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official announcment by the alliance "free Grä..."


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Official announcement by MOTU-Man



The Alliance of "free Grä..." was formed by the people of the nation MOTU-Maniacs and their supporters.

All facts stated in this announcement are real and can be proofed (top secret data won't be shared). The rest is pure propaganda...

In the following statements, I want to describe how all this happened. I am awfully sorry and I hope CN can understand me and we are all friends...

Statement of the high doctor of MOTU-Maniacs

Wazupdoc IV:

The leader of MOTU-Maniacs aka MOTU-Man is torn between his feelings. He loves Grämlins and hate to see Ram taking away all the fun

and the principles Grä ones stood for. On the other hand MOTU is now a TOP guy and starts to not like Grä and its leader more and more.

Yesterday night, the feelings have been so overwhelming, that they resulted in several voices in his head.

We managed to extract some "conversations" out of his head by our "way beyond technology"-mind-reading-machine.

On a side note, I will sell this machine in may 2010. Orders are appreciated...

But back to topic. Around 1/13/2010 2:20:49 PM we catch this conversation:


MOTU-Man[TOP]: oh jeez.. this ram is so annoying... the fact he didnt support us in the "short war" was so lame... I so much want to attack him...

MOTU-Man[Grä]: stfu.. u cant do that... its grämlins, and even though he is a pita, this would cause too much trouble...

MOTU-Man[TOP] crushed his head on the control panel several times

MOTU-Man[Grä]: wtf... what did u do?

MOTU-Man[TOP]: huh?

MOTU-Man[Grä]: u just launched the rockets?!?

MOTU-Man[TOP]: fu, i didnt

MOTU-Man[Grä]: no, fu...yes u did! look!!

MOTU-Man[TOP]: ups...my fault ^^

MOTU-Man[TOP]: but look.. it didn't hit him... :) Noone will get hurt...^^

MOTU-Man[Grä]: but our rockets are 100%... let me see where it hit.

MOTU-Man[TOP]: k

MOTU-Man[Grä]: oh.. it hit farlandia

MOTU-Man[TOP]: far... what?

MOTU-Man[Grä]: farlandia, the hippie country.. hobbits and stuff.. u know

MOTU-Man[TOP]: ah, i c... so no big deal, right?

MOTU-Man[Grä]: yup... send a few more... now we declared anyway. we ll say "we are sorry, was a mistake...". Till they recognize whats going on, we are gone anyway hehe

MOTU-Man[TOP]: hehehe.. true...

MOTU-Man[TOP]: send

MOTU-Man[Grä]: wtf did u do now?

MOTU-Man[TOP]: I send a few more, dummy

MOTU-Man[Grä]: y.. but they hit ram... omg

MOTU-Man[TOP]: ups.... my fault i guess

MOTU-Man[Grä]: your fault my $@!... fu

MOTU-Man[TOP]: now we are in a real war... we need to stop him and show a statement of anti-support

MOTU-Man[Grä]: well... now that i think about it, you are right... we declared anyway (again) grrrr... can go full war now as well

MOTU-Man[TOP]: see.. i ain't THAT stupid...

MOTU-Man[Grä]: righth...


a few minutes later we catch this convo:


MOTU-Man[TOP]: WTF... why did we attack LQ?!? Are u insane????

MOTU-Man[Grä]: nope

MOTU-Man[TOP]: nope what?

MOTU-Man[Grä]: I aint insane ;P

MOTU-Man[TOP]: grrr... but why did u attack him

MOTU-Man[Grä]: he left Grämlins the days back. I consider this traitor. traitors needs to be punished. Since none punished him yet. I will do... and u too now :o ups ;)

MOTU-Man[TOP]: fu...

MOTU-Man[Grä]: no fu :P

... unfortunately we had some black outs, due to the fact of minor invaders on our borers near the power plant. So we couldn't get the full conversation in his mind.

As you can see his high emperor made up his mind before declaring war. We are sure he will be back to normal, as far u can call it normal, but that's another story... in a few weeks or so...

So, I want everybody out there to support him with much love, so he will recover fast and we can all go back to our normal work.

Thanks in advance.

Statement of the high mil commander of MOTU-Maniacs


blablabla... I need uranium and other secret trades. If anyone of you is willing to support me on my way please send a secret trade offer. Uranium is much appreciated :)

Statement of the high FA-minister of MOTU-Maniacs

We are the victim in this story... yes, we might have launched one or two missiles... ok... our fault... but it was all by accident! believe me. we are no harm to anybody...

It was all a plot by ES to engage TOP and Grä in a war to make this game more interesting. It was all well planed out by foreign villains... Now the gov of each alliance are forcing their members to do screen shots of each fight, cause they fear, some warriors might actually not really fight, but just raid...

I ask you, Is this the world we want to live in? governments forcing their members to attack friends or brothers...

nations get sanctioned for just attacking another nation? no nuke has left the silo yet, but our country got sanctioned by the orange minister and brown one? Is this the right way? preemptive strikes?

TOP and Grä falling apart due to an egocentric leader? Is this what we want?

Make your own mind fair people of cybernations... make your own mind...

Statement of MOTU-Man himself

Well, I am sorry... but I can't sit there and watch how Grämlins and TO are falling apart... My wish is to free Grämlins from his dictator and to give this game some more fun and tensions...


Q: Will i get a 3rd eye by all the nukes that might fly?

A: probably not, this is just a game, tard!

Q: if I attack MOTU, will i get one of his nukes

A: If u nuke me, I have the right to nuke you ;)

Q: what is your goal with all this mess?

A: I want Ram out of power from Grämlins? And some bic macs...

Q: Why did you attack farlandia? She got nothing to do with TOP or Grämlins?

A: That's true, but sharing is caring... so I thought i share the fun with her. I am a gentlemen, you know...

Q: Why LQ?

A: Why not?



Everybody who wants to support me, feel free to join my AA and help me to free the Grämlins!

Due to a mistake by some orange guy I am looking for (secret) trades, preferable uranium ;)

bad spys are welcome too ^^

Thanks for the time and the read. And maybe some of you saw what I did thar a few times.... ;)

Any support is appreciated...

Fare well... Cheers MOTU

edit: english is not my peace of cake. go live with this... ;)

edit 2: modified pic up again. thanks for the hint, mod :)

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Well whether it needs/needed saving is dependant on your point of view.

It needs saving. Deep down you know it, or I would hope you would by now.

You have both the love and the skills to save it, hence you still being there. Much respect for you Omas, truly and sincerely.

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It needs saving. Deep down you know it, or I would hope you would by now.

You have both the love and the skills to save it, hence you still being there. Much respect for you Omas, truly and sincerely.

The alliance has changed, no doubt, but whether it's better or worse now than it once was is down to personal opinion.

edit: <3

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