Dr. Sebastian Kortig had washed his hands, put his medical gown on and put on rubber gloves. He now took out a tape recorder and said into it, "Patient number 115-85. Patient is a John Doe from the Holy American Empire, identification lost in the airport terminal. Patient is caucasian, roughly 6'1", brown hair and blue eyes. External exam reveals defensive wounds and bite marks, appears to be human." Dr. Kortig removes the man's clothes, takes pictures of the body then begins to create the standard "Y" incision on the torso. "Creating "Y" incision on torso." He cuts the body open and begins removing the ribs when he hears a slight moan. "I thought I heard a moan, but it could have just been my imagination. Internal exam reveals no signs of heart disease or any other reason why this man up and died. Medical reports show that he slipped into a coma and his heart stopped." He begins sewing the Y incision back up and moves on to the brain. "Oh, I forgot to take a blood sample." Dr. Kortig grabs a needle, injects it into a vital vein and begins pulling blood. "Odd. Blood is a sickly brown color, almost as if he started decomposing." He tells a lab assistant to take the blood to forensics for testing and turns around. The body has slowly started moving. "Uh, Hans...call security. NOW!"

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"Markus, there is something we need to show you."

"What is it? I'm busy, in case you couldn't tell."

"We need you in the laboratory, now."

Three flights of stairs later, Markus opened the door to the lab and was faced with scientists huddled around a man strapped to a medical table. "What are you doing? Why is he flailing about?" Markus snatches a medical clipboard and mouths the words as he reads. "Attempted to bite victims...bite marks on arm, pronounced dead on arrival, what the hell is going on?" One of the scienists pulls Markus aside as the man lets out a hellish moan. "Listen to me, he arrived on a plane from Italy. The others on the airplane had been shot by security and he was the only survivor. He bit medical staff at a local clinic and we brought him here."

Markus turns around, then turns again to face the man. "How did the guards kill the others?" The scientists scurry around for their notes, and one reports "They attempted to kill them with body shots, but a chance shot hit one of them in the head, and they figured out headshots are the msot efficient." Markus contemplates this, then says "Study him. Meanwhile, I want the Wehrmacht on watch for any more of these. If they find anyone else with a human bite mark, tell them to bring them here ASAP."

OOC: Let me know if I messed something up.

OOC: Planes were from HAE, not Italy first off. Second, this is supposed to be something longer and more drawn out, not just suddenly "headshots work the best".

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"Why do you want me to- OH GOD!" Hans rushed to a nearby phone and frantically dialed for security upstairs. "Hello, Security, we have a breach in Autopsy, one of our patients has arisen and is attacking Dr. Kortig. Thank you, bye." Hans gets off the phone and says to Dr. Kortig, "Security is sending a team, Dr!" Kortig was cornered by now and hitting the man with his cane. "Well, tell them to get down here faster!" Hans tried to restrain him, but he olny got bit. "Ow! The &^%#&*$ bit me!" "Hans! Patch up your wound! Security'll be here any minute!" Security teams armed with handcuffs and batons entered the morgue, and quickly began attempting to subdue the man. "Handcuff him!" In about half an hour, the man from the Holy American Empire was handcuffed, put into the back of a police squad car and taken to a prision. Hans took medical leave and walked home.

"Honey, are you feeling okay?" Hans's wife, Angela, felt his forehead. "You're running a fever, babe. Do you want me to take you to the hospital?" Hans shook his head and continued watching television. By morning, he would be dead, or so his family thought.

"Dr. Kortig?"

"Yes Angela, what's the matter?"

"It's Hans...he's dead."


"I don't know, when he came home today he was running a fever, then he started hallucinating then he fell asleep and today when I woke up he was dead."

"Angela, I hate having to say this, but your husband was infected with some disease we don't know about yet. Get both yourself and your daughter out of the house and lock it, NOW!"

"Why do we need to lock it?!"

"It's for your own safety, just lock it and contact the police."

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In two days the small town is engulfed by the disease. Initial reports the behavior of the victims and all attempts to stop them have failed.


"What is it?"

"There's a report of mass hysteria in a town near an airport. Baden. Everyone in the town is diseased, even the officials and police."

"Then how do we know about it?"

"Some people escaped."

"Send in the military and tell the to do everything they can to minimize casualties. Return fire only."

"They're unarmed. They only bite their victims."


"We don't know."

"Try to capture some, we need to know more about this."


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"Stop! Stop or we will shoot!" Cpl. Krause lifted his AWS-96 and aimed at the crowd. The mass of men, women and children alike made him wonder what disease did this to a human. "They're not stopping!" His commanding officer sighed and yelled "OPEN FIRE!" A flurry of shots flew from the barrels, and all hit their targets. "The hell?! I shot that $%$@^%$ with a whole clip and didn't even slow him down!" "Shut up and keep shooting!" "They're everywhere!" One man left his post, got into a half track and opened up with the MG42. "Keep some of them alive, remember?! Markus wants some test subjects!" "Roger that." The private emptied the gun and began the reload process. In a half-minute he had changed the barrel and loaded a new belt of ammo and proceeded to sweep the gun across the street, killing a god bit and leaving the rest writhing on the ground, the MG42 having cut them literally in half. "Look, stragglers, those four are still alive!" The CO ordered the remaining four into the back of a half track, although missing the MG42 gunner. The rest were ordered to be burned, as no other way was seen to kill the subjects.

"Markus, reports from the field show that the infected are impervious to bullets. Four are on their way in now."

"What happened to the rest?"

"Burned alive. The MG42 on the half-track cut their spines, but they still attempted to attack."

"...But that's impossible."

"Markus, we'll study them as soon as they get in. We'll let you know when they arrive and when we get conclusive results."

