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A new Kyoto and a new Japanese empire


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OOC:Sense viruses have invaded me PC,and my dad blames me ill be off the PC for awhile.But! ill still be active through my PS3 internet :D Sony owns.

After thinking this over and over Nobuyuka,decided that the government needed to change and its name to,also Emperor Kachiyuri has allowed the Prime Minister to be shogun and the city of slavyanka's name will be changed to New Kyoto,and the empires new name shall be.The New Empire of Kyoto the new government shall go by traditional Japanese laws and shall begin rebuilding the ruins of the old slavyanka and make it into the New Kyoto,which shall be the prime representative of how a Japanese imperial city should be.

OOC:Sorry for no pictures,and once I get back sig shall be changed also.

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The New Empire of Kyoto still holds it's alliances and treatys,which old Michuraza held.

"I scoff at you. First you went from Michuraza, to A Puppet-State Michuraza, and now to a clone of the true Japanese Empire.

There is only one Japanese Empire, and you would do well to remember it, simpleton.

In any event, may this new puppet regime be more successful (and last longer) than the former," commented Takeo.

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"I find it strange how a nation located so close to the True Japanese Empire and ruler of the Home Islands is attempting to imitate us.

While we understand the circumstances and upheaval in former Michuraza, the glory of 'New Kyoto' will not surpass the glory of Kyoto."

- Minister of Defense, Minori Chihara

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