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General Stone, after an avid recruitment drive has raised a further 20,000 soldiers in a bid to form a third Army Corps of 45,000 men.

Army Divisions one and two will be merged to form a 20,000 man group, the new recruited 20,000 men shall also be merged with the former Army Divisions.

The final number will be 40,000 soldiers, the 5000 man Marine Corp Brigade, will be attached to the now Army Corps C bringing it up to 45,000 soldiers.

With President Barneys instructions regarding the military only having 40,000 active personel in peacetime, this recruitment drive by General Stone has increased the nations capibilities of defence and offence.

Army Corps C (40,000 men at arms with New Edens Marine Corps attache) is the active Army unit.

Army Corps A and B are on perminant Standby.

Strike Force Ranger is next to receive a recruitment drive, hoping to increase the division by a further 5000 soldiers.

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