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Green Sphere Trading! Multiple Circles for your needs!


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Hello everyone,

We at POT are trying to all transition over to green but we need some circles first! I have many circles for your pleasure, but if you can't find what you need just ask me and I will help you making a circle! Thats the guy I am! Right now I am working on four circles because we want to grow! So without rambling anymore here they are:

Trade Circles Completed so far: 5

The Young Circle: Construction, Microchips, Scholars, Beer

Aluminum - Duke Bigeard of Dukedom of St James

Fish - adambuck666 of Adambuck

Gold -

Iron - Isotope of Kingdom of Jaduka

Lead - adambuck666 of Adambuck

Lumber -

Marble -

Oil -

Pigs - Estel of Azphel

Uranium - Duke Bigeard of Dukedom of St James

Water - Isotope of Kingdom of Jaduka

Wheat - Estel of Azphel

The Ford Circle: Affluent Pop, Fast Food, Fine Jewelry

Cattle - bert101 of Kingdom of Lambert

Coal - Kigen of United Free People

Fish - Lieutenant Yenroh of Baguettador

Furs - Lloyd of Lloydland

Gems - bert101 of Kingdom of Lambert

Gold - Lloyd of Lloydland

Pigs - 1972ford of war acres

Silver - 1972ford of war acres

Spice - The Authority of el pais

Sugar - Lieutenant Yenroh of Baguettador

Uranium - The Authority of el pais

Wine - Kigen of United Free People

The Pop Booster: Steel, Construction, Fast Food

Aluminum -

Cattle - Pinkiwi of Kitopia

Coal -

Gems - Trumpkin of Trumpkin

Fish - Panzelord

Iron -

Lumber - Panzelord

Marble -

Pigs - Argon V

Sugar - Argon V

Spices - Trumpkin of Trumpkin

Wheat - Pinkiwi of Kitopia

The McFort Circle: Construction, Beer, FJ, Steel

Aluminum - CreativName of Marjasian Islands

Coal - Peshmerga of Peshmerga

Gems - mcfortin of Heistensteigerland

Gold - CreativName of Marjasian Islands

Iron - Nicky Firenight of Zulchep

Lumber - Dark KoKo of Dark Nation

Marble - Fenix Torador of Jurai

Silver - Nicky Firenight of Zulchep

Uranium - Peshmerga of Peshmerga

Water - mcfortin of Heistensteigerland

Wheat - Dark KoKo of Dark Nation

Fish - Fenix Torador of Jurai

The Cow Circle: Construction, Ashphalt, Automobiles, Fast Food, Steel

Aluminum -

Coal - Reuben Stone of commonwealth

Cattle -

Iron - aksupat of Aksuparvia

Lumber - cowmaster of danesland

Marble -

Oil -

Pigs -

Rubber - cowmaster of danesland

Spice -

Sugar - aksupat of Aksuparvia

Uranium - Reuben Stone of commonwealth

The UFC Circle: FJ, Steel, Microchips, Scholars

Marble - kingkill1776 of prison 1

Uranium -

Cattle - kingkill1776 of prison 1

Gems -

Silver - Gregor Robertson of East Vancouver Maybe

Furs - Amos Malachi of Memor

Gold -

Coal -

Iron - Amos Malachi of Memor

Oil - Gregor Robertson of East Vancouver Maybe

Lead -

Lumber -

Thank you in advance if you sign up! Also stop on by our irc to talk #pot

You can private message my nation or just post here.

I need resources and nation link!

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