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The United Front turns Orange


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The United Front Would like to announce its move to the Orange Team.

We at the Front have always been a quiet folk. Today we come forth to break our silence and announce our move to the Orange Team.


We have no quarrels or ill feelings toward any member or alliance's of the black sphere. This change is not about you it's about us. We feel it's time for a change; time for us to see other alliances. We feel that, well; we've just grown apart and it's time to see what other possibilities are out there for us .

Our relationship is going nowhere. We wanted to tell you so many times that our relationship was over but just couldn't do it. We really don't want to hurt you, but this is not going to work; it's better for both of us to part.

Let's part as friends and look to a better and brighter future.

As we're leaving the black sphere; we would like to solidify that The United Front is no longer part of NOIR. We have notified NOIR about or move to orange and wish all the alliances within that bloc the best of luck.

Over 72 hours has elapse since.

We have been moving into the orange sphere for a few days now and we must say, it has been one of the greatest choices the Front has ever made. Everyone here on the orange sphere has greeted us with open arms. We've made so many new friends and everyone has been very supportive.

As many alliances know, moving to another team is one of the hardest things an alliance can do. With all the support we've had from members of the orange team this transition has been more than enjoyable.

We would love to thank ODN, IRON, and TOP for the warm welcome to orange.


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