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Ascentius Forums

IRC Coldfront Channel: #Ascentius

Team Color: Aqua

Protector: Ragnarok

Greetings fellow citizens of Planet Bob.

We would like to invite you to join our alliance,Ascentius. We invite anyone to join, whether you are new to CN,or been around awhile. We are a new alliance that is proud to call Aqua,home. Our motto is All for One,and One for All. Our motto means that as an alliance,we are into this,together.We are a democratic alliance, so your opinion always matters. Ascentius is still a small,growing alliance.But,we are dedicated to success,prosperity,and the general well being of all the members,that call Ascentius home.You will find that Ascentius is a fun,close knit community,and strives to ensure the success of its members,at all times.

Ascentius offers its Members:

Strong Leadership

Active Community and IRC Channel

Economic Growth and Mentoring Programs

Democratic Voice in all Alliance Matters

Complete Alliance Protection

Peaceful Alliance

We are an alliance that cares about our members.We will be there when you need us!

If Ascentius sounds like the place for you,we welcome you to join us.You can join, by registering,then,posting your application for membership on our forums!

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