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The Annexation of New Guinea

Sarah Tintagyl

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Following Hannah's return to Australia, the confusion in the government was supreme with the war brewing in Iberia, which the Australians had sent a large expeditionary force to Italy for defense. Hannah's foreign policy had always been to worry about Oceania first, always, however with the changing structure of the world, it was necessary for outreaching expeditions to assist allies across the seas. However, this mindset made it even more prevalent to assist and safeguard allies who were still in Oceania and part of the greater sphere of Australian influence. The people of Annihilation had been Hanseatic allies since the Hansa had granted them half of the island of New Guinea and then had completely given up control of the island to the Kingdom of La Royaume. With Annihilation however falling into anarchy, the government having been silent since the meetings in Bangkok, it was time to begin operations to restore order to the people of New Guinea and safeguard Annihilation's legacy for years to come.

With a contingent of two hundred thousand Australian Regulars, Australian Grenadiers, and Lillian Guards, the Australians boarded numbers of transport vessels, safeguarded by a small escort of two battleships, two cruisers, and two aircraft carriers. The Queen herself was on board the Sarah Tintagyl, one of the prided possessions of the Australian navy as they tore through the Coral Sea nearing the city of Port Moresby in a matter of days. Arriving at Port Moresby, the ships flying proudly the banner of Australia as well as the banner of the Queen disembarked in port and began the march through the country to dispel the anarchical elements that had taken over Annihilation as of late.

Heading out into the central city with no more than the natural amount of pomp and pageantry that was given to the Hanseatic decent of the Australian army and navy, banners flew in the air as fife and drum sounded through the city and the Australians began their tune of adventure, duty to country and to Queen. While they sang, two beautiful horses moved to the front of the vanguard, Her Highness Hannah Asgeirsson, and Commander Valeria Sangral with rapiers at their sides and dressed in pristine white uniforms led the Australian army to the celebration of an Annihilation citizenry. Marching up to the town hall of Port Moresby, Hannah jumped down from her horse and with a contingent of Lillians around her walked up to a platform where she would be able to address the people of Annihilation, Australia, and Oceania.


A Proclamation by order of Her Majesty Hannah I

My Subjects, People of Annihilation, and my neighbors of the greater global community,

While war brews on the European continent again, Australia will continue to practice a policy of safeguarding her allies who we once promised sovereignty to and if the people of Annihilation are able to form themselves again then we will make good our promises as we had before. However, given the instability of the world we live in, the Queendom is taking precautions that anarchy and instability will not threaten the people of Annihilation nor will threaten the shores of the Queendom. To prevent this, the island of New Guinea will now be placed under direct control of the Australian Queendom, much as Taiwan had been in months before. The citizenry of Annihilation will be guaranteed all the liberties and freedoms that Australian citizens enjoy and will come under our protection from further instability or collapse. As such a campaign will begin immediately to root out any anarchic elements in the country that would threaten the innocents while looking for the absent Annihilation government.

In the meantime, Annihilation will be incorporated into the Queendom as the County of New Guinea and will have their first parliamentarian elections in the coming weeks. To govern the people in accordance with Australian law, Countess Katherine Williams, will be placed into the position of governor of this territory and a garrison of one hundred fifty thousand will be positioned in New Guinea until a time arises to lessen or rise our troop deployment here. Let this be a notice that while anarchy, instability, and war envelop the world, Oceania will be protected from these chaotic elements forever and always.

Love Live Australia.

At this point, Hannah along with Valeria and their commanders moved into the Town Hall, before Hannah would return to Australia to begin the campaign to sweep over Annihilation in a few weeks and ensure that the country would be directly brought under Australian rule and all rebellion crushed.

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"In this time of strife and war across the globe it is good that there are still people out there who place the safety and comfort of others above their own personal wishes for power. People such as Queen Hannah I who recently ensured the peace and security of a nation that had fallen into anarchy. We salute you Queen Hannah and those that follow you for your good actions"

Statement from the Nova Sol Terra Council.

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'The Republic of Spain finds it weird that an Australian based, named and ruled country would annex New Guinea instead of simply protecting it until such a time when a new power arose. Nevertheless, we wish the people the best of luck with their new leaders.'

Jose, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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***General reaction***

The majority of the troops involved supported this move. Anarchy was always to be fought and suppressed wherever it went. Especially if it was in a nation so near your own. However, some saw the annexation as unnecessary, and overly ambitious, if not outright conquest. Why couldn't this have simply been kept as a protectorate and released to a more stable government?

However, these kept their opinions to themselves, and continued to do their jobs.

OOC: No, this will not turn to unrest. Just a little summary of geberal opinion among the troops.

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