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Orange Defense Network Declaration of War


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I'm Not Gonna Raichu A Treaty Today


<Sunstar> I'm like a frackin' Articuno !@#$%*es.

<Sunstar> Cooler than ice.

Article 1: No Trainer Battles

Both trainers agree to not fight with one another for the entire duration of this fad and agree to never steal the others Gameboy or erase their save file. Both parties agree to never give items, TMs, or strategy guides to any other trainers that a signatory of this treaty is already challenging. Any overt or malicious violations of this article may result in immediate cancellation of these accords by the affected party.

Article 2: Respect For Other Trainers

Both trainers shall not feel obliged to hand over any of their gym badges to the other. Any overt or malicious violations of this article may result in immediate cancellation of these accords by the affected party.

Article 3: A Song About Friendship

Both trainers realize that its you and me. Moreover, it is acknowledged that such is their destiny. Oh, and they also wish to make it clear that they are each others best friend, especially in a world we must defend. They both realize that they each have a heart so true, and that when applied in a suitable manner, that their courage will pull them through. You teach me and I'll teach you, Po-ke-mon! Gotta catch'em all.

Article 4: Intelligence

Both trainers agree to share any and all information regarding the best routes through caves, where the tough trainers are, and the best starting Pokemon is. The mutual updating of each other's Pokedexes is strongly encouraged. Any information passed shall be kept confidential(ish) and not shared with any third parties (including www.gamefreak.com) unless explicit permission is given in order to do so.

Article 5: Trading via the Link Cable

Both trainers agree to assist the other signatory when various items (including, but not limited to rare candies, spare poke-balls, and potions) is requested. Additionally, both trainers are free to consider and partake in the trading of their captured pokemon. All requests for assistance must be reasonable and justified. Although highly encouraged to grant the request, neither party has an obligation to fulfil this request and this decision shall be respected and supported by the other signatory, regardless.

Article 6: Defense & Aggression

Every challenge along the way, with courage we will face. We will battle every day to claim our rightful place. Come with us, the time is right; there's no better team. Arm in arm we'll win the fight! Its always been our dream!

Should a trainer be jumped by another trainer in tall grass, the rock tunnel, or against the Elite Four, the other will stop at nothing to come to the defence of the attacked signatory. In the event that one trainer challenges someone else to a battle, the other trainer has the option of joining in for some double-battle madness. This is non-chaining.

Article 7: Turning the Power Off

This treaty may be cancelled at any time by either trainer. The cancelling trainer must give the other trainer a private phone call, using the 'Pack,' with at least 72 hour notice of their intent to cancel. This pact shall remain in effect until this time period passes, at which point it shall be declared officially null and void by Professor Oak.

Should Articles 1 or 2 be violated with no chance of a resolution, this pact may be cancelled immediately by the affected trainer, thereby releasing both trainers from all the terms and obligations set out in this pact at the moment cancellation notice is given.

Article 8: The language barrier

There are some really, really old people who don't understand pokemon (they must be older than Professor Oak or something). To prevent the language barrier from being an issue, this document is to be interpreted as a non-chaining MDoAP with a 72 hour cancellation clause, which is an upgrade of the former ODN and Athens treaty Orange you glad Athens has your back. Defense isn't Optional.

Signed on behalf of the Optional Defense Network,


Signed on behalf of Athens,


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