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Outer Heaven

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Residents of Planet Bob,

It is a very rare occurrence that one sees an alliance cause drama before even declaring existence. The good news however is this drama has been solved and as such I come before you all announcing the formation of an alliance known as Outer Heaven. We as an alliance have made up with our friends in GATO and look forward to what the future holds in store for our membership. Please visit us at our forums or our public channel #OuterHeaven on irc.coldfront.net for more information.

Also, hello.


Jacksonians, Philosopher

Greg23, Philosopher

JMKeynes, Philosopher

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In the spirit of prosperity and friendship, and bros making our forums, The Mushroom Kingdom (MK) and Outer Heaven (OH) agree that MK will protect OH and that both signatories will honour and respect the terms of this agreement, listed below.

Article I: We won't attack or insult each other, aqua love baby!

MK and OH are awesome and aqua. We :wub: each other and won't attack or insult each other.

Article II: We'll send booty to each other!

MK and OH both agree that booty is awesome and that we will send some to each other sometimes.

Article III: Back to back!

We love each other so much that MK will protect OH from big bad meanies, and OH, as a baby will do it's best to try to help, but they are not obligated.

Article IV: Siamese twins!

If MK or OH find out that someone has been back-talking and finger-pointing the other signatory, they will share that info.

Article V: Comm system fluctuating, sir!

Since OH is young and inexperienced MK will guide it by looking over the treaties of optional defense or agression, and higher, and giving their thumbs up. Or down.

Article VI: Lines being drawn

If MK and OH decide that they don't like the other signatory they can terminate the treaty with a 48 hour notice, in which the treaty remains in effect.


For the Mushroom Kingdom

King: Archon

Prince: SirWilliam

Lord High Vanguard: babyjesus

Lord High Envoy: MagicalTrevor

Lord High Treasurer: James I

Lord High Communicator: Stormsend

Lord High Inductor: lebubu

Breaker of Forums: Bros

For Outer heaven

Jacksonians, Philosopher

Greg23, Philosopher

JMKeynes, Philosopher

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