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Pandemic celebrates its second birthday

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It's been a while since we have posted something here, but please know that Pandemic is still alive. I just wanted to update you on the latest news regarding Pandemic.

The Pandemic Alliance was established on 8 January 2008. We just realized that that is 2 year ago. We are quite happy and proud about that. Of the original 10 or so members, the majority is still part of the alliance. The biggest changes in the past 2 years were as follows:

- 8 January 2008: "Gamestrafe alliance" was established. The original members of the alliance all come from the former "gamestrafe.com" forums, formerly know as "Fever Gaming"

- June 2008: name of the alliance was changed to "Pandemic"

- June 2008: Pandemic enters into a protectorate with Viridian Entente (VE protecting Pandemic and Pandemic promising support were necessary and possible)

- August 2008: new Pandemic forums launched (to be found at http://pandemic.forumotion.net/index.htm )

- November 2008: Pandemic merges with Malachite Empire. The alliance continued under the name "Pandemic"

- April 2009: Pandemic gets involved in the KARMA war. Not much, but still: our first big war effort as an alliance. At the same time, Pandemic reaches a 400k strength as an alliance.

- July 2009: Pandemic's alliance strength is 500k. A (small) milestone in our existence. At the same time, Pandemic joins the United Jungle Accords.

- October 2009: Due to the economic crisis, Pandemic lost several members. At it's peek, Pandemic had 26 members in the summer of 2009.

- December 2009: Gamestrafe.com, the forums / website where the original Pandemic alliance members met and started the CyberNations planning and ideas, went down.

- 8 January 2009: With 20 active and experienced members and an alliance strength of appr. 600k, Pandemic is as alive and kicking as it was when it started.

We invite you all for a beer in our public pub at http://pandemic.forumotion.net/index.htm :awesome:

Please feel free to drop by, and if you do, don't forget to look in our hot babes section and to leave a message in the public pub.

Oh, and of course: new members are always welcome to join !!

On behalf of Pandemic,

Magnificus Focus (aka Bassie999)

Legal Counsel of the Pandemic alliance

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