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Duchy of Brunswick Rolls Out A New Air Fleet

Princess Victoria

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The Duchy of Brunswick Rolls Out A New Air Fleet

— HRH Duchess of Brunswick Princess Victoria, her Minister of Defense, and General Hans Hermann of the Royal Braunschweig Air Force were on hand at Wolfenbüttel RBAF Base for the commission of 15 new fighter planes and 45 new bomber planes.

Brunswick News Network had the opportunity to ask the Minister of Defense Magnus Adler a couple questions about the Duchy’s latest advancement in military technology. “I believe that the people of the Duchy can feel safer knowing that they have the best aircraft working in their defense when needed,” said Adler. Adler said the Duchy had been looking to purchase the new fleet for some time but wanted to make sure their money was used wisely. BNN also spoke with General Hans Hermann who commented on the state of the old fleet and the acquisition of the new fleet. “The fleet that is being replaced was old and unreliable, with a high capacity to err. The Brunswickers shouldn’t be protected by inferior equipment. They are the best and therefore deserve the best!” Hermann said that the RBAF is committed to excellence in aerial combat & defense. The older equipment will be recycled for use in non-aerial training exercises for new recruits to the RBAF.

For further questions, send correspondence to the Minister of Defense Magnus Adler at the Regierung Komplex in Braunschweig.

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