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GATO makes a request of you


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resolutionedit>>> No need for a new thread.

I'd like to announce that OH and GATO went over the issue together, tipped a cow, made Jacks sing "A Pirate's Life For Me", declared Kevlar to be the real Kev, and found out who was responsible for all the drama. That individual will face a single ZI from the GATO armed forces. After that he is free to do as he pleases. Jacks and Kevanovia were great. They gave us no grief and helped sort everything out. Like I said in the real OP most of everyone was innocent, we just needed to find out the story. Outer Heaven is a great group and they cannot be blamed for the antics of one stupid member. OH will make a good alliance and if you are looking for a good little protectorate to work with they would be a prime candidate.

GATO wishes OH luck and much success.


GATO Assembly Chairman

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