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Communiques to the Nation of Dranagg

comrade nikonov

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Classified Level #145
To: Government of Dranagg
From: Federal Union of the Slavic Republics
SUBJECT: Antarctica Government
The people of Slavic Antarctica has made it clear that as Slavs, they belong and wish to return to Europe. As a result, we have no further use for the land in Antarctica except than as a occasional refueling station. Therefore, we offer for Dranagg to deploy soldiers into the area, to take over our defense responsibilities as we perform a full evacuation of the Antarctic territory. Estimated to take one year (OOC 3 months), the land in question will be transferred to Dranagg's sovereignty once completed.

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*Office of Dranaggan Foreign Relations*
-To Federal Union of the Slavic Republics-

We gave it to the Slavs thinking they could handle it on their own. Obviously they could not. If they cannot handle living here then we will welcome their leaving.

Dranagg will regain the land under its protection, and allow the population to leave. 

Dranagg suggests you make haste before the coast freezes. 

=Signed, Captain Cor, Foreign Relations Officer.=

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