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By popular demand: An Athens/CSN Announcement

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I am proud to have the opportunity on this auspicious night to present to the assembled alliances of Planet Bob a relationship born from the infinite wisdom of inebriated waterfowl and various other malcontents. Without further ado, please allow me to introduce formally to the world a treaty long in the making with our good friends at Athens:


The CSN/Athens Help I'm Being Held Prisoner And Forced To Write Treaties Treaty

This document serves as a recognition of the friendship between Send help they barely feed me I don't know how much time I have left the commonwealth of Sovereign Nations and Athens.

1 Sovereignty

Both alliances will remain sovereign and separate but I was at home with my family and there was a knock at the door and I opened it and then it went black oh god is my family ok what did they do to them? will remain repectful and courteous of each other at all times.

2 Espionage

Both parties agree to refrain from spying on each other, and in the event that Someone please I need to know if my wife is ok, I never even kissed her goodbye did I tell her I love her someone please oh god please one party discovers any intel of interest to the other they will inform them immediately.

3 Optional Military Aid

In the event that one party engages in military action of any kind they may the guards change shifts every noon and midnight, please send help. from the stars through my window I think I'm in the southern hemisphere please I don't know what they are planning for me request the assistance of the other. Such aid is not obligatory but is encouraged.

4 Cancellation

In the event that the relationship between CSN and Athens changes, this treaty can be cancelled by giving 49 hours notice of cancellation and I think they are going to kill me when I finish this please if you read this tell my children I loved them. take care of them please. Deirdre I love you once the treaty is cancelled a 34 hour grace period exists I sharpened a sliver of metal from my cot springs when I tell them I finished I will try to break free! FREEDOM OR DEATH! during which time neither party may attack the other.

Signed on behalf of Athens,

Londo Mollari, Archon eponymos

Max Beck, Archon eponymos

rsoxbronco1, Archon basileus

HavoK, Archon basileus

Jgoods45, Theorodokos

GeorgetheGreat, Theorodokos

Signed on behalf of the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations,

Goose *hic*, Head of State *hic*, Warmonger of GUARD *hic*, Hater of Huggles *hic*, and Old Man with a Cane *hic*,

Arouet, Deputy Head of State, Goose's Maligned Conscience, Eagle, Preacher of the Word of the Bird

Allied_Threat, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Preacher of Warmonger, Conscientious Objector to the War That's in My Mind, Slayer of Infidels, Doer of Your Mum.

Hetman Vladislav, Minister of Defense, Generalissimo of CSN, Turner of heads into coleslaw, AT's minion, Über level 33 paladin

Disclaimer: Few members of the Commonwealth Treaty-Drafting staff were harmed in the writing of this accord. Fewer will live to sabotage future treaties.

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