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Markus's desk phone rang with a beep and he put it on speaker. "Yes?" Scientist MacDonnel's voice came through. "Sir, the Wehrmacht has brought the four test subjects, we request you come down at once." Markus put away his paper and pencil and answered back "I'll come down at once." He grabbed a soda on the way and drank it as he climbed down the stairs, pausing only to toss it in a wastebin before the door to the laboratory. "Where are the test subjects?" "Right here, Markus." MacDonnel pointed to a cage with four people inside, three males and a female. "Let one out, I want to test something." The military obliged and threw one of the males on the floor. "MacDonnel, record this." "Right away." He grabs a tape recorder and redies the tape. "Go."


Markus: Stand up.
*a groan is heard.*
Markus: Stand up!
*The male groans again. Markus snaps his fingers to get the man's attention.*
Markus: Over here!
*Another moan.*
Markus: Good. Now walk forward
*Footsteps are heard*
Markus: Keep coming.
*The footsteps grow slightly.*
Markus: It's alright...
*The man groans and Markus is heard stepping back.*
Markus: Stop! I order you to...!
*The moan grows louder.*
Markus: Kill it!
Markus: End recording.

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"Gentlemen," Markus swivels around in hischair, the Wehrmacht downstairs protecting the infected. "We are dealing with something totally out of our control. We need to keep these alive as long as possible until we can draw some conclusive way to combat this." The scientists and a military officer are all standing in Markus's office, a bland white. "Sir, with all due respect, I think we should just kill those who show signs of infection-" Markus tosses a pencil at him, hitting him in the head. "Shut up." Markus swivels around some more. "Alright, quarentine anyone showing signs of infection, reccommend immediete severing of the limb, provided the infection cam from a bite. If all else fails, cremate the body." The scientists bite their lips a bit and look at each other nervousely. "What?" MacDonnel steps forward, clears his throat and says "Sir, our research shows that burning may release the toxins into the air." Markus flops down in his chair, covers his face with his hands and says,

"Oh &*^$."

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"Baseplate, this is Bravo Six, how copy, over?"

"Bravo Six, this is Baseplate. Loud copy, go ahead."

"Baseplate, uh...we've got a man here, claiming he's been bitten by some freak. How copy, over?"

"Loud copy, Bravo Six. Ask him where he was when he was bitten, how copy."

"Loud copy, he says he was a few blocks down. How copy."

"Loud copy, Bravo Six, take the man to the nearest medical facility and search the area for aggresive hostiles. Apprehend any unarmed or armed subjects if they attempt to bite, how copy."

"Loud copy, transporting VI now."

The squad takes the man to a clinic, and begin their search for whoever bit him. They come across an old warehouse, with screams coming within. "Stack up on the door." "Stacking." The 5 man squad stack up on a door leading inside, and the CO gives the command to flash and clear. One tosses a flashbang inside and after it goes off the team rush inside. "The hell is wrong with this place?" The team is confronted with bloody floors, various blood drawings, writing and pleas for help. "You must ascend from darkness" is written in blood, with an arrow pointing to a staircase. "What was that?!" "What was what?" "Did you hear something hitting the floor?!" "No, calm down Private. Flashlights on." The team head upstairs, where a rotten wave crosses their noses. "Oh God, what is that?!" "Wells, cut the chatter. Let's keep moving." When the team enter the top of the staircase, they see a multitude of decomposed and half-eaten corpses. "This is easily the creepiest thing I've ever seen." Cut the chatter. Keep looking."

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"Hey guys, come check this out." The squad carefully head over to Pvt. Wells' position. "What is it?" Wells shines his flashlight over a corpse slumped against the wall. "Looks like some teenager. Damn, he's messed up." The teen moans and snaps his eyes onto Wells. "Holy-!" "Wells calm down! Identify yourself!" The teen moans, begins getting up and shambles toward Wells. "Stop and identify yourself!" He does not respond, and insted continues stumbling toward Wells. More moans are heard from inside an office. "They're everywhere!" Wells tries hitting the teen with the butt of his AWS-96, but he only stumbles and continues advancing. "We should run!" "GO GO GO! GET OUT OF HERE! I'LL HOLD THEM OFF!" A corporal stays behind, shooting randomly into the crowd of oncoming infected. "Baseplate ,this is Bravo Six, how copy over?!" Baseplate respons with a loud copy and asks what the hell's going on. "We have encountered heavy unarmed resistance, one of them bit a squad member!" "Take him to the nearest hospital NOW, Bravo Six, and get the hell out of there!" "Loud copy!" The team make it out, not noticing that one of the blood writings they passed earlier said "Tick tock, a knock on the block takes it out". "Where's the corporal?" "I don't know, I thought he was behind us..." "Don't tell me we-" Their question is answered when gunshots stop and the corporal's scream fills the air. "Barricade the door! Push that car against it!" In a couple minutes, the remaining men push an abandoned car (but still running!) up against the door.

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OOC: I'm using RP-time for this part since I don't feel like writing up to this point


"...All civilians are advised to stay indoors, the Wehrmacht is doing everything it can to purge the infected. Again, remain calm and indoors, do not open your door for any stranger unless they are wearing a Wehrmacht uniform..."

"Yeah, that worked well."
"What is it?"
"The entire country is infected, including the army. All that's left is you, me and the squad here."
"Well then, let's purge the infected."
"We'll have to do it tommorrow. Our NVGs went out weeks ago, remember?"
"...Yeah, I know. Do we have any ammo left for the Vulcan?"
"Ehm, no. It ran dry this morning."
"Alright, we'll have to make do with the 96es and Gewehr 43s then."

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