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Ronin should have stayed dead. Put this in your sig if you are down


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Music to help you absorb the information: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qqmwsxFOK4


It has been a while since I have done one of these but since a bunch has happened since then we figured it was about time...........to steal Templar's underwear. Sorry Empirica.

New Charter

Thanks to Kroknia who was elected Kampaku by the people last month our charter has been cleaned up and the irregularities have been removed. He is a lean mean charter cleaning machine and I am proud to share an alliance with samurai such as he. So without futher adieu here is the revised charter:


The Charter of Ronin


We, the undersigned nations, agree to surrender a measure of our individual sovereignty to gain glory, mutual protection, national growth and most importantly shared fellowship and therefore do hereby ordain this Charter of Ronin.

Article 1: The Bushido Code

All members shall abide by the 7 Virtues of the Bushido Code at all times. These virtues are:

* Gi - Rectitude

* Yu - Courage

* Jin - Benevolence

* Rei - Respect

* Shin - Honesty

* Meiyo - Honor

* Chugi - Loyalty

Article 2: Member Rights and Responsibilities

  • [li] 1. All members of Ronin shall be possessed of these inalienable rights.
    * All members have a right to freedom of speech.*
    * All members have a right to be secure from aggression.
    * All members have a right to grow their own nations and to share in the prosperity of Ronin.
    * All members shall have a right to vote in elections, on changes to this Charter, on treaties of aggression and on war.
    2. All members of Ronin shall have the following responsibilities:
    * All members shall abide by the tenets of the Bushido Code at all times.
    * All members shall respect their fellow members.
    * All members must be consistently active within the alliance and must make themselves available by some form of instant messaging utility (AIM, IRC, ICQ, Google Talk, MSN Messenger ) in addition to forum activity.[/li]

*This right shall be limited in two instances. First, from time to time, by vote of the Imperial Council, this right may be curtailed on the Cybernations Official Forums due to foreign policy objectives. Second, flaming will not be tolerated as a legitimate form of speech.

Article 3: The Imperial Council of Ronin

1. Ronin shall be governed by a council consisting of seven members. This will have a head body which shall consist of 3 members.They are the Emperor, Shogun and Kampaku. The Emperor and Shogun are lifetime positions. The Kampaku is elected through tri-monthly election. The other four seats shall be the Daimyos.

2. The Council shall be denied the following powers:

* The power to amend the Charter of Ronin.

* The power to appoint new Shogun.

3. Military and Finance shall be appointed by the Emperor.

  • [li]Any permanent member of the council who becomes inactive or leaves the alliance/game shall ultimately be replaced by the Emperor. The method for replacement is as follows:
    * 1. A nomination period lasting 24 hours shall be posed to the Ronin Membership.
    * 2. Once the nominations are finished, a QnA session with the membership will ensue for the candidates.
    * 3. QnA session will last 72 hours and will be brutal.
    * 4. After the QnA session the Emperor will choose a new permanent member of the council. The Emperor is encouraged to seek the wisdom of the Council and Membership to help make the final decision.[/b][/li]

4. Interior and Foreign Affairs shall be elected by tri-monthly elections.

5. Shogun Emeritus shall be a position that is open to any original founding member of Ronin who wishes to join the alliance at a future date. Upon joining the alliance they will assume shared responsibilities with the other Shogun. The list of Shogun Emeritus consists of the following nation rulers. Trace, sharpeshoote and Planefinder. These nations will not get a vote in the council, but access to advise it.

6. The triumvirate may take total power in times of crisis, if they are granted this power by a 5/7ths majority of the Imperial Council, or Ronin is in a state of war. This lasts one month or until the triumvirate steps down. At the one month point, a vote may be taken to extend the powers for an additional month.

7. Laws and official acts not outlined in this Charter require a 5/7ths majority in the Imperial Council. Laws made under the triumvirate in a crisis situation must be ratified by a 5/7ths majority when that power is handed back.

Article 4: Approval of Treaties and Declarations of War

1. Treaties must be approved by a majority vote of the Imperial Council.

2. Treaties binding Ronin to obligatory aggression must be approved by the general membership of Ronin. These types of treaties will be placed before the general membership for a period of 1 day (24 hours) and treaties will be considered passed if they have a vote of 50% +1 of the voting members.

