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A meeting


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Classified Message to the Office of President Thomas Dobbs

Dear Tom,

Now that the final status of the Southern End of the Peninsula has been resolved I would like to consult with you regarding a certain project I had in mind. In my opinion it is vitally important to the long term peace and stability of the Peninsula as a whole. Might I suggest a meeting sometime soon? I do realize you are dealing with the ongoing Scotland-Louisiana issue, but if you find the time do get in touch with me. Like I said, its critically important, if you do want to meet (and I think it would be best) feel free to pick a location that you think best, I am quite flexible in terms of scheduling right now.


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There were a few main reasons that the Federation had wanted to lease Guam from the Pacificans, and while they hadn't anticipated it being used so early, they were going to regardless. Fort Lamlam was being constructed into the major mountain at Guam, and the first portion of it was being dug out of the mountain itself. With the underground section mostly completed, and the mountain's natural cover helpful against any attack, Tom Dobbs was underground, literally, for the remainder of the Louisiana-Scotland conflict. However, when the message came in from the Sicilian League, Tom frowned. Intelligence was of the essence at a time like this, so he moved down to a replica set of his office, complete with live skyline of Rome behind him, and clicked on a secure webcam that was routed to look as though it were coming from Rome itself.

"Good afternoon, Jean. I apologize for not being able to meet in person, but this thread of war on our doorstep has me staying in-country right now. This connection, however, is secure. What can I do for you?"

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Jean was not surprised that Tom would be unable to meet in person, although his business had little to do with the growing crisis it was very unfortunate a major war seemed to be coming to the tranquil shores of the Mediterranean. In fact, his own attempts to resolve the crisis would have prevented him from meeting Tom in person anyways. Though perhaps Tom could help bring about that peaceful resolution he was seeking.

He contemplated the prospects of war and peace, and the tranquility of Messina out his window. Just as his mind was becoming lost in the fiery red sun climbing over the horizon the indicator on his desk comm terminal flashed. Pressing a few buttons he brought up Tom Dobb's feed on one of the wall monitors.

Hello Tom, dont worry, its quite understandable. I sent that letter before the crisis appeared to be getting out of hand, I wouldnt be able to attend as it is given the circumstances.

I suppose there are two things I wanted to discuss with you but let me start by saying that should you get involved in this... mess, somehow you will have our full support.

What I had originally wanted to discuss with you was constructing a new, high capacity transit line, or lines, to make it easier for our citizens to travel across the boarder. I am becoming concerned with the rise of media programming on some of the TV and Radio networks in teh Federation that are taking issue with my dividing the Peninsula. I feel that there should not be so much cause for alarm on the part of some of your Peninsulare population as I am trying to maintain an extremely open border with you. If we made it physically easier for people to travel across the border, and showed cooperation on the matter, my hope is that it would alleviate some of the anger.

Given the growing crisis I also want to ask if you think you would be able to influence the Louisianans, in any way, into agreeing to a a peace conference. I know that you and the Louisianans share a, at least amicable relationship from before you came to the Peninsula and I was thinking you may be able to talk them into at least agreeing to a conference

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Tom frowned for a moment. He had hoped to keep internal unrest... well, internal. But all the television and radio stations in the southern part of the Federation had yet to reduce their signal strength, meaning that the northern parts of the Sicilian League's portion of the peninsula could still hear them. Couple that with the prevalence of the internet and bloggers and such and, well, word was bound to leak out about it.

"The unrest is generally handled for the moment. For the people, it is not so much that it is hard to travel between our two countries, it's more the fact that there are two countries. I can understand where they are coming from Jean, and, frankly, I've been surprised I haven't been hearing the same things from your end. This is the first time in centuries Italy isn't one country anymore. I'm not sure how much transportation or openness can change that feeling. I will speak to my transportation minister concerning the rail line, however."

"In regards to Louisiana, we're happy to have your support, and we are worried as well that this is going to spiral out into a world war. We'd prefer to keep it local, of course, but should it spiral out, we're prepared to fight as long as we must. I will try and get in touch with Louisiana's leader, but I have a feeling he is in the same situation that I am. The problem with him heading to the peace table is twofold, the first of which being it could be seen as Louisiana cowing to the overbearing Scots, and the second being that, if they do come to the peace table, I honestly doubt anything will change. Louisiana will still want the base to protect vital interests and Scotland will still want them to leave. This is what happens when the Tahoe disease extends beyond the Americas."

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