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Hank whistled a merry tune. He was inside a small room which he'd converted to a workshop and was now toying around making things. Unpleasant things. Hank may have been insane, homicidal, sociopathic, and incredibly strong, but that didn't mean he wasn't also a genius. Ever since he'd escaped from the Happy Smiler Facility, he had spent a good deal of his free time educating himself in certain things like advanced math, physics, chemistry, electronics, and biology. In between running amok around the world and giving Kintober headaches, Hank had been his knowledge to work. In the florescent light of the room, he held up his latest device and inspected it. He nodded approvingly. The prototype had worked, and now he just had to make a few more of them for his latest scheme to be ready. He giggled. Oh what fun it would cause.


*some time later*

Hank had been out for a while. Most of the day in fact. Not that Cybil cared. He never let her outside the three rooms she was allowed access to in the large house. The rooms were connected by a hallway, and all but the three doors she had access to were locked and heavily barricaded from the other side. She did have use of a small bedroom, a bathroom with shower, and the "living room." The living room had 2 large fold-out tables, some chairs, a fridge, a microwave, a large couch, and a TV with grainy reception. There was one door along the living room walls that led to the outside, but it was totally secured. Cybil knew even if she did get the door open, there was a guard waiting for her on the outside. Another of those smiler freaks. Cybil had tried making an escape attempt once. Hank didn't feed Cybil for a week, only giving her water.

Cybil pushed those thoughts and memories aside and flipped through the channels on the TV. All but a few were boring game-shows or soap-operas. The last two were news outlets. As she disinterestedly watched one of the soap operas, Hank entered. He walked over to her and looked up just as the man dropped a cell phone he'd been holding in his mouth. Cybil looked at it, then at Hank, and realized he was also holding six bags of assorted groceries and hardware items.

"Call Carrie. I need to talk to her. Should be the last number I dialed." He then moved to the table to put things away. Cybil briefly considered calling the cops or someone who could help her, and then remembered that she had no idea where she was. The TV picked up channels from half the northern hemisphere, and all the windows had been barred and blocked. Sighing, she picked up the phone, and found "Carrie" listed under contacts. She hit the call button, and listened to the dial tone. After a few moments, she heard a message.

"We're sorry but the number you have dialed has been disconnected." She shrugged and got up to hand the phone back to Hank. However, the man had rushed over to the TV and changed it to the news channel. He then quickly snatched the phone away from Cybil. Hank was wearing a maniac grin, and Cybil was suddenly nervous. What did he just do? Her questions was answered when the anchorman had been interrupted and handed a paper. The man's eyes grew wide.

"Uh...ladies and gentlement...we've just received word...a market district in Stromfjørd was just hit by an explosive device...uh, we're getting details now. According to reports, a delivery van blew up. Apparently, there was hazardous chemicals inside, as there is now a poison gas cloud setting over the area. The blast itself killed over 30 people, and more are being affected by the cloud. Officials-"*Click.*

Hank turned the TV off and burst out laughing. Cybil cringed. She instantly knew he was the one. In one swift move, he grabbed her by the shoulders and hugged her for a moment. "We did it! Congratulations!" He exclaimed at her. Cybil looked confused. "Oh, that's right! I never told you the number you called set off the bomb! How foolish!" He mock-slapped his forehead and cackled. "Regardless, good work! A body count of 30! That's something to be proud of! I hope they show us some pictures!" He laughed again and patted her on the shoulder.

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