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Diego Garcia


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The naval base had remained in ruins dating back to the hasty evacuation after the USNA had ceased to exist. The island once crawling with activity had remained a dark derelict among the Indian Ocean, a beacon representing a time long past of American disunity.

Until now.

Elements of Battlefleet Terra and Battlefleet Home had sailed to the island; claiming it legally for the Holy American Empire and landing a force of 3,000 engineers to begin refitting its dilapidated facilities for the use of the Imperial Navy.

**Private to Diamond Pact Members**

The naval base at Diego Garcia has long been one of importance; it is only of late that it has been overlooked among the ocean blue. We in the Holy American Empire have taken it upon ourselves to occupy the strategic island once more and rebuild its' significance in accordance with its' place in history. As such; any Diamond member is welcome to use the island as a depot for refueling and rearming its' ships, be they military or civilian.

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The Kingdom of Cochin once again welcomes the Holy American Empire to the Indian Ocean region. If you do need any logistic support to maintain your base at Diego Garcia you may always come to us. After all it is easier and cheaper to get fuel and supplies from Cochin rather than to bring it all the way from South America.

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