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The Legion wants YOU!

Gunnar Griffin

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Reasons to join the Legion

- Few alliances can boast the history that the Legion has, we are one of the oldest alliances in the game; formed on 31 January 2006.

- We are a purple alliance; however we do not force you to change your color.

- We are a very efficient alliance in the game, in terms of guides and community, and we can help you grow rapidly. You can get up to 12 million in tech deals once you first join, and an extra 3 million as start-up aid.

- Our academy will help you learn about the game and help you become a powerful and efficient nation in terms of war, economy and production.

- We are a very active and helpful community. You'll have lots of fun, whether it be on the forums or IRC, lots of humorous things go down and plenty of humorous conversations take place (ranging from girls to why people freaking dip Pizza in dressing!).

- We are very protective regarding our members and will always back you up against aggressors.

To join the Legion: register an account on the forums (link above) and post an application by clicking on "Legion Membership Application." Then you will receive private messages on the forums, guiding you through the application process.

Good luck with the game; and remember, with the Legion, you have joined one of the most historic alliances in the game and you will be aiding it in reaching great heights as it did in the past!

You can PM these people in-game to request more information:



Alastair Tau


Isaac Suzimone

Warlord Pete


Traianus Augustus (trajan)


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I am a proud member of The Legion. You want find a better bunch of guys and they have been immensely help to me. Join the Legion today. Viva la Legion!


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