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A Few GOD Announcements


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First and foremost, our long time Lord of the Interior Aloop has decided to take a vacation. As he has stepped down, I have appointed Dwitty in his place. Dwitty was one of our first IA people until a small nuclear exchange with some black and blue fellas who were messin' with our mates got him shipped off the game. Nonetheless, he's back and is taking to his job with some enthusiasm.

Secondly, we've switched our forum software to SMF. Everything should be as is - user names, passwords, topics and all that rot. With one exception - I purged everyone who hadn't logged in for two months. That was 300 diplomats, so if you find you no longer have an account; now you know why.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go collapse of exhaustion... I !@#$@#$ hate forum changes.

Oh, and thanks Bros.

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your going to make me register again arent you Xiph. Always making more work for me you bastage.

Congrats on the forum change and to Dwitty for his promotion

It's Xiph, he creates enough work for half of 'Planet Bob' to keep 'rotating'.

Sad that this was a forced move Xiph, at least people havent lost anything

/me knows he wasn't part of the 300 <insert spartan joke here>

You really missed an opportunity there Xiph >.>

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Yeah, I should probably mention - SMF didn't carry over individual diplomat masks, so we're going to be redoing those as people reapply.

IPB uses two layers of masking - Group and Permission Mask, we had the "Diplomat from ..." masks as Permission Masks. When we converted, only the groups came. It's not a big deal, takes us 30s to do, but that's why a great deal of you no longer have masks.

I made a new topic for diplomats here.

SMF, and Aloop leaving?

Hey, we don't like him leaving any more than you do. I am envious though, he gets a break after... years of gov work.

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