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New proposed national anthem to be sent to the cabinet for endorsement

Agostinho Neto

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NAPOLI - The National Anthem Committe led by Senator Terracini has proposed a new national anthem and submitted its recommendation to the Minister for Culture and Education. Neo-Fascist Senator Terracini has chosen the patriotic song titled "The Legend of the Piave" written in June 1918.

The taskforce was formed to propose new national anthem after President Pagano called for a new national anthem to replace the current one, which was considered humiliating for the Peninsula (The current anthem talks about "Being downtrodden and derided" because of the deep divisions in the Italian Peninsula)

"The new anthem has been chosen on the basis of set criteria such as nationalism, irredentism, patriottism, independence and registance against the foreigners," according to Senator Terracini. Talking to RAI Television, Terracini said he felt "proud and happy". The selected national anthem will now be presented at the cabinet for final endorsement.

The song was a candidate for the Italian national anthem during the birth of the Italian Republic 1946-2005 and was widely played during the Borghese government.

La Leggenda del Piave (The Legend of the Piave):

The Piave whispered calm and placid under the crossing

of the first infantry on 24 May;

the army marched ahead toward the frontier

to make a wall against the enemy.

Mute the soldiers passed that night

they had to be silent and go forward.

From the beloved river banks they heard

light and low the exultation of the waves.

It was a sweet and propitious omen.

The Piave whispered: the foreigner shall not pass!

But on a sad night, by a treason, they said,

the Piave felt the wrath and the dismay.

Alas, how many people he saw running away, leaving their homes;

because perfidy prevailed at Caporetto.

Refugees everywhere, from distant mountains,

they came to crowd all his bridges.

They heard from the violated river-banks

light and sad the murmur of the waves

Like a sob in that black autumn

the Piave whispered: the foreigner returns!

And the enemy returned

moved by his pride and by his hunger,

he wanted to vent all his cravings.

He saw the fertile plains from the upper ground,

he wanted then to feed and to exult like in the past.

No! the Piave said, "No!" said the infantrymen,

"The enemy will never advance again!"

They saw the Piave raising his waves

and the waves fought like the infantrymen.

Red with the blood of the haughty enemy,

the Piave ordered them: "Go back, foreigner!"

Then the enemy went back as far as Trieste, as far as Trento

and victory spread her wings on the air!

The ancestral oath was honored;

Among the ranks they saw

Oberdan, Sauro and Battisti resurrected!

The Italic courage broke forever

the gallows tree and the weapons of the hangman!

Secure the Alps, free the shores,

the Piave was silent,the waves appeased.

Once the grim empires were defeated,

On the motherland's soil, the grim empires vanquished,

peace found neither foreigners nor the oppressed.

Edited by Francesco Pagano
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