3. To withdraw from a treaty, a majority vote of the Imperial Council is required.

4. Declarations of aggressive war must be approved by a majority of the Imperial Council.

5. Due to the necessity of speedy response an Imperial Council member may approve immediate military action in regards to imminent and unavoidable threats to the alliance.

Article 5: Amendments to the Charter

1. The Emperor is the responsible body for amending the Charter of Ronin.

2. Charter amendments maybe submitted by any full member of Ronin.

3. All Charter amendments, once drafted, must be approved by a majority vote of the Imperial Council.

4. Once approved by a majority of the Imperial Council, all amendments must then be put before a vote of the general membership of Ronin. The vote will last for two days and to pass, an amendment must garner 50%+1 vote of the voting members.

Article 6:Tech/Land Raiding

1. Members of Ronin are not encouraged to raid but government does understand that it helps bolster alliance activity and will allow it as such. But with restrictions.

2. No members may attack anyone who is in an alliance of more than 4 members.

3. No member may crawl back !@#$%*ing after they raid someone and then get their $@! kicked by the raidee's buddies.

4. All members wishing to raid must gain a permit to raid from the Council member who is appointed Daiymo of Defence.

Article 7: Random Crap

1. Anyone wearing a ninja avatar will be tarred and feathered in public. Ninja are the ideological enemies of the samurai.

2. There is no set color for Ronin, all are welcomed to join. But Blue and Aqua are the preferred colors.


-Ronin has no set nuclear weapon policy and will decide the appropriate action/response for any given situation that might arise against Ronin.

-Anyone who nukes with out the permission of the Emperor is subject to disciplinary action at the hands of the Imperial Council.

-The Emperor has the opinion that Nuclear Weapons are a DETERRENT and will be used accordingly.

-Anything not specifically outlined is assumed to be allowed with permission of the leadership until the Triumvirate or the Imperial Council prohibits it.

Signed in Blood,

AirMe, First Emperor of Ronin

Nitemare, Second Shogun of Ronin

Kroknia, Second Kampaku of Ronin

HisK, Daimyo of Internal Affairs

donbidarin, Daimyo of Foreign Affairs

Tepes, Daimyo of Economics

JF, Daimyo of Military

New Government Members

In Ronin we hold one election every month for one of our electable positions. Kroknia was elected Kampaku last month and don_bidarin was re-elected as Daimyo of Foreign Affairs just yesterday. So if you need any help from Ronin government and they are around, bug them....they get bored very easily.

O'Samurai United Returns from Inter-Alliance Competition


O'Samurai United, a joint Soccer/Football team, consisting of members of Ronin and our allies in the Open Source Alliance ventured into Mushroom Kingdom territory and competed in the first ever (and probably last ever) MK World Cup Invitational. Our boys played well and finished on top in group C only to be knocked out by the Weeaboo Wanderers on a fluke goal in the first elimination round. Even though we did not make it to the finals as hoped we played well and AirMe/Nolissar won the Manager of the Tournament award. As for team awards, the only one that was handed out was for the amount of pizza that was consumed and that went to Hisk.....or His Kay depending on what kind of mood Kamichi was in while recording commentary.

O'Samurai management wishes to thank Mushroom Kingdom for the invitation to the tournament and the O'Samurai Sports Federation looks forward to competing in more international sporting events should we be invited.

Unofficial Official Protection Notice

As a friendly gesture and a sign of respect and honor, Ronin will be unofficially protecting the National Alliance of Arctic Countries AA. There is no formal treaty, just a desire to let those on the AA live in peace. No reciprocation is required nor will it be accepted should Ronin get involved in another conflict.

Unofficial Birthday


We have passed the ever important 6 month milestone. We are proud to have made it this far and are planning some exciting things for the future now that we know we have some staying power. Thank you to our allies and friends who have helped us make it as far as we have. We couldn't have done it without you!



AirMe, Emperor of Ronin

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thats why its so good

you sir have CLEARLY never raided his undy drawer then.

Airme, i BEG you to re-consider your position on Templars unmentionables. he has cleverly employed a biological trap for anyone who opens that drawer, and you will most surely run away gagging and vomiting. its kind of like pandora's box but instead of evil, it releases a horrible stench.

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